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Chapter 822: Seclusion

The reason why Su Zimo had not appeared was not because he wanted to maintain a mysterious front. After he subdued Black Wolf and Chan Ruyi the other day, he sensed quite a bit of commotion in his spirit consciousness.

He had to undergo seclusion!

The Creation Green Lotus was finally restored!

The greatest benefit of having two Essence Spirits was that they could cultivate individually without affecting the other.

In Howling Moon Mountain, Su Zimo used the scarlet-haired Yin Spirit as the master Essence Spirit most of the time while the black-haired Essence Spirit continued its cultivation in a corner.

Even when Su Zimo was engaging Black Wolf and Chan Ruyi in the cave abode, the black-haired Essence Spirit did not stop in its cultivation.

Its never-ending and long cultivation finally brought about a reward worth celebrating – the Creation Green Lotus was awakened!

Su Zimo made rough preparations for most matters and headed to seclusion thereafter.

He had an extremely tight schedule.

Black Sand Ridge, Cyclone Cave and Ghastly River could attack Howling Moon Mountain at any moment and it was bound to be a bitter fight.

As long as he won this battle, he could establish himself properly within the Thousand Demon Valley and would no longer have to flee for his life!

Su Zimo had just advanced to the Nascent Soul realm and had three top-tier spirit refinement cultivation techniques with him. There were many things that he needed to cultivate further.

As long as he had enough time, his combat strength would definitely rise at an unimaginable speed!

Therefore, Su Zimo had no intention of rushing through his seclusion.

Ever since he left the Dragon Burial Valley, he had fought the entire way. He overwhelmed all the paragons, obtained the number one spot on the Phenomenon Ranking, defeated Di Yin and suppressed two of the Primordial Nine Races in a domineering manner all without stopping.

This time round, he had to stop and enter a true seclusion so that he could consolidate everything and cultivate.

After he entered the secret chamber, Su Zimo assumed a lotus position and entered his spirit consciousness with a single thought.

He saw the black-haired Essence Spirit sitting on a green lotus platform that hovered in midair. It was filled with life and green petals had already bloomed around the lotus platform – there were a total of nine petals.

All of them were in an infancy state and were tender and soft, yet to have truly grown.

There were nine small pores on the lotus platform with lotus seeds that shone with a bright glow in them.

Su Zimo could clearly sense that the Creation Green Lotus was growing gradually while absorbing the power of the black-haired Essence Spirit.

However, at the same time, Su Zimo discovered that the Creation Green Lotus was also assisting his spirit refinement process!

Rays of light spilled out of the nine pores on the lotus platform and they circled around the black-haired Essence Spirit, refining it continuously!

Under the refinement of the nine rays of light, the black-haired Essence Spirit became even more powerful. In fact, it was further materialized and even showed signs of catching up to the scarlet-haired Yin Spirit!

Su Zimo was delighted when he sensed the changes.

This must be one of the reasons why the Creation Green Lotus was so mystifying.

The scarlet-haired Yin Spirit originated from the Dragon race and was extremely powerful. Even at the Nascent Soul realm, it was able to leave the physical body and roam the world outside.

Although the black-haired Essence Spirit cultivated two heaven-grade cultivation techniques, the Purple Thunder Manual and Great Day Rulai Sutra, it could not reach that level yet.

Now that the black-haired Essence Spirit obtained the refinement of the Creation Green Lotus, there was also a chance for it to be able to roam the outside world even at the Nascent Soul realm!

Of course, although the Creation Green Lotus was successfully awakened, this treasure required the nourishment of the power of Essence Spirit and grew at an extremely slow pace.

Monk Yin Lu once said that the Creation Green Lotus could match Perfected Lord Dharmic weapons once it was at grade four.

At grade five, it could even match connate Void Reversion Dharmic weapons!

Right now, the Creation Green Lotus could only be considered as grade one at best.

Given the current speed, it would take a couple hundred years for it to grow to grade four!

Su Zimo was secretly speechless.

It was no wonder why this treasure was already passed around through several dozen paragons. However, most of them were burdened by it and in the end, nobody even wanted it anymore.

Even with two heaven-grade cultivation techniques to back the black-haired Essence Spirit, it still required a couple hundred years of effort. For any other cultivator, it would take them at least a thousand year if they wanted to nurture the Creation Green Lotus to grade four!

