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Chapter 884: Soaring Serpent Flame Deity

Su Zimo had a calm expression.

Although he did not really have much to do with this fight, as an outsider, he saw things clearer – he could notice some opportunities in the situation!

The demons were suppressed so Dao Lord Cloud Rain’s group was only focused on him alone!

If he could remove the seal on the demons, he would not be the first person targeted after the six Overlords and fiend demons were freed.

Dao Lord Cloud Rain’s group would be!

Su Zimo jerked his head up and glared at the old beast hide hovering in midair not far away with a divine glint in his eyes.

“You’re intending to…”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire noticed Su Zimo’s gaze and said hurriedly, realizing something,

“Although the Demon Sealing Diagram is damaged, it still has power remaining and can suppress all the demons! The bloodline in your body does not belong to the human race and you will definitely be injured by this treasure if you touch it!”

Right now, the black-haired Essence Spirit presided over Su Zimo’s consciousness and the Demon Sealing Diagram did not create any restriction on him.

However, if he were to reach out and make flesh contact, the Demon Sealing Diagram would definitely release power to suppress him once it senses the aura of his bloodline!

“Suppress all the demons?”

Su Zimo murmured softly, “That’s not for sure!”

Before his sentence was completed, Su Zimo had already soared into the air and charged towards the Demon Sealing Diagram!

Initially, Dao Lord Immortal Sword was worried that something might happen with the intrusion of an unknown human cultivator.

When he saw that, he sneered and relaxed.

Although the Demon Sealing Diagram did not possess much killing power, it was Dao Lord Immortal Sword’s treasure after all and contained his spirit consciousness imprint.

It was impossible for that intruder to remove the restrictions of the Demon Sealing Diagram within a short period of time!

Dao Lord Immortal Sword focused his gaze onto the ball of light and slashed down once again!


The ball of light shuddered and its glow dimmed considerably; its sword qi was no longer as sharp as it was initially also.

Dao Lord Immortal Sword took a step forward and attempted to barge into the ball of light. However, his robes were sliced by sword qi before he could even approach the ball of light!

He frowned.

He was still a little off.

On the other side, Su Zimo had already arrived beside the Demon Sealing Diagram. He reached out for the damaged beast hide in midair with his right hand without hesitation!

Although the Demon Sealing Diagram was damaged and incomplete, it still exuded waves of terrifying ancient auras.

The moment Su Zimo gripped the Demon Sealing Diagram in his palm, it released an extremely frightening burst of power!

When he was engulfed by that power, Su Zimo’s bloodline seemed like it was frozen and stopped circulating!

A tremendous might blanketed down and his bones and tendons cracked as though they could not withstand the burden!

Su Zimo finally experienced what the six Overlords and many fiend demons felt against the Demon Sealing Diagram.

It was as though his bloodline was sealed by an invisible power!

Naturally, the first target from the burst power of the Demon Sealing Diagram was Su Zimo’s right hand.

That was also the hand with the Divine Phoenix Bone!


A scarlet flame soared into the air.

Su Zimo’s right hand showed signs of transforming into a divine phoenix’s claw!

Right then, as though it could sense the aura of the Divine Phoenix Bone, the Demon Sealing Diagram shuddered and the power it released dissipated instantly!

No matter how strong the Demon Sealing Diagram and how many demons it could suppress, it could not take down the divine phoenix!

The divine phoenix was an entity comparable to a deity!

Su Zimo gripped the Demon Sealing Diagram tightly and the flames released by the Divine Phoenix Bone on his right hand spread towards the Demon Sealing Diagram, erasing Dao Lord Immortal Sword’s spirit consciousness imprint on it!

Su Zimo retracted his palm and tapped his storage bag.

The Demon Sealing Diagram vanished, put away by him!

Su Zimo’s heart pounded furiously.

That was a treasure!

Even if he was not fated to get his hands on the Heaven Slaying Sword Art, this trip was not wasted with the Demon Sealing Diagram now in his possession!

The entire process seemed very slow upon narration but in fact, it occurred in the split of a moment.

