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Chapter 883: Fruitless Return?

To begin with, Dao Lord Extreme Fire was a Dharma Characteristic cultivator.

He was more experienced than anyone else towards a fight of this level and could seize the best opportunities!

Su Zimo’s attention was focused a long time ago. The moment he heard Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s voice, he did not hesitate and pushed his feet off the ground right away, turning into a streak of light that burst towards the ball of light at the center of the battlefield!

This was a form of trust.

He trusted Dao Lord Extreme Fire completely!

After Su Zimo made his move, he gradually realized the current situation of the battlefield.

At this moment, all the fiend demons, the six Overlords included, were suppressed by the Demon Sealing Diagram and could not break free right away.

Although the Demon Sealing Diagram was powerful, it was damaged at the end of the day with more than half torn.

Although it could suppress the demons present, it would not be able to maintain it for long!

At that moment, Dao Lord Cloud Rain and Fairy Snowdrift were almost completely exhausted. The moment they took the breather, that was when they relaxed their minds.

The only person Su Zimo had to truly face was only Dao Lord Immortal Sword!

Even so, it was still extremely difficult and treacherous for him to snatch away the Heaven Slaying Sword Art!

Monkey and the others kept watch on Su Zimo the entire time.

The group of them sensed it the moment he made his move!

“Hurry, look! First made his move!”

“Young Master, be careful!”

Little Fox held her hands before her chest and watched unblinkingly with a worried expression.

On the battlefield in the voids, the six Overlords and many high-level fiend demons were rooted on the spot by the Demon Sealing Diagram and could barely move an inch.

The sudden appearance of a figure became extremely striking!

The demons watching at the sidelines noticed the intruder and exclaimed as well.

“Who is that? He must have a death wish to try and enter the battlefield at this moment!”

“I’ve never seen him before! Is that a fiend demon or human cultivator?”

“That person’s cultivation realm doesn’t seem high. What is he trying to do?!”

By now, Su Zimo had already altered his appearance and the black-haired Essence Spirit presided over his consciousness. His initially scarlet hair had faded as well.

Apart from monkey and the others, nobody present could recognize him at all!

Under normal circumstances, Dharma Characteristic experts could break through his disguise with a casual glance.

However, when two spirit consciousnesses swept over, they were blocked by an invisible force – they could not uncover Su Zimo’s background at all!

That was the power of the Mingwang Prayer Beads!

In truth, even if Su Zimo fused his two Essence Spirits, he was still unable to unleash the true power of the Mingwang Prayer Beads.

It was even more impossible for him to block the detection of Dharma Characteristic experts.

However, Dao Lord Extreme Fire was hidden within the Mingwang Prayer Beads.

At that moment, the person channeling the Mingwang Prayer Beads from the shadows was not Su Zimo, but Dao Lord Extreme Fire!

Dao Lord Extreme Fire was also a Dharma Characteristic expert. Although he lost his physical body, his Essence Spirit had already recovered more than half its strength.

With him channeling a treasure that was once the foundation of Daming Monastery, it was rare for anyone of the same level to be able to see through Su Zimo’s disguise unless they had any divine techniques!

In the blink of an eye, Su Zimo arrived at the center of the battlefield.

He had to pass through the six Overlords and many high-level fiend demons to get to the ball of light.

This area was also the region engulfed by the Demon Sealing Diagram!

Although the Demon Sealing Diagram restricted fiend demons greatly, it had no effect on Su Zimo.

Right now, the black-haired Essence Spirit presided over his spirit consciousness.

This Essence Spirit cultivated two top-tier spirit refinement techniques of the Buddhist and Immortal Daos and was extremely pure – there was no hint of demonic qi on it at all!

The demons could only watch with widened eyes as Su Zimo brushed past them.

“Another human cultivator!”

A thought crossed the minds of the demons.

Only a human cultivator could pass through the power of the Demon Sealing Diagram with such ease!

Dao Lord Cloud Rain and Fairy Snowdrift noticed Su Zimo as well.

However, as the helpers of Dao Lord Immortal Sword, they had to stop this intruder no matter if he was a demon or a human cultivator!

At that moment, it was clear that Dao Lord Immortal Sword was about to succeed – all they had to do was defend for a while more.

At that thought, Dao Lord Cloud Rain and Fairy Snowdrift exchanged decisive glances. Both of them channeled their Dharmic powers and attacked at the same time!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Three gigantic palm prints crushed over in an engulfing manner; although it was clear that the Dharmic power was weaker, they were still not to be underestimated.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Fairy Snowdrift waved her fair hand and a gigantic ice wall rose from the ground to block Su Zimo’s path.

No matter how weak Dao Lord Cloud Rain and Fairy Snowdrift were currently, they were still top-tier Dharma Characteristic experts who could kill anyone of the same level with ease.

A low-level fiend demon like Su Zimo stood no chance at all.

Given his strength, it was definitely not enough to take on the two Dao Lords.

The suppression of the Dharma Characteristic realm alone was not something he could endure!

All of a sudden!

Raging flames engulfed Su Zimo’s body and he seemed to have turned into a gigantic fireball that could incinerate all beings – even the Dharmic power around him was boiling!

The fireball charged to the front!


A series of explosions could be heard when the gigantic fireball collided against the three palm prints!

The flames on the fireball diminished significantly.

Immediately after, the gigantic fireball slammed onto the ice wall.

The ice on the surface melted rapidly.

Right as the fireball was about to penetrate, a sword light slashed over at an extremely fast speed and descended upon the fireball.

More than half the flames on the fireball were already extinguished before the sword light even arrived!

Lifeless Sword Art!

This terrifying sword art of Sword Sect had descended once again and lifelessness ensued from the sword!

This single sword seemed like it was going to sever all life inside and out of the fireball!

Su Zimo narrowed his eyes with a tense expression.

At this moment, he could not be considered as the one in combat!

Dao Lord Extreme Fire was the one borrowing Su Zimo’s body with his Essence Spirit to fight against the three Dao Lords!


The four Dao imprints on the Mingwang Prayer Beads on Su Zimo’s left wrist suddenly released a blinding radiance!

The four Dao imprints seemed to have fused into one as an illusory phantom appeared behind Su Zimo, assuming a lotus position with a dignified appearance!

There seemed to be countless mysterious runes etched on his body.

Sanskrit echoed all over.


The sword light slashed against the phantom with a jarring sound!

The phantom swayed and gradually dispersed; this sword strike that could sever lifeforce had not managed to do anything at all.

This was the first time that blood had not been spilled after Dao Lord Immortal Sword released his Lifeless Sword Art!

Although Dao Lord Extreme Fire did not say anything, Su Zimo could sense that the current situation had already surpassed Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s initial expectations.

They did not manage to break through the obstructions of Dao Lord Cloud Rain and Fairy Snowdrift right away but were in a stalemate here.

The longer things dragged on, the more things could change!

Be it against the six Overlords or the three Dao Lords, they were the weakest and could not afford any change in the situation!

“This is bad, prepare to retreat!”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s voice sounded, filled with indignance and some bitterness.

The three Dao Lords were more difficult to deal with than he had imagined!

Although the Heaven Slaying Sword Art was right before them, they could only return fruitless.

However, Dao Lord Extreme Fire had no other choice but to make that decision.

If he was alone, he might have been able to take the gamble with his life.

However, Su Zimo was here with him and he could not afford to let the former die here!

More importantly, he lost his physical body and only had an Essence Spirit remaining. As such, the skills he could use were limited and he could not release many powerful Dharmic arts.

If they continued to linger here, it would only bring harm upon Su Zimo!

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