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Chapter 823: Demons Assembled

This day, dark clouds filled the skies of Howling Moon Mountain and raging cyclones howled – a storm was approaching!

Both Black Wolf and Chan Ruyi walked out from their cave abodes. They reared their heads and frowned slightly with grim expressions.

Dark clouds were overcast!

Both of them could sense killing intent within the rumbling dark clouds that were as black as ink!

At their cultivation realm, they had a keen sense towards danger; it was like an innate instinct.

“It’s finally about to begin?”

Chan Ruyi murmured softly.

Black Wolf said in a deep voice, “Relay the orders to prepare for war!”


The Rat King retreated with cupped fists and vanished before long.

Right then, monkey, the spirit tiger, Qing Qing and Little Fox exited their seclusions as well and arrived here.

Black Wolf swept his gaze across the four of them. When he did not catch sight of the person he wanted to see, he was hesitant but still could not help but remark, “The storm is approaching. Is Territorial Lord Mo going to…”

“He’s in seclusion, there’s no need to disturb him,”

Monkey waved it off. “He will naturally come forth if strong enemies truly arrive!”

The moment he said that, shuffling sounds could be heard from the distance. They grew clearer and clearer, as though countless ants were crawling on the ground!

The ancient trees swayed and snapped one after another!

Initially, the area in that distant direction was filled with lush greenery.

However, as the shuffling sound approached, the greenery withered along the way!

In the blink of an eye, all life was severed as trees and grass withered!

What a strong poison!

Qing Qing furrowed her brows slightly as she took a small sniff.

Chan Ruyi said, “Black Sand Ridge should be here!”

At that moment, the demon army of Howling Moon Mountain was assembled.

There were more than 10,000 Golden Core spirit demons and more than 50 low-level fiend demons. Black Wolf and Chan Ruyi were the only mid-level fiend demons and they were already gathered here.

Before long, the withered grass patch in the distance creeped towards them!

All the demons turned over.

A scorpion army was charging over in a dense patch and everywhere they passed, life was severed, leaving nothing but barren land in their wake!

Right at the front, there were a hundred low-level fiend demons in human forms that stood on the black scorpions.

The leader was a black-robed man with a grim expression. He reeked of a nauseating stench and was none other than the Territorial Lord of Black Sand Ridge!

Behind him, there were five mid-level fiend demons with powerful auras!

The expressions of the Howling Moon Mountain demons changed.

It was clear that the strength of the Black Sand Ridge army surpassed Howling Moon Mountain!

Black Wolf clenched his fists and said darkly, “Scorpion, you can’t hold yourself back after all!”

“I’m not here today for Howling Moon Mountain,”

The Territorial Lord of Black Sand Ridge swept his gaze coldly across Black Sand Ridge and Chan Ruyi. He looked straight at monkey and the other three and asked in a frosty voice, “Did you guys kill anyone in Black Sand Ridge half a year ago?”

“We did, so what?”

Monkey reared his head with a prideful expression and asked instead with a sneer.


The Territorial Lord of Black Sand Ridge nodded. “Since you admit to it, that will save us some trouble. Today, I’m going to have you lot accompany my son in burial!”

“That scorpion?”

The spirit tiger frowned. “I remembered him escaping,”

“However, he failed his assimilation later on and is now dead!” The Territorial Lord of Black Sand Ridge snarled word by word with a chilling tone.

The spirit tiger burst into laughter and rolled his eyes. “That’s not our fault though. He can only blame himself for being too stupid.”

“You must have a death wish!”

The Territorial Lord of Black Sand Ridge grit his teeth and turned his gaze towards Black Wolf, asking coldly, “Black Wolf, if you hand the four of them over to me, I might consider sparing your life!”

Black Wolf merely shook his head with a smile without replying.

There was no way out for him and Howling Moon Mountain.

“I heard earlier on that there are new Territorial Lords in Howling Moon Mountain and they are just a bunch of low-level fiend demons. Fufu, I refused to believe it at first but now, it seems like the rumors are real!”

