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Chapter 861: Total Annihilation

Su Zimo had already vanished from his original position when the Creation Green Lotus killed the woman in makeup.


The sound of water currents echoed. When the fiend demon of Silvermoon Valley glanced around, his eyelids twitched and he was scared out of his wits!

A pair of shuddering eyes filled with boundless killing intent had appeared right in front of him!

Instinctively, he wanted to turn and flee.

However, before long, the scene of the young master of Levitating Goat Peak’s death flashed through his mind.

His true form was a Silvermoon Wolf and his speed within the Blood Sea would definitely be affected – there was no way he could escape from Su Zimo’s pursuit!

If he chose to escape, there would be no chance of survival and he would definitely follow in the footsteps of the young master of Levitating Goat Peak!

“I’ve got to give it my all!”

The fiend demon of Su Zimo roared and lunged at Su Zimo with his sharp claws.

At the same time, he opened his mouth and chomped down at Su Zimo’s neck!

He knew his chances of winning against Su Zimo in melee combat were slim given his strength.

His only hope was for the silver-robed man and another fiend demon of Levitating Goat Peak at the side to attack at the same time and hold Su Zimo back!

However, his hopes were dashed.

Earlier on, there were six fiend demons. However, in the blink of an eye, three were killed.

If it was anybody else, they would have been stunned by such overwhelming means as well!

The silver-robed man and fiend demon of Levitating Goat Peak were a major cultivation realm above Su Zimo. However, at that moment, there was a hint of hesitation in both their eyes.

Should they advance or retreat?

That single moment of hesitation was enough to declare the death of this fiend demon from Silvermoon Valley!

“You must have a death wish!”

Su Zimo did not dodge or avoid and strode forward. With lightning speed, he grabbed the lower jaw of the Silvermoon Wolf before him!

How powerful was Su Zimo’s physique?

The Silvermoon Wolf could not close his mouth at all!

His wolf paws scratched against Su Zimo’s chest and tore through the latter’s green robes. However, the sound of metal could be heard and sparks flew everywhere!

The eyes of the Silvermoon Wolf widened in disbelief as he glared at Su Zimo’s chest.

There were scarlet scales that could be seen faintly!

Su Zimo harrumphed coldly and circulated his blood qi. Green veins popped up on his arms and his flesh expanded as he exerted strength!


Su Zimo ripped the Silvermoon Wolf into two by the mouth!

An Essence Spirit fled hurriedly within the blood mist.

Su Zimo caught up and destroyed it with a single slap before it managed to flee far away and it perished within the Blood Sea!


The fiend demon of Levitating Goat Peak and the silver-robed man no longer hesitated. Both of them turned to flee in different directions with frightfully pale expressions!

As long as they could escape from the Blood Sea and spill the beans on everything that happened within, Mo was bound to die and nobody would be able to protect him!

“It’s too late for you to escape now!”

Su Zimo’s voice echoed behind the two of them in a chilling manner.

The fiend demon of Levitating Goat Peak was fervently swimming up with all his might. Without any warning, he felt a sharp sense of danger pierce through his back!

Instinctively, he looked down.

Su Zimo was not chasing him. Instead, he was closing in behind the silver-robed man like a leech!

How could that be?

A question crossed the fiend demon of Levitating Goat Peak’s mind.

Since Su Zimo was not chasing him down, where did the sensation of danger come from?

Could it have been his imagination?

In his bewilderment, Su Zimo who was hunting down the silver-robed man not far away suddenly turned and looked over!

The next moment, the fiend demon of Levitating Goat Peak’s vision was filled with an extremely bedazzling luster!

It was as though a blazing sun lit up in Su Zimo’s eyes!

It illuminated the depths of the Blood Sea for a moment!

A scorching column of light tore through the Blood Sea and shot towards the fiend demon of Levitating Goat Peak’s head instantly with an incomparably frightening aura!

“That’s a… visual technique!”

The thought crossed the fiend demon of Levitating Goat Peak’s mind and he only had enough time to tilt his head slightly.

However, the column of light shattered the other half of his head!

His Essence Spirit could not survive against the focus of Illumination Eye.

Instantly, it disintegrated into ashes!

Far away, the fiend demons of Golden Flames Mountain and Vermilion Cloud Valley who were initially not involved in the fight felt chills run down their spines at the moment and broke out in shudders!

In slightly more than ten breaths, five fiend demons were buried in the depths of that bottomless Blood Sea!

On the flat plains.

Although the demons discussed among themselves, they watched the Blood Sea keenly.

Ever since the mighty gigantic vortex disappeared, the Blood Sea had not been peaceful.

None of them knew what was going on beneath. However, the surface of the sea surged with waves that crashed onto the shore from time to time.

The seven Overlords stood in the air and looked down into the Blood Sea as though they wanted to see what was going on within.

Even the old ape’s expression was slightly solemn.

More than ten breaths later, the waves on the surface of the sea subsided.

Before long, the Blood Sea became peaceful again.

However, for some unknown reason, the tranquility caused the tension in the air to increase!

The tranquility resembled the calm before a storm!

All of a sudden!

A wolf’s head popped out on the surface of the Blood Sea.

It was the silver-robed man!

That was the number one Territorial Lord of Silvermoon Valley!

All the demons had sharp gazes and recognized the identity of that wolf’s head instantly.

The face of the wolf’s head was filled with helplessness, anxiety, fear and horror!


The silver-robed man’s head was barely exposed and he managed to shout a single word.

However, immediately after, in front of countless gazes, the silver-robed man’s figure plummeted as though he was dragged into the Blood Sea by some force!

The Overlord of Silvermoon Valley narrowed his gaze with a nervous expression; his fists were gripped tightly and even his arms trembled slightly.

All the demons were in an uproar!

The Blood Sea could block spirit consciousness and all sounds.

It was only at that moment that the demons were truly certain something huge had happened within the Blood Sea!

What could have afflicted the silver-robed man with so much fear?

The moment that thought crossed the minds of the demons, the surface of the sea opened up once more and an Essence Spirit escaped – itw as the silver-robed man’s Essence Spirit!

The Overlord of Silvermoon Valley was delighted and heaved a deep sigh of relief.

An escape of the Essence Spirit could ensure one’s survival at least!

However, his heart skipped a beat before it could calm down.

Before the silver-robed man’s Essence Spirit could escape far after it broke out from the surface of the sea, the waters churned and a gigantic hand of blood reached up and scooped!


The gigantic hand of blood grabbed the silver-robed man’s Essence Spirit and disintegrated it with a single squeeze!


The gigantic hand of blood dispersed into blood and returned to the Blood Sea.

All the demons were dumbfounded.

Nobody expected the silver-robed man who was about to escape to die right in front of everyone – he could not avoid his death eventually!

The Overlord of Silvermoon Valley’s expression froze.

He was not the only one – the other six Overlords did not manage to react to it as well.

Everything had happened way too quickly.

Who could have expected the silver-robed man who had escaped the Blood Sea to be devoured by it once more?!

Instantly, questions filled the minds of the demons present.

Who dragged the silver-robed man down?

What was that gigantic hand of blood?

Apart from him, how were the other nine fiend demons in the Blood Sea doing?

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