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Chapter 831: Essence Spirit Fight

Su Zimo stood in midair with a grim expression.

Indeed, this was the most dangerous moment for him!

His bloodline was frightening and his physique was strong. Even the Dharmic arts that he cultivated were top-tier and were heaven-grade cultivation techniques from the immortal and Buddhist Daos.

However, no matter how strong his bloodline and physique were, they could not withstand the power of Essence Spirits!

The physical body would not be wounded by a spirit consciousness attack – it was a lethal move that was targeted right at the Essence Spirit!

Only an Essence Spirit can defend itself in a fight between Essence Spirits.

There were also some extremely rare Essence Spirit Dharmic weapons that could do the job.

Furthermore, Su Zimo was only at early-stage Nascent Soul.

Even if his two Essence Spirits were to fuse, he could not compare to the Essence Spirits of nine fiend demons.

Su Zimo knew that the crisis of Howling Moon Mountain would only be truly resolved if he could tide through this predicament!

In this moment of exceptional danger, Su Zimo did something out of the blue – he closed his eyes all of a sudden.

All the demons were in an uproar!

To them, Su Zimo’s actions were akin to giving up; he was surrendering and awaiting death.

What the demons did not know was that Su Zimo had not only closed his eyes, he had even restricted his six senses!

At this moment, his mind calmed down.

It was as though he had entered a state where he was communicating with the universe and his physical body had vanished entirely!

Su Zimo relied on his spirit perception entirely to sense everything in his surroundings.

Through his senses, the nine spirit consciousness attacks took on various forms; there was a wyrm, a scorpion, a blood bat… and everything came instantly from different directions.

Among them, four spirit consciousnesses were clearly stronger than the rest!

Su Zimo realized that the four spirit consciousness attacks were triggered using Essence Spirit secret skills!

The other five were ordinary spirit consciousness attacks.

Within his spirit consciousness, the scarlet-haired Yin Spirit stood and approached the black-haired Essence Spirit before fusing with the latter.

The only way to defend against this terrifying attack was through the fusion of the two Essence Spirits!

At the same time, a series of bedazzling golden glows extended through Su Zimo’s left wrist with a single thought from him. They shone in a divinely light and formed an indestructible barrier around his body!

The barrier could not defend against the lethality of Dharmic arts and weapons.

However, it could defend against spirit consciousness attacks!

Hum! Hum! Hum!

Almost at the same time, nine spirit consciousness attacks struck the golden barrier.

Ripples surfaced one after another on the barrier, resembling a water surface.

The five ordinary spirit consciousness attacks were stopped.

However, the other four that contained the power of Essence Spirit secret skills smashed onto the golden barrier and created ripples that extended rapidly!

The golden barrier came from the Mingwang Prayer Beads.

The Mingwang Prayer Beads was the treasure that supported Daming Monastery’s foundation!

This was naturally not the extent of its true power.

However, the Mingwang Prayer Beads on Su Zimo’s left wrist right now was a damaged Dharmic weapon.

Furthermore, Su Zimo was restricted by his cultivation realm and was unable to refine this Dharmic weapon properly. As such, he was only able to utilize 30% of its power at best.


In the blink of an eye, the golden barrier shattered.

The Mingwang Prayer Beads went dim.

The four spirit consciousnesses surged right into Su Zimo’s body and barged into his spirit consciousness, resembling feral, hungry beasts!

Among them were the spirit consciousnesses of the Black Sand Ridge, Cyclone Cave and Ghastly River Territorial Lords!

The two Essence Spirits were already fused completely within his spirit consciousness.

On the green lotus platform, a brand-new Essence Spirit sat in a lotus position. He had a cold expression and his hair was split in the middle, scarlet and black, while his left eye was bloodshot and his right eye was pitch-black.

Although it was in the form of an infant, it exuded a proud aura and a dominance that had survived history!

The moment it sensed the intrusion of the four spirit consciousnesses, the Essence Spirit rose. The spirit consciousness in the surrounding seemed to have converged into an ocean and shone with a resplendent light that rumbled furiously!