However, the lifespan of Nascent Souls was only a thousand years!

How could any paragon be able to spare that amount of time?

Thankfully, Su Zimo had the scarlet-haired Yin Spirit along with his black-haired Essence Spirit.

The nourishment from both Essence Spirits at the same time meant that the Creation Green Lotus would grow at an even faster speed!

At the same time, the fact that Su Zimo possessed two Essence Spirits meant that he could refine two Destiny Dharmic Weapons!

The black-haired Essence Spirit’s Destiny Dharmic Weapon was confirmed to be the Creation Green Lotus.

However, the scarlet-haired Yin Spirit did not have a Destiny Dharmic Weapon yet.

Right now, Su Zimo had three treasures with him that could be used as Destiny Dharmic Weapons.

The Mingwang Prayer Beads, Mystic Magnet Mountain and Bronze Square Tripod.

The Mingwang Prayer Beads were the foundation of Daming Monastery and it was needless to talk about how precious they were.

Unfortunately, right now, the Mingwang Prayer Beads were incomplete.

Furthermore, the Mingwang Prayer Beads were from the Buddhist monasteries and it was unsuitable to refine them for the scarlet-haired Yin Spirit.

The Mystic Magnet Mountain one was of the seven great Unique Treasures!

Although it was not a spirit weapon or a Dharmic weapon, it possessed an extraordinary and unique capability.

When used appropriately, it could secure a surprise victory.

However, its full potential might not be able to be unleashed if it was refined as a Destiny Dharmic Weapon.

As for the Bronze Square Tripod…

This treasure had an unknown origin and it was battered and lined with cracks.

However, Su Zimo had managed to tide through quite a few predicaments after he obtained it!

Everything else aside, Su Zimo had never seen anything that could compare to this tripod in terms of toughness!

After pondering for a long time, Su Zimo decided to refine the Bronze Square Tripod!

In the cave abode, he assumed a lotus position with his eyes closed. He was motionless, as though he had fallen asleep.

However, in reality, within his spirit consciousness, both Essence Spirits cultivated at the same time and neither slacked off!

While the scarlet-haired Yin Spirit was cultivating the Yin Spirit section, it was refining the Bronze Square Tripod, establishing a connection by imprinting its spirit consciousness mark on the tripod repeatedly.

As the black-haired Essence Spirit cultivated the Purple Thunder Manual and Great Day Rulai Sutra, it was refining the Creation Green Lotus as well.

Among the three top-tier cultivation techniques, the Yin Spirit section had no Dharmic art associated with it and was purely a spirit refinement technique. Only the Yang Spirit section had a Dharmic art and an Essence Spirit secret skill!

Both of those secret skills had an extremely high demand for the Essence Spirit.

Furthermore, there were many incomprehensible words in the two secret skills of the Yang Spirit section and were difficult to understand, as though they possessed boundless power.

According to the records of the Yang Spirit section, the two secret skills were the most terrifying killing moves of the Desolate Ocean Dragon King!

Su Zimo was slightly disappointed that he was unable to cultivate the two secret skills for the time being.

The true strength of the Great Day Rulai Sutra was that in the later stage of its cultivation, one could conjure a supreme Dharma Characteristic of the Buddhist monasteries, the Rulai Dharmic Body!

The front part of the cultivation technique focused on refining the spirit.

There was an Essence Spirit secret skill recorded in it.

Unfortunately, Su Zimo had just advanced to the Nascent Soul and was not at the stage where he was able to cultivate an Essence Spirit secret skill.

The Purple Thunder Manual had a few Dharmic arts recorded in the front part.

The black-haired Essence Spirit cultivated those Dharmic arts as it refined the Creation Green Lotus.

Day after day, the sun rose and set.

In the blink of an eye, Su Zimo had spent half a year in seclusion.

Within the secret chamber, a figure sat quietly. His hair turned scarlet and black from time to time and there was an occasional streak of lightning that crackled across his body!

Su Zimo was motionless for the past half a year. On the surface, it was as though nothing changed and he still wore the same set of green robes.

However, if one were to close their eyes, they would be able to sense a shuddering aura within the secret chamber!

It was as though an ancient Grand Demon was devouring the world within!

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