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Chapter 885: Success!

The sword that was conjured by the spirit consciousness was a legacy Essence Spirit secret skill of Sword Sect, the Spirit Slaying Sword!

When cultivated to its limits, a single sword strike could slay the opponent’s Essence Spirit!

Legend has it that back in the ancient era, humans fought in order to break free from their fates as slaves. They fought valiantly against the Primordial Nine Races who led the hundred races in a massive battle.

The Sword Emperor overwhelmed everything in his path using his Essence Spirit secret skill. With the Spirit Slaying Sword alone, he slew countless experts of the hundred races and shocked the entire world!

Everybody from the hundred races were scared out of their wits and nobody dared to go against him!

Right now, the person Dao Lord Immortal Sword was fighting against was Dao Lord Extreme Fire. Although Su Zimo was not directly involved, he could still sense an extremely sharp aura surging his way!

The Spirit Slaying Sword did not even touch him but he felt waves of pain in his Essence Spirit.

Within his consciousness, the Creation Green Lotus swiveled slowly and petals blossomed layer by layer with a resplendent light.

45 lotus seeds burst forth from the lotus platform and circled around the black-haired Essence Spirit, protecting the latter within it; quite a bit of power from the Spirit Slaying Sword was deflected.

The sensation of pain vanished and the black-haired Essence Spirit returned to normal.

Swiftly, the Soaring Serpent released by Dao Lord Extreme Fire that was blazing with raging flames in midair had already clashed against the incoming sword!

The spirit consciousnesses weaved against one another in silence.

The void around the collision point of the two spirit consciousnesses became distorted and released a shuddering might!

Su Zimo focused keenly, prepared to deal with any change that might happen.

This was a fight between Essence Spirits and was extremely dangerous.

Furthermore, they were dealing with a topmost Dharma Characteristic expert in Tianhuang Mainland – the number one of the previous Dharma Characteristic Ranking!

The sword fought against the Soaring Serpent in midair.

The sword slashed down and countless scarlet scales were sliced off the Soaring Serpent.

However, the Soaring Serpent chomped down on the sword and the blade’s glow dimmed considerably as well!

The two spirit consciousnesses fought in midair and it was a stalemate!

Dao Lord Immortal Sword’s expression was grim.

He had not expected that this cultivator who barged midway into the battlefield would be so troublesome to deal with!

Of course, he had not lost yet.

The seal on the ball of light was still present and the sword qi around it was extremely sharp; if even he did not dare to advance, other Dharma Characteristic experts would not dare to either.

Right then, as the two spirit consciousnesses fought in midair in a stalemate, Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s voice sounded.

“Zimo, enter the tripod and smash inside!”

This was part of their two-men plan.

Su Zimo did not hesitate at all and his glabella, revealing a Bronze Square Tripod. He curled his body and leaped into the tripod, smashing it fiercely towards the ball of light.

Dao Lord Immortal Sword scoffed coldly when he saw that.

The sword qi released by the ball of light was extremely sharp and even a connate Dao Lord Dharmic weapon might not be able to withstand it, let alone this battered, cracked Bronze Square Tripod.

Cling! Clang!

When it sensed an external entity approaching, the ball of light released waves of sword qi one after another. They struck the Bronze Square Tripod and the sound of metal clanging echoed.

However, none of those sword qi managed to pierce the Bronze Square Tripod!

Before long, the Bronze Square Tripod smashed into the ball of light and vanished in front of everyone’s eyes!

All the demons were in an uproar!

Up till this point of the massive battle, nobody expected such a change to happen.

The most bewildering thing was that neither the faction of Thousand Demon Valley nor the side of the three Dao Lords knew who the intruder was.

In fact, they did not even know if he was a human cultivator or demon!

He could have been a human cultivator. After all, he managed to pass through the engulfment of the Demon Sealing Diagram freely.

However, it made sense to say that he was a fiend demon as well.

Ever since this person appeared, he fought against the three Dao Lords and even snatched away the Demon Sealing Diagram, saving the demons in a sense.

