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Chapter 830: Variable

At this moment, none of the demons dared to underestimate the situation any longer.

They could not win in melee combat.

Their Dharmic weapons were useless.

They had lost in a fight with Dharmic arts.

There were already five mid-level fiend demons that had died in the hands of this man at this point of the battle.

Even if he was a low-level fiend demon, nobody dared to underestimate him any longer!

Solitary Cloud was enraged and was still indignant.

As a pure-blooded ferocious beast, his bloodline was noble and strong and even contained a trickle of the Dragon race’s bloodline. Furthermore, he was a full major cultivation realm above this man – how could he possibly lose when he was joining forces with others?

Even if they had to drag on the fight, they could defeat this man in a combined war of attrition!


Solitary Cloud opened his mouth and a current surged forward!

The moment the stream of water arrived in midair, it transformed into the shape of a wyrm.

The wyrm soared through the clouds snarling with sharp fangs, charging violently towards Su Zimo as though it could feel its master’s wrath.

“Puny wyrm snake. Break it!”

Su Zimo had a calm expression as he shouted while conjuring hand seals with his hands once again.

Lightning bolts curved, extended and shrank between his arms.

There were crackling sounds and a gigantic shield was formed between his hands, standing right in front of him!

It was a Dharmic art from the Purple Thunder Manual, the Purple Thunder Shield.

The gigantic Purple Thunder Shield was created from lightning bolts completely and absorbed the power of thunder from the thunderclouds endlessly, sparkling with a blinding dazzle!


The wyrm collided fiercely against the Purple Thunder Shield and created a loud bang.

The Purple Thunder Shield dissipated.

The wyrm Solitary Cloud conjured dispersed as well.

Su Zimo made use of the rebound momentum from the collision and bolted in reverse, arriving in front of another mid-level fiend demon instantly!

The mid-level fiend demon had just escaped from the Purple Thunderstorm. Before he could catch a breath, his vision darkened and a massive palm descended upon him!

The person’s mouth went agape and he had a startled expression.

He had just escaped from death and was injured from head to toe. As such, his reaction time was already slower.

There was no way he would have expected Su Zimo to arrive right in front of him when the latter was just fighting the Territorial Lord of Ghastly River a moment earlier.

That single moment of lag cost him his life!


Su Zimo’s palm landed on the person’s head.

The person’s skull shattered instantly.

The Essence Spirit in his spirit consciousness was destroyed on the spot, devastated by a tremendous amount of power!

Another mid-level fiend demon was dead!

In the blink of an eye, there were only eight mid-level fiend demons left, including the Territorial Lords of Cyclone Cave and Black Sand Ridge!



The demons of Howling Moon Mountain cheered as they shouted the name of their Territorial Lord.

Solitary Cloud’s expression was terrible.

He had failed time and again. Not only did he fail to kill Su Zimo with his Dharmic art, the latter even made use of the rebound to kill another mid-level fiend demon.

He was thoroughly enraged right now!

Finally, the Territorial Lords of Cyclone Cave and Black Sand Ridge noticed something amiss.

If this continued, the mid-level fiend demons under their lead would die while the Territorial Lord of Howling Moon Mountain was fine and dandy.

Apart from the three Territorial Lords, the other six mid-level fiend demons had hints of fear and panic in their eyes.

There was a chance that the six fiend demons were going to flee if the three of them did not do something soon!

The Territorial Lords of Black Sand Ridge and Cyclone Cave exchanged glances and, with a tacit understanding, abandoned their pursuit of Black Wolf and Chan Ruyi and turned towards Su Zimo.

Black Wolf and Chan Ruyi were thoroughly exhausted and were of no threat.

Right now, the most pressing matter was to kill the Territorial Lord of Howling Moon Mountain to boost the morale of their army!

All of a sudden, the demons noticed that right now, Su Zimo no longer had scarlet hair. Instead, his hair was completely black.

The demons merely frowned slightly and did not think too much about it.

Even if they racked their brains, none of them would be able to imagine that there was an earthshaking secret of two Essence Spirits behind the change in his hair color!

