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Chapter 860: Murdering the Spirit With Lotus Seeds

How tough could the head of the fiend demon of Confusion Mist Swamp be against the Creation Green Lotus that even managed to shatter a perfect-grade Dao Being Dharmic weapon?


The head of the fiend demon of Confusion Mist Swamp exploded right away and a blood mist spewed out, becoming one with the Blood Sea around them.

Within the blood mist, the Chaos Green Lotus retained its pristine jade green and was not stained by the blood at all. It exuded a shiny glow and was shrouded by chaotic qi.

The fiend demon of Confusion Mist Swamp was dead with his Essence Spirit destroyed!

His headless corpse sank into the depths of the Blood Sea and vanished.

To be fair, even Su Zimo had not expected the Creation Green Lotus to possess such frightening killing power!

It was already a hundred years since he had obtained this lotus platform from the ancient battlefield.

For the past hundred years, Su Zimo nourished it with his Essence Spirit. Finally, with the help of the Blood Sea before them, he managed to nurture it to Grade Five.

The duration taken to refine this Destiny Dharmic Weapon was considered long.

Furthermore, this was Su Zimo.

If it was anybody else, they would be dreaming if they wanted to nurture a Grade Five Creation Green Lotus within a hundred years without two Essence Spirits and three heavenly-defying spirit refinement techniques!

Thankfully, his patience and effort had not disappointed him.

The Creation Green Lotus was much stronger and terrifying than he had imagined!

It was no exaggeration that this was something that could steal the creation of Heaven and Earth!

Su Zimo had a feeling that this was not the only reason why the Creation Green Lotus was mystifying.

The Creation Green Lotus would definitely shine with an even brighter radiance as his cultivation realm increases!

In the blink of an eye, two of the six fiend demons that encircled Su Zimo were killed.

The battle was not over yet!

Cling! Clang!

At the same time, clanging sounds could be heard from the Mystic Magnet Mountain.

Two of the four Dharmic weapons that flew from behind were sucked in by the Mystic Magnet Mountain. Although the other two were not sucked in, they were repelled after striking the Mystic Magnet Mountain.


The woman in makeup’s expression changed as she shrieked, “What’s that?!”

The silver-robed man had a grim look on his face and slowly said, “It seems to be the ancient Unique Treasure, the Mystic Magnet Mountain! However, I don’t know about that lotus platform!”

“Everyone, watch out and keep your distance. Don’t get too close to him!”

The remaining fiend demon from Levitating Goat Peak hollered deeply and burst in retreat.

“Silvermoon Slash!”

The glabellas of the silver-robed man and another fiend demon of Silvermoon Valley shone. They channeled their spirit consciousnesses and gathered Dharmic powers to release a powerful Demonic art of the Silvermoon Wolf race!


The two silver rays were blinding and tore through the Blood Sea, arriving before Su Zimo instantly.

The temperature within the Blood Sea dipped instantly!

The Blood Sea even showed signs of freezing up everywhere the silver rays passed!

On the other side, the woman in makeup’s wrist twisted gently and two sharp Dharmic weapons approached stealthily with a lethal killing intent!

This was a Dharmic weapon refined from the Snake race’s poisoned tooth and the Mystic Magnet Mountain could not suck it in either.

The fiend demon of Levitating Goat Peak opened his mouth and a flying sword made of an unknown material shot out towards Su Zimo’s back.

At the same time, he channeled his spirit consciousness and released a Demonic art!

Suddenly, bone spikes made of Dharmic powers formed one after another within the Blood Sea. There were dozens of them that surged over, threatening to riddle Su Zimo with holes!

Even though Su Zimo released killing moves in succession to kill two fiend demons, the remaining four fiend demons were not to be underestimated!

The four of them could be considered as top-tier experts among mid-level fiend demons.

Even Solitary Cloud was not a match for them!

The combined attack of four fiend demons at the same time created a surge of power that was a cultivation realm above – Su Zimo was still under immense threat.


Su Zimo’s blood qi rumbled as he reared his head and howled.

His terrifying howl pushed away the Blood Sea around him and created a void!

Immediately after, figures of massive ancient Demon Kings appeared around him in succession. All of them bared their fangs and claws and were life-like with shuddering gazes!

Bloodline phenomenon!

The only way he could defend the attack of four top-tier fiend demons was with his Bloodline phenomenon!

Seven Wilderness Demon Kings appeared.

The eighth Demon King should be a Dragon King.

However, Su Zimo had only cultivated the Yin Spirit section and had not started on the Yang Spirit section. As such, there was only a phantom of the eighth Demon King.

Despite that, seven Demon Kings and a phantom was enough to send shudders down the spines of the fiend demons in the Blood Sea!

Bloodline phenomenons were only available to somebody whose bloodline power was at its limits.

It was a level above tsunami blood!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The force of the collision between the demonic arts was massive!

In the blink of an eye, the seven Demon Kings dissipated. However, the demonic arts of the four fiend demons were rendered useless by the seven Demon Kings as well.

At the same time, Su Zimo controlled the Creation Green Lotus with a single thought and it floated towards the two incoming poisoned tooths from the back.

Pa! Pa!

There were two crisp sounds.

The two poisoned tooths were smashed into dust by the Creation Green Lotus!

That was the Destiny Dharmic Weapon of the woman in makeup.

Her expression changed and she spat out a mouthful of blood. Her eyes were locked onto Su Zimo with bewilderment and shock!

She felt shudders from the phantom of the eighth Demon King.

It was a memory from the depths of her soul and bloodline. A fear that was embedded in her bones, this was an absolute suppression of the bloodline!

The Creation Green Lotus smashed over. Although it seemed gradual and slow, it arrived instantly.

The woman in makeup’s heart skipped a beat and she snapped out of her stupor. Hurriedly, she laid down barriers made with Dharmic powers to shield her from the Creation Green Lotus.

At the same time, she had the intention to retreat.

She wanted to escape from the Blood Sea and Su Zimo while the Dharmic power barriers shielded her from the Creation Green Lotus.

However, immediately after, she realized that she was wrong.

Against the Creation Green Lotus, her Dharmic power barriers were like pieces of paper and were absolutely useless!

The Creation Green Lotus floated and crushed them with ease, giving chase like a shadow!

Fear surged into the heart of the woman in makeup.

Suddenly, she realized that against the green lotus platform, her methods were completely useless – she could not even block it for a single second!

A decisive look flashed through the woman in makeup’s eyes.

She was going to abandon her physical body!

Abandoning her physical body to escape the Blood Sea with her Essence Spirit was better than having her Essence Spirit destroyed here!


A thumb-sized snake slithered out of the top of the woman in makeup’s head and sped towards the surface of the sea with a bright glow!

The moment her Essence Spirit escaped, her head was crushed by the Creation Green Lotus!

That single moment was the difference between life and death!

The woman in makeup looked down with a sense of trepidation – her Essence Spirit would have been destroyed if she was a tad too slow.

In her relief, a mysterious change happened in the green lotus platform beneath.

Pshew! Pshew! Pshew!

Suddenly, 45 lotus seeds burst forth from the holes of the green lotus platform and turned into rays of light. They intertwined with one another and burst over with an extremely sharp aura!

It was too fast!

Although her Essence Spirit was quick to escape, the 45 lotus seeds caught up before long and pierced her Essence Spirit entirely!

Poof! Poof! Poof!

Her Essence Spirit was completely defenseless against the 45 lotus seeds.


The Essence Spirit of the woman in makeup let out a final shriek before its glow dimmed rapidly – it was destroyed on the spot!

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