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Chapter 859: Power of the Green Lotus

On the flat plains.

The demons glared fixedly at the terrifying and gigantic vortex in the middle of the Blood Sea.

However, the vortex dispersed before long and the surface of the sea regained its calmness once again.

“What’s wrong?”

“What happened beneath?”

All the fiend demons knew that although the Blood Sea seemed peaceful on the surface, it was definitely turbulent beneath!

The Overlord of Golden Flames Mountain could barely sit still.

He looked at the side of Silvermoon Valley’s Overlord from time to time.

The old ape was in his usual manner, sitting on his chair as though he was asleep like an old monk in meditation.

“Brother, why aren’t you worried at all? That young chap from Ape Chatter Ridge has an immensely unimaginable potential. Aren’t you afraid that the group of them might ambush him?”

The Overlord of Golden Flames Mountain could not help but say, “Let me tell you, the bunch of them from Levitating Goat Peak looks like they’ve lost their morals and can do anything!”

The old ape opened his eyes and replied indifferently, “There’s no use getting anxious. However, I’m not really worried about my young chap from Ape Chatter Ridge.”

“You’re that confident?”

The Overlord of Golden Flames Mountain raised his brow. “Don’t forget, we can all see his cultivation realm. How is he going to fight if they use Essence Spirit secret skills?”

The old ape shook his head. “I don’t know whether he can defeat others in battle. However, I’m sure he can at least escape safely if he’s met with harm.”

On the other side.

The Overlords of Levitating Goat Peak, Silvermoon Valley, Thousand Snake Island and Confusion Mist Swamp exchanged glances and nodded.

Although they could not see what was happening within the Blood Sea, it was easy to guess.

It was likely that the young master of Levitating Goat Peak and the others had made their move!

The vortex had naturally dissipated because they had attacked and could no longer make use of the Blood Congealing Bead’s absorption force.

In truth, their guesses were not far off.

It was true that both parties were exchanging blows within the Blood Sea.

However, the actual situation deviated slightly from the guesses of the four Overlords.

Yet, these slight deviations were what caused the eventual outcome to differ starkly from what the four Overlords thought!

Within the Blood Sea.

Although the process of Su Zimo’s defense with multiple trump cards against the burst of six Essence Spirit secret skills sounded long upon narration, everything merely happened within a split second.

The moment Su Zimo opened his eyes, the young master of Levitating Goat Peak and the other five sensed something amiss!

“I spared your life when you provoked me previously,”

Su Zimo’s echoed within the ears of the young master of Levitating Goat Peak. “Since you dare to lay your hands on me again today, you’ll be the first to die!”


A black shadow lunged forward accompanied by a suffocating water current and arrived instantly!

It was too fast!

Although the young master of Levitating Goat Peak was a mid-level fiend demon and could move freely underwater, he was still someone that resided on land most of the time.

There were still many things he could not adapt to underwater.

Furthermore, resistance of the water current to his body was extremely great and was unlike air on the land above.

However, the young master of Levitating Goat Peak had not expected that Su Zimo’s speed seemed like it was even faster underwater than he was on land – the latter arrived instantly!

Instinctively, he wanted to retreat and dodge.

If he was on land, he would have been able to avoid this palm strike for certain.

However, they were within the Blood Sea.

At the end of the day, he was still a tad slower.

While this opening might have been negligible to others, in front of Su Zimo, it was akin to walking through death’s gates!

Su Zimo’s extended palm had already enveloped down in a blanketing manner!


The young master of Levitating Goat Peak could not retreat in time and it was already too late for him to defend.

The palm strike landed right smack on the top of his head!

Cracks appeared one after another on the head of the young master of Levitating Goat Peak and fresh brain juice oozed out – his Essence Spirit ws shattered completely!

The young master of Levitating Goat Peak’s eyes were widened in disbelief.

He had not expected Su Zimo to survive against six Essence Spirit secret skills.

Less than that, he had not expected Su Zimo to be so decisive in retaliating and spared him no chance at all!

“He’s the descendant of an Overlord, how dare…”

The fiend demon of Confusion Mist Swamp was alarmed and was about to berate. However, he saw Su Zimo turn towards him before he could even finish his sentence!

“I don’t care whose descendant you are. Anyone that attempts to kill me should prepare to die!”

Su Zimo spun around and shuttled through the Blood Sea like a fish in water. In a flash, he arrived before the fiend demon of Confusion Mist Swamp.

The bloodline of the Dragon race flowed within his body and he cultivated the spirit refinement technique of the Dragon race. His body was equivalent to half a dragon’s body.

Dragons were able to travel through the clouds and summon rain innately, even causing floods and overturning oceans!

Su Zimo was completely unaffected underwater!

The true form of Confusion Mist Swamp’s fiend demon was an ancient gigantic crocodile and he was not really affected underwater as well.

The moment he saw Su Zimo advancing, he transformed and reverted to his true form.

A gigantic crocodile appeared within the Blood Sea and his body was lined densely with tough cuticles that could even compare to defensive Dharmic weapons!


The ancient gigantic crocodile opened its mouth and spat out an ancient saber. The handle of the saber was thick and it looked forceful with five Dharmic patterns on its blade!

It was a perfect Dao Being Dharmic weapon!

From a single glance, it was clear that the saber was made from a human Weapon Refinement Grandmaster. The Dharmic patterns, tempering of the handle and curvature of the blade were all extremely specific.

The saber slashed down against Su Zimo’s face!

Its blade was extremely sharp and cut the Blood Sea into two right away!

At the same time, an unusual fluctuation appeared in the water current behind Su Zimo.

The Dharmic weapons of a fiend demon from Levitating Goat Peak, the woman in makeup from Thousand Snake Island and two fiend demons from Silvermoon Valley had arrived!

Su Zimo’s expression did not change as he slapped his storage bag and tossed a grayish-black mountain peak behind him as a shield!

It was the ancient Unique Treasure, the Mystic Magnet Mountain!

On the other side, his glabella shone and a green lotus seat flew out to meet the incoming saber.

It was the Creation Green Lotus!

This was the first time that Su Zimo had brought out the Creation Green Lotus to deal with an opponent after obtaining it.

The Chaos Green Lotus swiveled slowly and was shiny like jade. It flickered with a green glow and was shrouded by chaotic qi as it struck the saber in a seemingly effortless manner.


There was a crisp sound!

Immediately after, silence engulfed the Blood Sea.

Su Zimo’s pupil constricted instantly.

The ancient gigantic crocodile’s expression froze and horror filled his eyes.

The saber in the Blood Sea, a perfect-grade Dao Being Dharmic weapon, was lined with dense cracks after a collision with the seemingly fragile green lotus!


The saber exploded into shards and scattered to sink into the Blood Sea!

A perfect-grade Dao Being Dharmic weapon with five Dharmic patterns was shattered just like that!

The fiend demons of Golden Flames Mountain and Vermilion Cloud Valley hiding at the edge of the Blood Sea were shaken and choked from a few mouthfuls of seawater in their distraction.

“You… ”

The ancient gigantic crocodile glared at the green lotus floating in the Blood Sea with such fright that it could no longer speak.

Even a connate Dharmic weapon could not shatter that perfect-grade Dharmic weapon.

However, this green lotus platform managed to shatter his Destiny Dharmic Weapon!

What was that green lotus platform exactly?!

Right then, he felt a sharp pain from his Essence Spirit.

His Essence Spirit received an immense impact from the shattering of his Destiny Dharmic Weapon – it felt like he was being torn apart!

The next moment, a green light flashed before his eyes.

The green lotus platform descended and had already smashed upon his head!

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