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Chapter 839: Decisive to Kill

You’ve grown old.

Although it was three simple words, the demons present felt a chilling intent!

In other words, he meant that it was time for the old ape to give up his position!

The protector’s palm landed on the old ape’s shoulder.

The old ape was motionless, as though he sensed nothing.

The protector was even more composed upon seeing the old ape’s reaction and smiled gently. “5,000 years… you’ve truly been in this position for way too long!”

All the demons were in an uproar!

Su Zimo swept his gaze across.

Half of the Ten Great Territorial Lords had calm expressions, as though they knew about this earlier on – Ying Li was one of them.

Although the other half were surprised, they shook their heads in silence.

They did not have the strength to interfere in a fight for the Overlord’s position!

Finally, Su Zimo’s gaze landed on the old ape.

The old ape’s long, white brows were slumped at his mouth motionlessly; it was as though he was completely emotionless!

Su Zimo frowned slightly – the old ape was so calm that it was beguiling!

Even if he had given up completely, he should not be this calm.

The expression of the pale-faced burly man turned extremely terrible.

He pulled the old ape’s chair behind him and barked coldly, “Follow the rules if you want to fight for the position of the Overlord… challenge the Overlord in a one on one fight! If you win, his position is naturally yours!”

“How weak are you to have to bully with numbers!”

The protector chuckled. “Your grandpa is old, but I am a little afraid to fight him to the death. After all, I’m the future Overlord of Ape Chatter Ridge. How can I fight to the death with someone that’s about to die?”


The pale-faced burly man sneered, “You want to be the future Overlord of Ape Chatter Ridge when you’re so cowardly? How many Territorial Lords will be willing to follow you?”

The protector laughed coldly. “Do you think they’re going to follow that old fogey behind you instead of me? Why don’t you ask him how long more he has to live? A year? Two? Ten?”

The pale-faced burly man went silent.

All these years, he watched personally and helplessly as the old ape aged bit by bit.

The pale-faced burly man turned back to the old ape and sighed in his heart before saying, “It’s your victory. We don’t want this position of the Overlord anymore!”

With that said, the pale-faced burly man carried the chair and wanted to leave the place with the old ape.

“Hold on!”

Protector Two blocked the pale-faced burly man’s path in a flash and asked indifferently, “Who gave you permission to leave?”

“What are you doing?!”

The pale-faced burly man glared furiously.

“Your grandpa has been the Overlord for so many years and has countless treasures in his possession. Is he going to take them with him to the grave?” Protector Three smiled gently.

“Don’t get overboard!”

The pale-faced burly man’s arms shivered and steam puffed from his nose.


Protector Four said sinisterly, “It’s impossible for the two of you to leave this place alive today! You cultivated to become a high-level fiend demon at such a young age. There’s no guarantee that you won’t be a threat in the future if we let you off today!”

Right then, the old ape suddenly opened his eyes and glared at Protector One expressionlessly. “You’re bent on killing us?”

“That’s right, I’m bent!”

The protector no longer concealed his killing intent.

He had waited for this day for far too long.

When the old ape was young and strong, he had no chance of victory.

Later on, the old ape aged but yet, he did not give up on his position.

Not only that, the pale-faced burly man was extremely talented; even more so than the old ape. At a young age, he cultivated to become a high-level fiend demon and became one of the protectors!

Given the circumstances, the pale-faced burly man would definitely become the next Overlord!

However, Protector One would never get the chance to ascend to the seat of the Overlord!

He was indignant!

He wanted to kill the Overlord and the pale-faced burly man while the former was in his twilight years and the latter had yet to grow further!

Ape Chatter Ridge was going to be theirs!

The pale-faced burly man panted heavily and long fur grew on his body layer after layer. He grit his teeth and looked as though he was about to revert to his true form as he snarled, “All the demons can see what you’re doing. How can anybody be willing to acknowledge you given your despicable methods?!”


Protector One reared his head in shrill laughter.

A moment later, the laughter came to a sudden stop.

With a cold expression, Protector One gazed around with a tremendous might that enveloped the demons present as he asked with a murderous aura, “Who is unconvinced of my strength?!”

All the demons lowered their heads.

None of them dared to match Protector One’s gaze.

Among the Ten Great Territorial Lords, Ying Li led four others to stand forth. All of them knelt on the ground with one knee and cupped their fists. “We’re willing to submit to you!”

The fiend demons behind the Territorial Lords naturally knelt down as well.

The demons present knelt down one after another when they saw that, yelling, “We’re willing to submit!”

The remaining five of the Ten Great Territorial Lords exchanged glances and sighed in silence; given the pressing circumstances, the five of them could only kneel.

“I’m unconvinced!”

Right then, a voice sounded. It was distinct compared to the submissive tone of everyone else and was particularly striking!

All the demons turned towards the voice.


Even Protector One’s expression changed as he spun around!

Most of the demons had already knelt onto the ground and there were not many that remained standing.

Su Zimo’s group was part of the latter.

Monkey shouted furiously, “It’s a serious matter if someone wishes to fight for the seat of the Overlord. According to the rules, all you have to do is challenge the Overlord.”

“The Overlord is already in his twilight years but you don’t even have the courage to do that. Yet, you wish to take over his position? Ptui!”

Perhaps, it was because he felt pity for the old ape in his twilight years.

Perhaps, it was because they were from the same race… but monkey could not take it a long time ago!

He pointed at Protector One and yelled, “Furthermore, they’ve already given up on the position of the Overlord and yet you’re still bent on killing them?! Although I love to fight, I would definitely not bully the old and the weak. I’m not shameless enough to do that!”

The spirit tiger and the others felt cathartic when they heard that.

However, they also knew that monkey had caused huge trouble with that!

He was accusing a high-level fiend demon.

Furthermore, this was an existence that was about to become an Overlord!

Su Zimo said nothing. Since monkey had already made a decision, he would definitely be on monkey’s side unconditionally.

“You have a death wish!”

The protector’s expression turned steely and he was enraged.

Ying Li who was kneeling on the ground suddenly leaped up and glared at monkey viciously. “Uncle, there’s no need to get angry. Leave those ants to me!”

“You’re unconvinced?”

Ying Li strode over slowly and sneered as though he had heard the greatest joke in the world, “What rights does a low-level fiend demon like you have…”


Suddenly, Ying Li’s vision blurred and a figure flashed past him.

Before he could react, he felt a sharp pain in his head. Immediately after, his consciousness blackened and he never woke up ever again.


Ying Li’s corpse fell onto the ground; his head was crushed and his Essence Spirit was destroyed!

All the demons were in an uproar!

Ying Li’s head was smashed by a punch before he could finish his sentence!

It was the Territorial Lord of Howling Moon Mountain!

The demons looked at the green-colored figure in shock as though they had seen a ghost!

Given the immensely tense situation where nobody dared to move, the Territorial Lord of Howling Moon Mountain attacked all of a sudden and killed Ying Li who was one of the Ten Great Territorial Lords!

Even the old ape on the raised platform was momentarily stunned, let alone the demon beasts beneath. Thereafter, he gave a nod of acknowledgement.

Indeed, Su Zimo was the one that attacked.

He was decisive to kill. Since he had already decided on his faction, the way to resolve the issue was through lightning attacks instead of talking needlessly!

Furthermore, he had had enough of Ying Li a long time ago.

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