“Get lost!”

The Essence Spirit stood on the lotus platform and roared, creating raging tides within the spirit consciousness!


An incomparably powerful spirit consciousness fluctuation burst forth with the green lotus platform as the center!

The four spirit consciousnesses collided against Su Zimo’s spirit consciousness.

Two of the spirit consciousnesses drowned instantly!

The remaining two spirit consciousnesses were unusually savage and tore through the layers of raging tides to try and fiercely devour Su Zimo’s spirit consciousness!

One of them was a grisly Blood Bat with bloodshot eyes. Its mouth widened, exposing its sharp fangs as it chomped down on Su Zimo’s Essence Spirit!

All of a sudden!

The nine lotus holes on the lotus platform released rays of light that curved in a beautiful arc and circled around Su Zimo’s Essence Spirit continuously.

Poof! Poof! Poof!

The nine rays of light clashed against the Blood Bat continuously.

Although the nine rays of light were dispersed, holes appeared on the Blood Bat one after another as well.

Before it could reach Su Zimo’s Essence Spirit, the Blood Bat Essence Spirit dissipated!

In the blink of an eye, there was only one spirit consciousness left!

This spirit consciousness was a thumb-sized wyrm and was the most powerful. It charged the entire way and finally closed in – this was none other than the Essence Spirit secret skill of the Territorial Lord of Ghastly River, Solitary Cloud!

The long hair of Su Zimo’s Essence Spirit danced without wind.

Divine lights shone forth one after another from its black and red eyes.

Instantly, scarlet scales appeared on the Essence Spirit’s body and wrapped it tightly within.

The spirit consciousness’s dragon scales!

This was something that was created from the cultivation of the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness!

With these spirit consciousness dragon scales, Su Zimo’s Essence Spirit was able to roam the outside world without fear of the elements even though he was at Nascent Soul realm!

The wyrm spirit consciousness opened its mouth and devoured Su Zimo’s Essence Spirit into its belly fiercely!

However, immediately after, the wyrm spirit consciousness writhed within Su Zimo’s spirit consciousness as though it was in extreme turmoil.

Rays of scarlet light spilled out of the wyrm spirit consciousness’s body and intensified, growing clearer.

Finally, the wyrm blazed in flames!

In the blink of an eye, it vanished into emptiness.

Su Zimo’s Essence Spirit resurfaced and was considerably dimmer – it was clear that the toll on it was immense.

However, the Essence Spirit’s eyes shone with excitement.

It had resolved the attack of the nine spirit consciousnesses!

His trump cards were thoroughly expended for it.

Apart from the Mingwang Prayer Beads and the spirit consciousness dragon scales, the Creation Green Lotus was protected by its nine rays of resplendent lights.

This was an amazing aspect of the Creation Green Lotus that Su Zimo discovered for the past six months.

Above the skies of Howling Moon Mountain, Su Zimo opened his eyes and revealed a faint smile.

The nine mid-level fiend demons around him were rooted on the spot with frozen expressions, as though they had lost their souls!

The demons were all confused.

Although the fight of the Essence Spirits was long upon narration, everything ended within the blink of an eye.

The only thing the demons saw was nine divine lights surging towards Su Zimo; five of them were dispersed while four of them shot into Su Zimo’s glabella.

Immediately after, the world went silent.

Su Zimo opened his eyes with a faint smile.

The nine mid-level fiend demons had stricken expressions.

Could they have… lost?!

Nine mid-level fiend demons were unable to kill this man with a combined spirit consciousness attack?!

The Territorial Lords of Black Sand Ridge and Cyclone Cave had terrible expressions.

In reality, they lost connection with their spirit consciousnesses the moment they entered Su Zimo’s body and they did not know what happened.

However, Solitary Cloud’s spirit consciousness was the last to disperse. Through Su Zimo’s glabella, he sensed a faint aura of the Dragon race!

“I’ve got it!”

“That treasure of the Dragon race must be a spirit consciousness Dharmic weapon that is hidden within this man’s spirit consciousness!”

Solitary Cloud was enlightened.

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