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Chapter 843: Stars in Daylight

Monkey’s expression froze.

Closer relationship?

He did not know if he was hearing things or if the old ape had said it by mistake.

What relationship was there to build between him and the pale-faced burly man?!

Monkey thought about it more carefully and chills ran down his spine.

Immediately after, a startling scene unfolded.

A rare blush appeared on the pale-faced burly man’s face and he stomped his feet gently, pulling the old ape’s arm and wheedling, “Grandpa! What are you talking about?! I don’t want toooooooo!”

The expressions of Su Zimo’s group changed and their stomachs churned as though they were about to regurgitate something out.


The spirit tiger could stand it and turned to puke with a pale expression.

The spirit tiger looked at the furious pale-faced burly man and waved it off hurriedly. “S-Sorry! It was too much, I couldn’t keep it in…”

“If you can’t keep it in, swallow it again!”

The pale-faced burly man ground his teeth and said angrily.


The spirit tiger cursed internally when he heard that. ‘That sounds even more disgusting!’

He turned and vomited again.

The pale-faced burly man raised his brows and was about to get furious again.

Immediately, the spirit tiger’s expression changed as he begged, “Brother, please don’t do this. I truly can’t take it anymore!”

The pale-faced burly man was enraged and charged forward, wanting to teach the spirit tiger a lesson.

The spirit tiger realized that he was in a bad situation and hid behind monkey in a flash. “Brother, you should spend your time building a closer relationship with Brother Monkey instead since you guys are of the same race…”

Monkey shuddered in shock as well.

He was fearless in his day to day actions, but now, he was scared out of his wits by a random statement from the old ape.

The old ape coughed gently and chuckled before saying indifferently, “There must be some misunderstanding here.”

“It’s a grave misunderstanding!”

The spirit tiger mumbled.

Monkey nodded hurriedly.

For the first time, he agreed with the spirit tiger and felt that the latter was extremely cute. In fact, he was even pondering if he should treat the spirit tiger better in the future.

The old ape pulled the pale-faced burly man to his side and explained, “Let me reintroduce you guys. This is Yuan Ling’er, my granddaughter. She’s more tomboyish, but she’s a woman.”

Everyone’s mouth fell agape and they were petrified.

“You’re a female?!”

The spirit tiger’s jaws nearly dropped to the ground as he blurted.

Yuan Ling’er was so furious that she charged forward and pulled the spirit tiger out by his legs, smashing the latter onto the ground violently!

Su Zimo was about to step in.

However, something stirred in his heart. He sensed that although Yuan Ling’er was furious, she knew her limits and was not actually hurting the spirit tiger for real.

“Vomit more! Vomit more!”

Yuan Ling’er was furious and chanted repeatedly.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In the blink of an eye, a huge crater appeared on the ground.

The spirit tiger laid limply within with his legs facing the skies. His face was bruised as he sobbed innocently. “What has this got to do with me? Why are you whacking me?”

Qing Qing and Little Fox were laughing so badly that they rolled over.

Yuan Ling’er was still furious and returned to the old ape’s side, saying in a huff, “Grandpa, I get your intention. However, I want to make my own decision for something like this!”

She glanced askance at monkey who was hiding at the side and pouted her lips in disdain. “A low-level fiend demon is not worthy of me! I’m a high-level fiend demon! Even if you take the initiative to come over to me, I won’t even take a second look at you!”

Initially, monkey wanted nothing more than to hide. However, when he heard that, he was displeased.

“So what if you’re a high-level fiend demon?”

Monkey sneered, “I’ve merely cultivated for slightly more than a hundred years. If I’m at your age, I would have long been a Grand Demon that reigns everywhere!”

“Anybody can brag,”

Yuan Ling’er sneered as well, “Even when you get to my age, I can pummel your head until it turns into a pig’s head!”

The expressions of Su Zimo and the others turned odd when they looked at the two of them argue.

The old ape stood at the side beaming brightly in satisfaction without saying anything.

Yuan Ling’er pointed at monkey and said word by word, “Also, you better not provoke me. If you provoke me, I can pummel you right now!”

Monkey was prideful and hated to be threatened.

He raised his arm and shouted, “How cocky! Come on then! Let’s spar right now! What are you being cocky about, young lady?!”

“You’re asking for it!”

Yuan Ling’er gave a stifled laugh. “Come with me, I’ll take you somewhere else to spare you the embarrassment!”

With that said, Yuan Ling’er led the way.

Monkey was hotblooded and wanted to follow her right away.

The spirit tiger crawled out of the pit hurriedly and pulled monkey by the arm, reminding the latter, “Brother Monkey, don’t be reckless. She’s a high-leveled…”

“Don’t worry, I’ll help you get even with her!”

Monkey waved it off suavely and followed behind Yuan Ling’er. The two of them entered a pitch-black cave and disappeared before long.

When he saw that, Su Zimo broke out into laughter.

Although he was praised by the old ape from time to time, he noticed a long time ago that the old ape truly had his eyes set on monkey!

Su Zimo did not know the exact reason.

However, it was definitely not merely because they were from the same race!

Su Zimo guessed that there was a high chance it had something to do with monkey’s bloodline.

Monkey’s bloodline was extremely strong.

Among the seven sworn siblings, monkey was the strongest apart from Su Zimo and Night Spirit!

Furthermore, there was something strange about the fact that Die Yue imparted the Tendons Transformation section of the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness to monkey.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In the cave not far away, the sound of fierce collisions echoed.

It sounded extremely intense.

However, everything subsided before long.

Immediately after, Yuan Ling’er came out in a carefree manner.

Her expression was normal and her breathing was steady. She tidied her attire, puffed her chest and walked to the old ape’s side without looking at everyone else present. “Grandpa, let’s go!”

The old ape smiled and said to Su Zimo, “You guys can stay in Ape Chatter Ridge for a period of time, there’s no need to rush. Seven days later, I’ll take you guys along to the Thousand Year Blood Sea to take part in the Thousand Demon Meet.”

“Thank you, Overlord!”

Su Zimo’s group expressed their gratitude with cupped fists.

Right then, a figure exited the cave.

Monkey swayed and stumbled from side to side with a bruised face that resembled a pig’s head – he looked extremely wretched…

Everything had its counter.

It was a rare sight to see monkey at a loss and the spirit tiger and the others were amused when they saw the injuries on monkey’s face.

Monkey sensed everyone’s gazes and gave a gentle cough. “As you guys expected, I had a massive fight with that young lass and things ended in a tie!”

Qing Qing and Little Fox were dumbfounded.

The spirit tiger rolled his eyes and nearly spat out blood.

“How is this a tie?!”

The spirit tiger laughed gloatingly. “Brother Monkey, stop acting! What do you mean get even for me? You were walloped by her weren’t you, hahaha!”

Monkey’s expression darkened.

The spirit tiger did not notice the killing intent and lamented to himself, “Actually, the two of us suffer from the same fate. Although I was pummeled badly, thankfully, you’re here to accompany me as well… h-hey! Why are you hitting me…”

Before the spirit tiger could finish, monkey whisked the former and smashed him onto the ground again!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Another huge pit appeared on the ground.

The spirit tiger laid limply within with tears streaming down his face and no attachments to life left.

Everyone burst into laughter.

Right then, stars appeared one after another in the distant horizons. They shifted continuously with a chaotic trajectory.

It was as though an invisible pair of hands were rearranging the stars in the skies!


Su Zimo stopped laughing and frowned, murmuring to himself, “Stars in daylight?”

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