Another voice sounded in midair.

Immediately after, dark clouds rumbled as figures descended one after another in the vicinity. There were at least 10,000 of them and they spread across the mountains and wilderness!

The leader was a man with a skinny face. He sneered with sharp teeth and exuded a sinister aura – he was none other than the Territorial Lord of Cyclone Cave!

Behind the Territorial Lord of Cyclone Cave were seven mid-level fiend demons who possessed murderous intents!

The Territorial Lord of Cyclone Cave hid his demons in the dark clouds and concealed their existence to travel along with the winds. Their sudden descent onto Howling Moon Mountain was a shocking scene!

Black Wolf and Chan Ruyi exchanged glances – both of them could see the shock in the other’s eyes.

Everything else aside, Black Sand Ridge and Cyclone Cave had the complete advantage in numbers of spirit demons and low-level fiend demons.

The two territories also possessed an absolute edge in the number of mid-level fiend demons!

Including the Territorial Lord, there were six mid-level fiend demons from Black Sand Ridge.

Including the Territorial Lord, there were eight from Cyclone Cave!

Even if Black Wolf and Chan Ruyi had to fight the two Territorial Lords alone, they might not be able to secure victory, let alone with 12 remaining mid-level fiend demons right now.

Although their new Territorial Lord, Mo, was strong in combat, he had just advanced to the Nascent Soul realm after all and everybody knew that – how could he defend against the combined attacks of 12 mid-level fiend demons?

Black Wolf took a deep breath and said, “Indeed, the Territorial Lords of Howling Moon Mountain have changed. It is the few of them beside me.”


The Territorial Lord of Cyclone Cave reared his head in wild laughter, as though he had heard the greatest joke in the world. “To think that you’ve given up your seat to a few low-level fiend demons! Preposterous! Amusing! Black Wolf, you sure have embarrassed your entire family!”

The demons of Howling Moon Mountain lowered their heads with indignant and ashamed expressions.

Even the demon beasts of Howling Moon Mountain could not understand what happened, let alone outsiders.

Black Wolf’s expression was ashen.

Indeed, the entire thing did not sound nice.

He had no way of explaining things either.

Was he going to have to acknowledge in front of everyone that he had lost to a low-level fiend demon?

The Territorial Lord of Cyclone Cave continued, “Black Wolf, Chan Ruyi, neither of you will survive even if you are not the Territorial Lords now! Half a year ago, the two of you killed two fiend demons under my liege. Today, I’m going to have you pay with blood!”

The moment he said that, the atmosphere around Howling Moon Mountain became extremely tense!

A fight could break out at any moment between the three factions!


Right then, there was a downpour!

Although the rain was heavy, it could not wash away the murderous aura around the demons!

Killing intent spread through the entire forest and a blood stench emanated!

The clothes on the demons were drenched by the rain before long. Although bead-sized raindrops slid down their faces, nobody made a move.

Any sudden motion right now could cause a huge battle!


Another voice sounded in the rain with a mocking intent.

“It’s him!”

The hearts of Black Wolf, the Territorial Lords of Black Sand Ridge and Cyclone Cave, as well as all the mid-level fiend demons, skipped a beat as they turned towards the voice!

Bang! Boom! Boom!

In a valley not far away, there was a loud splash that sounded as though a torrent had burst through.

A torrential current blanketed the world and surged forward with a howling force. The gigantic wave almost drowned the entire Howling Moon Mountain!

The demons were shocked!

Even the demon beasts of Cyclone Cave and Black Sand Ridge retreated by instinct, afraid that they might be sucked into it!

However, the gigantic wave stopped all of a sudden right before it reached Howling Moon Mountain, as though it was held back by some mysterious energy!

The capability to stop an apocalyptic torrent as such was even more frightening!

The torrent splashed with raging tides in front of the demons.

Above the largest waterspout, there was a figure with hands behind his back. He stood upright and proud with an extremely pressurizing aura!

In the torrent behind him, the shadows of river demons could faintly be seen submerged within the waters!

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