Although Purple Thunder Storm and Purple Thunder Shield were both Dharmic arts of human cultivators, demonic qi rumbled around Su Zimo and the demons could not differentiate when his Dharmic arts were released.

In the blink of an eye, the three Territorial Lords and six fiend demons occupied different directions and encircled Su Zimo; all of them had cold, murderous gazes!

It was as though all nine fiend demons had the same thoughts.

“I have to admit that you’re indeed qualified to be my opponent,”

Solitary Cloud said in a deep voice, “Mo, aren’t you going to revert to your true form?”

Su Zimo smiled indifferently. “You’re not qualified to see my true form.”

“I’m not qualified?”

Solitary Cloud was so furious that he broke into laughter instead. “You truly don’t know that you’re on the brink of death!”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk!”

The Territorial Lord of Cyclone Cave laughed sinisterly. “Junior, I don’t care what your true form is. Even if you’re a pure-blooded ferocious beast, you’re not going to get another chance!”

“Lowlife, join my child in Hell!” The Territorial Lord of Black Sand Ridge hollered.

The moment he said that, bright glows shone from the glabellas of the nine fiend demons!

One after another, frightening spirit consciousness fluctuations spread through the voids with a rampant might.

Against the envelopment of the spirit consciousness, the demons fighting below stopped; all of them shivered in fear!

Some of the cowardly ones even sprawled on the ground motionlessly!

If they were struck by any of the spirit consciousnesses, they would die immediately without any chance of escape.

In the cultivation world, there was the saying that life and death was determined by a single thought. In truth, that statement meant that powerful cultivators could kill their opponents instantly with a single thought using their spirit consciousnesses!

“Territorial Lord, watch out! Those are Essence Spirit secret skills!”

Black Wolf was shocked when he saw that and reminded hurriedly.

Fights between Essence Spirits were the most dangerous.

Even among mid-level fiend demons, they would not release their Essence Spirit secret skills casually.

First, there was no guarantee of victory in a fight between Essence Spirits.

Even if they did win, it would be an immense loss if their Essence Spirits were injured because of it.

Essence Spirits were way harder to heal compared to the physical body if they were injured.

There were many medicinal herbs meant for external and internal injuries. If the physical body was injured, it would recover completely within a couple of years at most.

However, there were extremely few medicinal herbs that could be used to heal the Essence Spirit. If an Essence Spirit was injured, some people may not be able to heal it even if they spent their entire lives, let alone a couple of years.

Their cultivations would even be implicated because of that.

It was extremely common for one’s cultivation realm to be stuck because of that.

That was the reason why neither Black Sand Ridge nor Cyclone Cave chose to fight a war of attrition instead of fighting with their Essence Spirits right from the start despite their advantage.

The outcome was as they had expected as well.

Black Wolf and Chan Ruyi’s Dharmic powers were depleted and their Essence Spirits took a huge toll; even if they wanted to fight to the death with their Essence Spirit secret skills, they did not have the strength to do so.

However, a variable happened.

This variable was so great that it turned the tides of the entire battle!

They became the passive parties!

Right now, they were forced to use their Essence Spirit secret skills even!

The Territorial Lords of Black Sand Ridge and Cyclone Cave stood high and above as they glared down at Su Zimo coldly; their gazes seemed as though they were looking at a dead man.

By this point of the battle, they had already deduced that although Su Zimo was a low-level fiend demon, his bloodline was definitely unusual and his Essence Spirit was strong!

However, no matter how strong his Essence Spirit was, there was no way he could defend against spirit consciousness attacks and Essence Spirit secret skills!

Furthermore, nine mid-level fiend demons were attacking at the same time!

No matter how much of a variable he created, he was going to be killed!

Solitary Cloud looked at Su Zimo with a conflicted expression.

In truth, within the depths of his heart, he still had the idea of suppressing Su Zimo with his own strength; he wanted to subdue the latter as his mount.

He could even take the treasure of the Dragon race in this man’s possession for himself.

However, that wish was probably dashed by this point.

This man would definitely die from the Essence Spirit secret skills!

If he wanted to snatch away the treasure of the Dragon race, he might even have to undergo a bitter battle with Black Sand Ridge and Cyclone Cave.

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