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Chapter 821: Dealings

The Territorial Lord of Howling Moon Mountain had changed.

A huge stir broke out in the entire territory as the news spread swiftly!

The Rat King and Bronze Bull were the only demons who witnessed the fight in the cave abode personally.

Most of the other demons were confused.

The only thing they knew was that their original Territorial Lord, Black Wolf, became a Deputy Territorial Lord after meeting the few of them and there was a change in the Territorial Lord!

Everything happened way too quickly and peacefully.

It was as though the owner of Howling Moon Mountain had changed overnight without any signs of enemy infiltration!

No large-scale ceremony was held either after the change of Territorial Lord. Everything ended after a personal announcement from Black Wolf and Chan Ruyi.

Many demons did not even know what the new Territorial Lord looked like!

The entire affair seemed extremely fishy.

“I heard that there are five new Territorial Lords and they are sworn siblings.”

“They are a group of five indeed and I’ve even seen four of them before. There’s a monkey, tiger, crane and a fox. However…”


“However, these four Territorial Lords are all low-level fiend demons and their cultivation realms are only at early-stage Nascent Soul.”

“Huh? How is that possible? Low-level fiend demons are now the Territorial Lords of Howling Moon Mountain?”

“I heard that the boss of the five siblings, the Lead Territorial Lord of Howling Moon Mountain right now, is extremely strong. He must definitely be a mid-level fiend demon.”

“Have you seen the Main Territorial Lord? What’s his true form?”

“No, I haven’t. The Main Territorial Lord hasn’t shown himself before and is extremely mysterious. I’ve only heard that he is called Mo.”

During this period of time, there were often demons that grouped together and discussed everything excitedly.

In less than three days, news of this spread to Black Sand Ridge, Cyclone Cave and Ghastly River and created quite a stir as well!

There was a spacious hall within the depths of a cave with a bloody and sinister aura.

Within the hall, there were thin, blood threads that resembled blood vessels that hung from both sides of the walls.

A man sat on the blood threads, perfectly balanced as he held a jade cup in his left hand. It was filled with a grisly red fluid that was still warm!

The man raised the cup to his nose and took a deep breath, revealing an intoxicated expression with half-closed eyes.

“The Territorial Lord of Howling Moon Mountain has changed. Could Black Sand Ridge or Ghastly River have beaten us to it?”

The man murmured to himself, “No, no. It shouldn’t be anyone from those two territories!”

After a moment, his eyes bolted wide open with a bloody glint as he said deeply, “Go and investigate further!”


A voice echoed through the chamber.

Immediately after, the sound of wings flapping reverberated and a streak of blood light flew through the top of the hall within its darkness. It vanished into the distance before long.

Unhurriedly, the man drank the red fluid in the cup in a single mouthful and licked his lips with a grisly red tongue. “Yes… refreshing!”

Black Sand Ridge.

During this period of time, the demons of Black Sand Ridge had been on their toes.

The young master of Black Sand Ridge lost his physical body and returned with severe injuries. However, the culprit was never apprehended.

Not long after, the young master of Black Sand Ridge failed his assimilation attempt and perished completely!

There were many restrictions to an Essence Spirit’s assimilation and it was extremely dangerous.

For an assimilation to take place, the cultivation realm of the assimilated being must not be too low – he must be at the Nascent Soul realm at least with an unlocked Spirit Platform.

The difference in cultivation realm between the assimilating and assimilated must not be too great either.

Otherwise, if the Essence Spirit was overly powerful and the latter’s body could not withstand it after the assimilation took place, it would explode right away!

In other words, there would only be success if their cultivation realms were relatively close.

In reality, an assimilation process was a fight between the Essence Spirits.

If their cultivation realms were close, it meant that it was difficult to predict the victory of a fight between Essence Spirits!

There were many examples of an Essence Spirit that was devoured instead during a failed assimilation process.

That was the case for the young master of Black Sand Ridge.

At the end of the day, assimilation was an evil process.

That was because in essence, an assimilation was to steal the life of others for someone to continue with theirs!

It would not be overboard to deem it as an evil craft!

However, most beings cultivated for the sake of longevity. Even those of the orthodox path would resort to despicable means despite knowing that the assimilation process was evil.

The Territorial Lord of Black Sand Ridge was enraged at the demise of the young master and slaughtered many demon beasts. In fact, he even murdered two protectors personally because they made wrong comments by accident.

All the demons knew that many other demon beasts would have to die if the culprit was not apprehended!

This day, a piece of news that shattered the tension in Black Sand Ridge arrived.

“Five people. A monkey, a spirit tiger, an immortal crane, a fox, all of whom are low-level fiend demons…”

The Territorial Lord of Black Sand Ridge’s eyes squinted with a cold killing intent!

If he was not wrong, there was a high chance that the five of them were the culprits that killed his child!

“To think that they’ve run off to Howling Moon Mountain, fufu,”

The Territorial Lord of Black Sand Ridge had a menacing expression as he laughed sinisterly. “Let’s see where you can run off to after I destroy Howling Moon Mountain!”

Ghastly River.

A young man dressed in light-blue luxurious robes laid on a colorful coral reef bed. He had a relaxed expression and was sipping wine when he heard the news from his underling river demon.


The young man in luxurious robes was extremely calm and merely gave a one word reply when he heard that.

“Territorial Lord, I heard that Cyclone Cave and Black Sand Ridge have been making moves recently. There’s a high chance that those two territories are going to strike Howling Moon Mountain soon!”

A river demon beside the coral reef bed said in a deep voice.

The man in luxurious robes waved it off. “A black scorpion and a stinky bat pose no threat at all!”

The river demon added, “I heard that the new Territorial Lord of Howling Moon Mountain, Mo, is extremely mysterious and had not shown himself the entire time. He must be rather capable to overthrow Black Wolf.”

“He can’t be that strong either since he’s sworn siblings with four other low-level fiend demons,”

The man in luxurious robes declared proudly with a faint smile, “If he is capable, I’ll appreciate his talent and try to recruit him under my wing. If he’s ordinary, I’ll just kill him.”

“When are you preparing to attack, Territorial Lord?”

“The next few days,”

The man in luxurious robes mulled. “Yes… it seems as though a treasure of sorts has appeared recently in Howling Moon Mountain in the past two months. We can’t let others get their hands on it first.”

His true form was a wyrm.

There was a thin connection to the bloodline of the Dragon race that flowed within his body.

However, that thin connection to the Dragon race’s bloodline was enough for him to become the top existence among ferocious beasts!

The aura of the Dragon race that emanated from the direction of Howling Moon Mountain was imperceptible. Although other demon beasts may not have been able to sense it, as a wyrm, he could vaguely sense it!

At the very least, he felt shudders from that aura!

It was a threat that originated from the depths of his bloodline!

This aura must be from the treasure that had appeared and it definitely had something to do with the Dragon race!

“If I can get my hands on that treasure, my strength is bound to explode. In fact, there’s a chance for me to transform into a True Dragon in my lifetime!”

The river demon was shocked and knelt onto the ground hurriedly as he declared loudly, “Congratulations, Territorial Lord!”

The man in luxurious robes rose slowly and gazed into the distance. “If that day comes, even the entire Thousand Demon Valley won’t be able to contain me, let alone this measly Ghastly River!”

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