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Chapter 842: Closer Relationship

The power of Barren was strongest around its center.

Its strength decreased along with distance.

By the time the gray-colored ripples extended to the old ape and the others, its shaving of one’s lifespan was almost negligible.

A single breath might only lead to a decrease of a few mere years.

However, a Dharmic art that could reduce one’s lifespan that even high-level fiend demons could not defend against was indeed rather frightening!

It was especially so for the old ape.

Although his combat strength was still present and his blood qi was robust, it was indeed true that he did not have much lifespan remaining; the reduction of lifespan was an extremely sensitive matter for him!

He was about to charge forward and kill the four protectors when his expression changed all of a sudden. With a single leap, the old ape fled from the radius of the gray-colored ripples.

He glared at Su Zimo’s side with a conflicted expression and boundless shock within his eyes.

He was truly alarmed by that move!

As an Overlord who had lived for thousands of years, he had witnessed many different situations.

Even the betrayal of his four protectors did not manage to shock him.

However, he was truly startled by this lesser low-level fiend demon before him!

If Su Zimo had not stood on his side from the get-go, he would have thought that Su Zimo was sent by the four protectors to target him!

The Dharmic art did not pose any fatal threat to high-level fiend demons.

However, the fact that it was able to affect high-level fiend demons that were two major cultivation realms above and forcibly reduce their lifespans was frightening enough!

This was beyond the capability of ordinary Dharmic arts!

Su Zimo was momentarily stunned and snapped out of his stupor when he saw the old ape’s gaze.


With a single thought from Su Zimo, the gray-colored ripples vanished.

The moment he stopped Barren, he felt giddy and waves of fatigue spread through his body; the scarlet-haired Yin Spirit had dimmed considerably as well.

Although the might of the Dharmic art was terrifying, its toll on the Essence Spirit was way too shocking!

His cultivation realm was not sufficient to handle it.

The situation would improve significantly if he could cultivate to the Yang Spirit realm.

The old ape heaved a sigh of relief with the removal of the sinister gray-colored ripples. He leaped into the air and extended his palm towards Protector One in midair.

Protector One came to his senses and fled as well.


The old ape opened his mouth and let out a roar.

His glabella shone and released a burst of golden light that shot the back of Protector One’s head.

It was an Essence Spirit secret skill!

Protector One was impressive as well as he focused his Essence Spirit right away and released a sharp spirit consciousness shockwave with his glabella, forming a single green feather in midair!


The green feather tore through the air.

In a flash, the golden light and green feather collided.

It was completely silent.

After a momentary pause, the green feather evaporated and the golden light spilled through the voids, scattering as golden spots.

Among them, dozens of golden spots shot into the back of Protector One’s head and charged into the latter’s spirit consciousness, creating waves!


Protector One howled in pain from the impact to his Essence Spirit and shuddered, nearly falling from the air.

The aura of death composed him as he endured the immense pain and continued fleeing forward.

However, that single moment of delay was enough – the old ape had caught up to him!


A gigantic palm crushed down with a terrifying might like a meteor and explosions could be heard through the air.

Protector One slapped his storage bag and withdrew a Dharmic weapon once again.


He bit the tip of his tongue and spat a mouthful of essence blood on the Dharmic weapon.

The Dharmic weapon expanded swiftly and looked like the bone fragment of a demon beast. It was incomparably tough as he held it above his head as a shield.


The palm descended and smashed against the bone fragment violently.


The bone fragment exploded!

Protector One spat out a huge mouthful of blood as though he was struck by thunder.

The old ape advanced swiftly and extended his heavenly-encompassing palm once again. He grabbed Protector One’s head and squeezed forcefully!


Protector One’s head exploded like a watermelon and blood filled the skies.

His Essence Spirit was destroyed!

A high-level fiend demon had fallen!

The old ape turned around and chased the remaining three men!

It was too fast!

Although they were both high-level fiend demons, Protector One was almost helpless against the old ape who seemed like he was in his twilight years.

Within a few blows, his head was ruptured!

At Protector One’s point of death, one of the remaining protectors was severely injured and had just risen while another was held back by the pale-faced burly man.

The last one did not manage to escape far before the old ape caught up to him.

When Su Zimo saw that, he knew that the battle was already over.

The demons present realized it as well; some of them stopped, some of them fled while some of them began to help Su Zimo’s side.

The tides had turned completely!

Su Zimo had already stopped.

He no longer had anything to do with everything here and he stood on the spot as he tried to recall the sensation of Barren once again.

He comprehended and practiced it continuously.

A long time later, the chaotic sounds of the massacre gradually quietened.

“Territorial Lord of Howling Moon Mountain, what’s your name?”

A voice sounded in Su Zimo’s ears but he did not seem to realize it.

He only snapped to his senses when Solitary Cloud nudged him gently and turned around to look.

The battle was already over.

The ground around him was strewn with corpses and fresh blood was everywhere; it was a tragic sight.

Many fiend demons were cleaning up the battlefield.

The old ape stood not far away with a few corpses beneath his feet. By the look of it, those were the fallen protectors.

The one who asked the question was the pale-faced burly man beside the old ape.

“I’m Mo,”

Su Zimo replied.

“What’s your true form? Why can’t I see through you?” The pale-faced burly man sized up Su Zimo brazenly and asked another question.

Su Zimo remained silent.

This was a question that he could not reply.

Upon Su Zimo’s silence, the pale-faced burly man frowned. He was about to fly into a rage when the old ape beside him coughed gently.

“Ling’er, there’s no need to ask,”

The old ape waved it off and looked at Su Zimo deeply. “I believe that your true form is definitely an extraordinary creature since you’re able to have a wyrm submit to you wholeheartedly!”

Su Zimo smiled and did not reply.

The spirit tiger at the side looked at the pale-faced burly man and rolled his eyes as he sent a voice transmission mentally, ‘He looks like a brute but his name is Ling’er[1], how disgusting!”

“You guys, come,”

The old ape beckoned.

Su Zimo’s group headed over.

The old ape swept his gaze across Su Zimo’s group before fixing it on monkey’s shoulders eventually. “The rod on your shoulders, can I have a look at it?”

The spirit tiger and the others became nervous instantly.

Could that old fogey have taken a liking to Brother Monkey’s Imminent?

Monkey handed it over without a second thought.

Although he was prideful and untamed, he had principles; if others showed him respect, he would extend the same and even more in return.

Despite his status as an Overlord, the old ape made a request to monkey instead of demanding it directly; that fact alone gave monkey good vibes.

The old ape received the rod and sized it up for a long time. In between, he glanced at monkey from time to time and nodded as he murmured, “Very nice, very nice.”

Everyone was confused.

They did not know if the old ape was referring to Imminent or monkey.

For some unknown reason, monkey felt goosebumps from the old ape’s gaze.

Others might not have been able to sense it, but monkey had a feeling that the way the old ape looked at him implied something!

“This rod is not bad at all,”

The old ape returned Imminent to monkey and smiled with a benevolent expression. “Since you are of the same race, feel free to look for Ling’er in the future if you’ve got any questions regarding your cultivation in the future. The two of you can build a closer relationship.”

Instantly, the expressions of Su Zimo’s group turned odd when they heard that.

[1] A feminine name

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