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Chapter 840: Pretense

Ying Li’s death was truly unjust.

That was the thought that crossed the minds of the demons present.

Even Ying Li himself would not have expected Su Zimo to make a move and kill him right in front of high-level fiend demons!

He was completely unguarded.

“How dare you!”

A fiend demon closest to Su Zimo hollered with a menacing expression and was about to revert to his true form and charge forward.

Unexpectedly, Su Zimo swung his arm in reverse without even turning to look!

His arm was like a divine whip, letting out a loud crack as it tore through the air.

Although it looked limp and weak, the arm released a frightening killing power when it made contact with the fiend demon’s head!

The arm coiled and wrapped itself around the head of the fiend demon!


The fiend demon’s head had just transformed into a wolf’s head when his neck was snapped forcefully by Su Zimo – his entire head was taken off!

The wolf head was disfigured and the Essence Spirit within was crushed instantly!

Demon beasts could complete the transformation to their true forms almost instantaneously.

However, the two of them were way too close and that single instant was enough for Su Zimo to make the kill!

In the blink of an eye, two fiend demons had died in Su Zimo’s hands!

At that moment, all the demons present finally realized… although the Territorial Lord of Howling Moon Mountain was a low-level fiend demon, he was indeed capable!

At the very least, his decisiveness to kill was something that not many of the demons present could match.

“Kill that bunch of ants! Any fiend demon that follows me will be rewarded after today!”

Protector One had a cold gaze and waved to lay down the order.

No matter what, the main targets for the four of them protectors were the old ape and pale-faced burly man!



Demonic qi was torrential on the ground as a series of roars echoed.

The demons were fervent upon hearing the orders of Protector One!

“Don’t freeze there, move!”

Su Zimo nudged monkey and hollered in a low voice.

Monkey reacted instantly and retrieved Imminent from his storage bag. He thumped his chest and stood his ground, knocking back all incoming demons with a single sweep of Imminent!

Although monkey was also a low-level fiend demon, he could fight against ordinary mid-level fiend demons with Imminent in his possession!

Solitary Cloud let out a deep roar and reverted to his true form!

His long wyrm body was lined with scales that shone with a divine light as he soared into the air. The claws beneath his abdomen were sharp and the voids quaked when his tail swayed!

It was clear that his combat strength was more frightening than it was a hundred years ago!

The spirit demon let out a deep growl and transformed into a massive body. He lunged into the crowd and extended his claws, pouncing on a fiend demon at the front.

“You have a death wish, low-level fiend demon!”

The fiend demon sneered in contempt and channeled his Dharmic powers. He created a chilling saber and slashed it at the spirit tiger’s head.


Four incomparably sharp claws protruded from the spirit tiger’s paw; they were shiny like white jade and were even sharper!


Two tiger claws crossed and snapped the saber!


Thereafter, the spirit tiger lunged forward and punctured the fiend demon’s head with his claws, destroying the latter’s Essence Spirit. The massive body of the fiend demon fell into a blood puddle with a look of grievance on his face.

Qing Qing spread her lips gently and summoned her azure-green feather fan. She injected the power of her Essence Spirit into the fan and channeled Dharmic powers.

The fan expanded with the wind and green jade-colored flames ignited on its surface, causing the temperature in the surroundings to rise!


Qing Qing fanned in a powerful motion!

A ball of jade-green flames burst forward and engulfed three fiend demons!

The flames were extremely powerful and the three fiend demons howled in pain. However, they could not extinguish the flames no matter how they tried!

The three fiend demons were impressive as well as they made the tough decision of spitting out a huge mouthful of essence blood on their own bodies.


The flames were extinguished instantly and smoke billowed.

Qing Qing lamented internally.

Unfortunately, they were a major cultivation realm apart. If they were low-level fiend demons, they would not be able to withstand the power of the jade-green flames at all!

Even so, the flesh of the three fiend demons were split from burns and they looked extremely wretched.

There were fiend demons that could not endure it a long time ago and released spirit consciousness attacks at monkey and the others!


Little Fox released her palm and a pitch-black umbrella opened up. It swiveled slowly and emanated a boundless dark light that blocked all of the incoming spirit consciousness attacks!

The pitch-black umbrella was a rare Essence Spirit Dharmic weapon!

However, the difference in their cultivation realms was too great and Little Fox was already struggling to block a few spirit consciousness attacks.

Thankfully, most of the fiend demons were drawn over by Su Zimo alone.

Otherwise, if the demons focused their strength and launched attacks on monkey and the others, they would definitely not be able to last long!

Su Zimo barged through the crowd with overwhelming blood qi and no fiend demon could defend against the power of his physique!

Furthermore, half of his attention was on the raised platform.

Although he was the first to make a move, it did not mean that he had lost his cool.

Su Zimo was extremely clear about that.

The main battlefield of this internal strife of Ape Chatter Ridge was on the raised platform.

Their strength was not enough to decide the tides of the situation.

Naturally, everything would be joyous if the old ape’s side could win.

However, if the old ape and pale-faced burly man fell, they would be next in line!

Even he had no shot at victory against high-level fiend demons!

That was the reason why Su Zimo was focused on the situation at the raised platform despite the intense slaughtering.

If something went wrong, he would take advantage of the chaos and kill his way out with monkey and the others!

On the raised platform, both parties had yet to strike.

Originally, Protector One was extremely confident.

However, for some unknown reason, when he met with the old ape’s hazy eyes earlier on, he felt his heart race!

The other three protectors looked evidently uneasy as well.

Protector One did not make a move.

Suddenly, he felt frustrated at the chaotic battlefield happening beneath.

Why weren’t a few low-level fiend demons settled yet?

Nothing seemed to be happening smoothly today!

“Why are you still waiting at this moment? Aren’t you going to make a move?”

Right then, the old ape spoke with a calm, emotionless tone.


Protector One gave a dry chuckle. “I’ve waited for this moment for such a long time, a little more won’t make a difference.”


The old ape nodded. “If you’re not going to make a move, I am!”

He rose slowly before his sentence was completed!

Although it was merely a simple action of rising, he gave off a supremely frightening aura that suppressed all the demons, enveloping the skies of Ape Chatter Ridge instantly!

“You… ”

Protector One’s eyes were widened as he glared at the old ape in disbelief.

Although the old ape was aged, his aura was still sharp and powerful as ever!

It seemed no different from when he was at his peak!

“You were pretending?!”

Protector One’s expression changed as he struggled to utter.

The cloudiness of the old ape’s eyes had vanished entirely.

His blood qi surged and circulated endlessly; the slumped white brows of the old ape moved gently and were already dyed red!

It was grisly scarlet!

The blood qi was circulated to its limits and had even reached the end of his brows!

There was no hint of age from his robust blood qi!

“Grandpa, you are fine?!”

The pale-faced burly man cheered and was overjoyed.

“Old fogey, you sure are crafty. You even hid the truth from your kin!” Protector One had a vengeful gaze as he grit his teeth and snarled.

“If I didn’t do that, how would I have seen through your facade!”

The old ape thumped his chest and released a deafening roar with a torrential killing intent!

Before his roar ended, he took a step forward and struck all of a sudden!

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