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Chapter 829: Dharmic Duel!

At this point of the battle, neither parties were bothered with testing the waters. Apart from Su Zimo, all the other demons reverted to their true forms and released demonic arts!

Instantly, the earth and mountains quaked while rivers gushed!

This was a collision between Dharmic arts and there were no cheap tricks involved!

All the mid-level fiend demons of Black Sand Ridge and Cyclone Cave could already tell that Su Zimo’s physique was strong and he was terrifying in melee combat – they might not be able to secure victory.

Furthermore, he had quite a number of treasures that were extraordinarily strong.

They would be disadvantaged if they tried to take him on in melee combat or with Dharmic weapons.

Their cultivation realms were above Su Zimo and their Essence Spirits were powerful. As such, they could utilize even more Dharmic powers – that was their advantage.

Moreover, coupled with Solitary Cloud, the Territorial Lord of Ghastly River, there were a total of ten mid-level fiend demons attacking at the same time. The combined strength of countless Dharmic powers has a torrential force and even the voids above Howling Moon Mountain vibrated!

Solitary Cloud’s demonic art was the most frightening of them all.

Wyrms mostly resided in rivers or lakes and could make use of the power of water while manipulating rain and clouds.

They could even trigger floods and bring calamity upon living beings by drowning the Earth if they were furious!

Right now, the demonic art that he had invoked was a legacy Dharmic art of the Wyrm race – Apocalyptic Torrent!

Even the Territorial Lords of Black Sand Ridge and Cyclone Cave were startled when the Dharmic art was released, let alone the other weaker demons.

Even if the two of them combined strength, they would have to avoid this attack!

The combat power of this wyrm was greater than they had imagined!

Thankfully, they were not the target of the Dharmic art.

The Territorial Lords of Black Sand Ridge and Cyclone Cave sneered as they glanced at Su Zimo and shook their heads. They focused their attention on Black Wolf and Chan Ruyi once again.

In their minds, Su Zimo was nothing but a dead man!

Nobody could survive such an attack.

Even if they were in Su Zimo’s position, their physical bodies and Essence Spirits would be destroyed together!

At that moment, the demons that were fighting below paused briefly.

All of them turned over instinctively.

Against many fiend demons that were so gigantic they were about to pierce the heavens with their frames, Su Zimo seemed as insignificant as an ant.

It seemed as though he would be drowned by the overwhelming torrent of Dharmic power instantly!

However, if they focused their gazes, they would be able to notice that Su Zimo’s gaze was calm and emotionless. Instead, there was even a hint of mockery.

All of a sudden!

A massive object appeared beneath Su Zimo’s feet!

The massive object had four feet, two heads and carried a gigantic shell that was filled with mysterious runes. It was ancient and seemed as though it could understand all the secrets of the universe!

The shell carried the firmaments as its feet stood right into the torrent unyieldingly like heavenly-piercing stone pillars!


The snake and turtle reared their heads and howled into the world.

Heaven and earth rumbled!

The nine Dharmic arts from the fiend demons of Black Sand Ridge and Cyclone Cave had just descended when they paused in midair before dissipating!

Nine Dharmic arts were dispelled instantly!


“What is that?!”

All the demons were in an uproar!

Even Solitary Cloud’s pupils constricted.

The aura emanated by the demon beast with four feet and two heads gave him uncontrollable shudders!

What was that demon beast that possessed such a noble bloodline?!

“Four limbs, two heads; four limbs, two heads…”

Solitary Cloud murmured softly and his eyes lit up as a possibility crossed his mind.

Could it be…

The sacred beast, the Black Tortoise!

That was no demon beast… it was a sacred beast!

Although Su Zimo’s Golden Core had already vanished, he was now at the Nascent Soul realm and it was extremely simple for him to release the Black Tortoise phenomenon using Dharmic powers.

No matter how the torrent surged, it could not shake the figure of the Black Tortoise!

The Black Tortoise phenomenon was the number one of the Phenomenon Ranking.