Dao Lord Cloud Rain and Fairy Snowdrift frowned deeply. In that moment of distraction, they were encircled by the six Overlords and nearly killed!

Dao Lord Immortal Sword had a cold expression and said in a deep voice, “Fellow Daoists, please hold on a while longer and leave things here to me! Don’t worry, there’s so many of us here. There’s no way he can escape!”

To Dao Lord Immortal Sword, even though Su Zimo could enter the ball of light, the latter wouldn’t be able to obtain the Heaven Slaying Sword Art.

The ball of light was wrapped by boundless sword qi both inside and outside.

Hidden within the tripod unwilling to expose his appearance, Su Zimo was like a blind person that was rummaging wildly within – there was no way he would be able to obtain the Heaven Slaying Sword Art!

Dao Lord Immortal Sword composed himself and his eyes shone with a cold glint. He conjured hand seals once more and created a gigantic long sword that slashed viciously at the ball of light.

‘I’ve got to destroy the seal as soon as possible!’

He lamented internally.

Although he was not worried of Su Zimo obtaining the Heaven Slaying Sword Art, he still felt uneasy. He had a feeling that an even greater change was about to happen!

The moment the Bronze Square Tripod entered the ball of light, Su Zimo knew that the Heaven Slaying Sword Art was within his grasp!

Dao Lord Immortal Sword was not wrong in his assumption. Under normal circumstances, by hiding in the Bronze Square Tripod and not showing himself, Su Zimo was equivalent to being blinded.

It was almost impossible for him to want to locate the Heaven Slaying Sword Art within that ocean of boundless sword qi.

If he released his spirit consciousness, it would be shredded into atoms instantly.

However, in reality, Su Zimo had already located the Heaven Slaying Sword Art before he entered the ball of light with his Illumination Dragon Eye!

This was something that none of the Dharma Characteristic experts present could do!

Therefore, although he was hidden within the Bronze Square Tripod, Su Zimo was still able to speed towards the direction of the Heaven Slaying Sword Art.

Cling! Clang!

The sound of sword qi striking the surface of the tripod echoed incessantly in a jarring manner.

Su Zimo was secretly shocked.

If not for the Bronze Square Tripod, his physical body would have been riddled with holes by the endless sword qi.

Although the Bronze Square Tripod was already extremely battered, it helped him tide through countless crises ever since he obtained it.

“We should be reaching it soon,”

Right then, the voice of Dao Lord Extreme Fire sounded.

“How do you know, senior?”

Su Zimo could not help but ask out of curiosity.

Although he had seen the location of the Heaven Slaying Sword Art, Dao Lord Extreme Fire had not.

Dao Lord Extreme Fire replied, “Listen carefully. It’s clear that the sword qi around here is weaker. In other words, it means that we’re about to close in to the ancient sword art!”

Su Zimo listened intently.

Indeed, the sound of the sword qi striking the tripod decreased in volume and intensity.

Before long, it was silent outside the tripod.

Su Zimo guessed that they were close to the location of the Heaven Slaying Sword Art and sent his spirit consciousness out to scan.


The area around them was peaceful without any sword qi at all – there was only a yellowed old scroll that hovered quietly in midair.

Su Zimo put away the Bronze Square Tripod and surveyed his surroundings in awe.

Ten feet away from the ancient scroll, sword qi surged wild and rampantly like an ocean. It possessed a chilling killing intent that seemed bent on destroying the entire world.

Yet, everything was tranquil without any hint of animosity within ten feet of the ancient scroll.

There was an extreme difference between the two sceneries!

Su Zimo took a few steps and gazed at the ancient scroll that was within his reach with a surreal feeling.

If he did not know beforehand or witness it personally right now, he would not have believed that this ancient scroll before him was one of the three legendary ancient sword arts!

The ancient scroll looked ordinary with a yellowish tinge, not unlike the books he had read back when he studied diligently in Ping Yang Town.

Su Zimo reached out and gripped the ancient scroll!

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