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Chapter 841: Barren!

The old ape’s attack engulfed the four protectors and his blood qi rose with a tough steeliness.

His rough, massive hands seemed like they could blanket the skies as they slammed down!

“Everyone, we’ve got no way back!”

Protector One shrieked, “If we retreat now, this old fogey will not let us off! We must combine our strength and kill him!”


The four protectors moved at the same time and stepped forward to defend!


There was a deafening sound.

The raised platform collapsed instantly!

The four protectors fell and transformed into gigantic figures during their descent.

Among them, Protector One was an ancient remnant beast, the Green-winged Eagle.

“Innate divine powers!”

Protector One did not test the waters and released his innate divine powers instantly.

His massive wings flapped and he transformed into a streak of light, vanishing in front of the old ape right away; he wrapped around the latter and charged towards the pale-faced burly man!

The pale-faced burly man was alarmed.

Although he was also one of the protectors, he had advanced into a high-level fiend demon not long ago and was inferior in combat strength to these fiend demons who had cultivated for thousands of years.


The pale-faced burly man stomped his feet and released a ferocious strength from within his body as well.


The pale-faced burly man raised his fist and punched violently towards the incoming streak of light!

The force of his strike caused the entire void to cave in!

A sneer sounded behind the pale-faced burly man.

“Not good!”

The pale-faced burly man’s heart sank.

The terror of Protector One’s innate divine powers and his speed had grown to such an extent!

With a single move, they were now on the brink of life and death!

The pale-faced burly man felt a sharp pain behind his head!

If he harbored attachments towards his physical body at that moment, there was a chance that both his body and Essence Spirit would be destroyed together!

His only shot at survival was to abandon his physical body and escape with his Essence Spirit!

All of a sudden!

The sensation of pain behind his head vanished all of a sudden.

Protector One shrieked shrilly.

Unknowingly, the old ape was already standing beside the pale-faced burly man and knocked Protector One back with a single punch!

The pale-faced burly man had barely scraped through the gates of death.

“Old fogey, prepare to die!”

The other three protectors charged over and released their divine powers one after another as well!

“You must have a death wish!”

The old ape’s gaze intensified and an incomparably overwhelming power surged forth!

His innate divine powers were released!

The old ape took a deep breath and his arm expanded as he threw three punches in succession, making contact with the three protectors at almost the same time!

It was one against three!

The sound of bones cracking echoed!

One of the protector’s arms was ruptured by a punch from the old ape and blood spewed everywhere!

His entire arm was crippled!

The other two protectors were stricken as well and the blood qi within their bodies rumbled. Unable to withstand it, both of them spat out a huge mouthful of blood.

In that exchange, it was clear that the old ape’s divine powers surpassed the three protectors!


A streak of light flew over.

The old ape extended his palm and grabbed the void directly without even looking.

The streak of light stopped.

Protector One’s figure was exposed.

He opened his mouth and spat out a dark light that expanded along with the wind, transforming into a black spear that shot towards the old ape’s face!

The two of them were extremely close and that attack came without warning!

Although the old ape was aged, his reaction was swift and decisive. He released his grip and retreated instantly, grabbing the incoming spear in his palm!

Protector One seized the opportunity to escape.

“You’re still trying to escape?”

The old ape’s gaze swept across as he thrust the spear in his hand in the direction of Protector One violently!


Blood light flashed through the voids!

Protector One tried his best to dodge but his wings were punctured by his own long spear and countless feathers fell.

“None of you shall leave today!”

The old ape chased forward in huge strides.

Su Zimo was no longer worried when he saw that.

Initially, he had the intention to kill his way out of this place with monkey and the others if anything went wrong.

But now, it was clear that the old ape’s combat strength was frightening; he suppressed the internal strife instantly!

This was the capability of an Overlord!

This was the grandeur of an Overlord!

Within a short dozen of breaths, the four protectors were all injured and it seemed like none of them would last long if things carried on.

Relieved, Su Zimo’s glabella shone and he continued to conjure hand seals.

He did not dare to release Dharmic arts of the immortal or Buddhist Daos with an Overlord near him.

The Dharmic art that he released was not from the Purple Thunder Manual or Great Day Rulai Sutra either.

Instantly, his hand seal was done.

With Su Zimo’s body as the centrifugal point, sinister Dharmic powers spread through the surroundings with gray-colored ripples appearing in the void. It rippled in every direction like a wave of water!

The Yin Spirit section of the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness had no Dharmic arts, merely a spirit refinement technique.

There was a Dharmic art and an Essence Spirit secret skill in the Yang Spirit section.

According to the records, these two secret skills were the most frightening killing moves!

Right now, what Su Zimo released was the Dharmic art, Barren.

The fiend demons charging over were enveloped by the gray-colored ripples and their movements became immensely sluggish instantly, as though they had fallen into a swamp and could not get out.

However, none of the demons felt any discomfort when the gray-colored ripples passed through them.

Su Zimo furrowed his brows slightly.

Barren, the Dharmic art, did not seem like it possessed any power and could merely restrict the movements and speed of cultivators.

To begin with, Su Zimo was at the Yin Spirit realm and he was ahead of himself to cultivate this Dharmic art.

Furthermore, there were many mysterious words in the Yang Spirit section’s Dharmic art and Essence Spirit secret skill that he could not comprehend. As such, he had yet to grasp the true essence of the two secret skills.

He believed that this was definitely not Barren’s true power!

Su Zimo swept his gaze across and his expression changed all of a sudden.

The spirit herbs on the ground where the gray-colored ripples blanketed were withering at a speed visible to the naked eye; fresh flowers withered instantly!

“This is…”

Su Zimo’s pupils constricted.

Suddenly, the fiend demons closest to him shrieked.

“This is bad! My lifespan is decreasing rapidly!”

“I’m losing a hundred years with a single breath! What a frightening speed!”

“I’m losing sixty years with every breath. What is this Demonic art?!”

The lifespans of these fiend demons were decreasing by sixty or a hundred years with every single breath!

Su Zimo’s eyes lit up.

That was the true power of Barren!

Furthermore, the closer he was to them, the more their lifespans would decrease!

For mid-level fiend demons with several thousand years worth of lifespan, the decrease of a hundred years per second was not that significant.

However, the deterioration was continuous!

Their lifespans would decrease continuously as long as they did not get out of Barren’s area of effect!

Furthermore, it was irreversible!

Even if they managed to escape after losing a hundred years of lifespan, their hundred years won’t return to them!

‘What a frightening Dharmic art!’

Su Zimo felt his own heart racing furiously.

His cultivation realm was too low and he did not recognize many of the mysterious words in Barren nor could he release its true power.

If he could understand the obscurities of Barren, how frightening would this Dharmic art be?

A thousand years with a single breath?

If he could reach that level, he could kill a Void Reversion stealthily within five breaths!

As Su Zimo pondered, he heard a few yells from the other side of the battlefield.

“Huh? Why is my lifespan decreasing?!”

“What are these gray-colored ripples?!”

Instinctively, Su Zimo turned over and could not help but shudder.

Unknowingly, the gray-colored ripples had already extended to the raised platform and enveloped the protectors, old ape and pale-faced burly man.

Those were high-level fiend demons that were equivalent to Dharma Characteristics of the human race!

Their lifespans were decreasing as well!

The power of Barren was something that even Dharma Characteristics could not defend against!

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