Even a phantom that was conjured using Dharmic powers was not something that ordinary Dharmic arts could contend with.

Although the fiend demons that surrounded Su Zimo were massive with torrential demonic qi, they were inferior compared to the sacred beast, the Black Tortoise.

Su Zimo rode on the Black Tortoise with a burning gaze and an even more fearsome aura that seemed as though he could devour mountains and rivers!

“How dare a puny wyrm snake try to cause a wave. How laughable!”

Against the suppression of the Black Tortoise, the torrent from the voids had indeed stabilized.

Solitary Cloud gripped his fists tightly and was shivering in rage.

As someone from the Wyrm race, the one thing he hated the most was being compared to a mere snake.

“It’s merely a phantom created from Dharmic powers. It looks strong on the surface but lacks substance and isn’t even a real sacred beast. What are you getting cocky about?!”

Solitary Cloud grit his teeth. “This Dharmic art is definitely taking a huge toll on your Essence Spirit. I’ll see how many of my attacks you can withstand!”

Solitary Cloud was indeed a sharp person who was keen to pick up on things.

He was not wrong.

To summon this Black Tortoise phenomenon, Su Zimo took a huge toll on his scarlet-haired Yin Spirit.

After all, his cultivation realm could not be changed. It was already his scarlet-haired Yin Spirit’s limits to defend against the attacks of ten mid-level fiend demons.

However, Su Zimo was composed as ever as he smirked coldly without a hint of panic.

In that intense battle, nobody noticed that the scarlet hair on Su Zimo’s head was gradually turning black!

The scarlet-haired Yin Spirit had retreated within his spirit consciousness.

In its place was the black-haired Essence Spirit that sat in the center!

“It’s not about how many attacks I can withstand. It’s about how many attacks you can withstand!”

Su Zimo circled around the demons and electric currents flashed through his eyes as he reared his head and roared. He formed hand seals swiftly with both hands and the sound of thunder rumbling could be heard within his body.

In fact, lightning bolts arced sinisterly across the surface of his body!

The clouds above Howling Moon Mountain turned darker and rumbled fiercely.

However, nobody noticed this as there was already a heavy downpour.

“Purple Thunderstorm!”

Suddenly, Su Zimo shouted and pointed forward.


Streaks of purple thunderbolt rained down from the dark clouds, connecting the firmaments to the earth. They weaved endlessly to form a terrifying Purple Thunderstorm!

Six of the mid-level fiend demons that could not dodge in time were pulled into the storm.

The six of them were startled and gathered their Dharmic powers to defend.

However, it was absolutely impossible for them to escape unscathed against the envelopment of Heaven and Earth’s might!

In the blink of an eye, the Dharmic power defense of two fiend demons were penetrated.

Within three breaths, the flesh of the two fiend demons were split open by the thunderbolts.

“Ah! Ah!”

Purple thunderbolts coiled and the wounds billowed with dark smoke. Both fiend demons writhed in pain in midair and shrieked tragically!

The remaining four fiend demons tried their best and eventually managed to escape from the area of effect of the Purple Thunderstorm. However, all of them were injured from head to toe and were in a pathetic state.

The four fiend demons turned back and glanced with a sense of trepidation.

During that short period of time, the two fiend demons were already drowned within the Purple Thunder Storm and had perished in silence.

Against the envelopment of the Purple Thunder Storm, their Essence Spirits would be electrocuted instantly even if they managed to escape from the physical body!

Two mid-level fiend demons died instantly from a single Dharmic art!

All the demons were shocked!

The Territorial Lords of Black Sand Ridge and Cyclone Cave looked at everything with agape mouths and eyes widened in disbelief.

This was a Dharmic art from the Purple Thunder Manual that possessed a devastating power.

In truth, no matter how strong the Purple Thunderstorm was, it might not have been able to kill a mid-level fiend demon that was a major cultivation realm above Su Zimo.

Those two mid-level fiend demons were unlucky.

With the thunderclouds and heavy downpour in the area to begin with, the power of the Purple Thunder Storm that was released was pushed to its maximum extent!

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