The group of demons merely saw Su Zimo charge into midair, grab the Demon Sealing Diagram and stuff it into his storage bag.

The Demon Sealing Diagram merely gave a symbolic struggle for a brief moment before it was snatched away…


Dao Lord Immortal Sword’s expression changed.

His connection to the Demon Sealing Diagram was lost!

“Damn it!”

He cursed internally.



Without the suppression of the Demon Sealing Diagram, the situation on the battlefield changed. Instantly, a series of earthshaking howls that were filled with rage echoed everywhere!

“You guys have a death wish!”

The old ape’s eyes widened with sharp killing intent.

He raised Imminent with both hands, strode forward and smashed it violently towards Dao Lord Cloud Rain and Fairy Snowdrift in an engulfing manner!

The other five Overlords and many other high-level fiend demons attacked as well.

As Su Zimo had expected, the demons were filled with extreme hatred towards the three Dao Lords by this point of the battle with many fiend demons on the side of Thousand Demon Valley dead.

Furthermore, the demons were just suppressed by the Demon Sealing Diagram and had a belly full of pent up frustration!

The Demon Sealing Diagram hovered high above earlier. If Su Zimo had not appeared all of a sudden to fight against the three Dao Lords, how many more demons would have fallen?

Could the six Overlords have even survived?

From that perspective, Su Zimo saved them.

Furthermore, all the demons witnessed the moment Su Zimo snatched the Demon Sealing Diagram.

The Demon Sealing Diagram seemed like it wanted to suppress this man as well. In other words, there was a high chance that this was a demon!

The moment they realized that, the demons attacked and merely targeted Dao Lord Cloud Rain’s group – no fiend demon came after Su Zimo.

Su Zimo took advantage of the chaos to escape and dashed towards the ball of light not far away. In a flash, he arrived close to it before long!

“It worked!”

He was already more than halfway to success at this point!

Right now, the only one in his way was Dao Lord Immortal Sword!

“Leave it to me!”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s voice sounded with a deep confidence.

“I don’t care if you’re a human or demon, die!”

Dao Lord Immortal Sword revealed a deep killing intent in his eyes and his hands conjured seals – he was about to release the Lifeless Sword Art once again!

All of a sudden!

An extremely terrifying spirit consciousness shockwave burst forth from Su Zimo’s left wrist!

A scarlet beam of light burst fort and transformed into a Soaring Serpent the thickness of an arm in midair. It was engulfed in blazing flames and lunged towards Dao Lord Immortal Sword!

It was an Essence Spirit secret skill!

Although Dao Lord Extreme Fire had lost his physical body and he could not release most of his methods and Dharmic arts easily, there was a trump card he could use.

Essence Spirit secret skills!

The reason why he did not release his Essence Spirit secret skill earlier on against the three Dao Lords was because his Essence Spirit secret skill could only target a single person.

Even if he released it and pushed back one of the three Dao Lords, he still had to deal with the other two.

However, the situation was different now.

They could get their hands on the Heaven Slaying Sword Art as long as Dao Lord Immortal Sword was pushed back!

This Soaring Serpent Flame Deity was an Essence Spirit secret skill that Dao Lord Extreme Fire cultivated in the past and was renowned throughout the entire cultivation world!

Dao Lord Immortal Sword’s expression stiffened.

His sword art had just been conjured in his hands but it could not continue further.

The Lifeless Sword Art was a Dharmic art and could not defend against an Essence Spirit secret skill.

If he wanted to defend against an Essence Spirit secret skill, he would have to rely on the power of his spirit consciousness or an Essence Spirit Dharmic weapon!

Although he could kill this man before him if he released the Lifeless Sword Art, he would be destroyed by the Soaring Serpent Flame Deity and he would lose his chance to obtain the Heaven Slaying Sword Art forever!

Dao Lord Immortal Sword could not afford to lose.

With no other choice, Dao Lord Immortal Sword channeled his spirit consciousness and conjured an Essence Spirit secret skill. His glabella shone and a sword shimmering with a cold light burst forth!

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