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Chapter 820: Subdued

If Su Zimo did not understand Black Wolf and Chan Ruyi’s capabilities and received Essence Spirit secret skills from them all of a sudden, he would have been flustered.

However, prior to this, he roamed with his Essence Spirit and witnessed the might of their Essence Spirit secret skills. As such, he had already thought of a way to deal with them.

With a single thought from Su Zimo, rays of golden light extended from his left wrist in a saintly and flawless manner, creating an indestructible barrier around him!


Clang! Clang!

In midair, when the black wolf materialized from spirit consciousness and the two curved sabers that were as thin as cicada wings slashed the barrier, a deafening boom echoed!

The golden barrier trembled and a series of ripples appeared.

It managed to defend against the two Essence Spirit secret skills completely!


Black Wolf and Chan Ruyi were shocked.

Ordinary Dharmic weapons could defend against Dharmic arts, normal weapons and the burst of various different powers. However, they could not defend against the power of an Essence Spirit.

If one wanted to defend against an Essence Spirit secret skill, they would have to either go head-on with the power of their own Essence Spirit or utilize special Essence Spirit Dharmic weapons.

However, Essence Spirit Dharmic weapons were way too rare and difficult to refine.

Even among the cultivation world, there were few of them and they were even rarer than connate Dharmic weapons, let alone in the world of demons.

Right now, the golden barrier managed to block both Essence Spirit secret skills completely – this meant that their enemy was in possession of an Essence Spirit Dharmic weapon!

Furthermore, the Essence Spirit Dharmic weapon was extremely powerful.

Although he was only at Nascent Soul realm, he was able to use that Essence Spirit Dharmic weapon to defend against their combined attacks!

Both Black Wolf and Chan Ruyi were at a loss.

Indeed, Su Zimo was in possession of an Essence Spirit Dharmic weapon.

This Dharmic weapon was given to him by the old monk at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley.

It was one of the treasures that held up the Daming Monastery in the past… the Mingwang Prayer Beads!

Initially, there were six beads for the Mingwang Prayer Beads and they were carried around by the titular disciple of Daming Monastery at the time, Monk Daming.

However, as the sands of time passed, Monk Daming’s demise resulted in the scattering of the Mingwang Prayer Beads. Right now, it was incomplete with only four prayer beads.

Even so, the four Mingwang Prayer Beads were not to be underestimated!

At the Golden Core realm, it was difficult for Su Zimo to control the Mingwang Prayer Beads. He could only wear it on his wrist and use it to block the detection of spirit consciousnesses.

It was only after he cultivated his Essence Spirit that he was able to make use of some of the Mingwang Prayer Beads’ power.

Of course, the true power of the Mingwang Prayer Beads would only be unleashed after he advanced to the Void Reversion realm and achieved higher attainments in his cultivation!

Right now, the Mingwang Prayer Beads could only be used by him to defend against Essence Spirits.

However, that was more than enough!

It was sufficient to defend against the Essence Spirit secret skills of the two Territorial Lords!

Instantly, things changed on the battlefield.

The fact that Black Wolf and Chan Ruyi’s Essence Spirit secret skills were rendered useless meant that they would have to endure Su Zimo’s torrential and suffocating melee combat attacks!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

There was a series of deafening sounds.

Shadows fluttered in a dizzying manner.

In less than ten breaths, Black Wolf and Chan Ruyi were sent flying as they smashed onto the stone walls behind them heavily, sliding down in a slow manner!

Su Zimo stood opposite them not far away quietly with a clear gaze. His attire was tidy and prim, as though he had not moved at all.

It was a complete defeat!

Black Wolf and Chan Ruyi had pale expressions and felt like their bones were about to split. However, they grit their teeth and did not make any sound!

Both of them looked at Su Zimo with conflicted expressions.

They were both smart and could clearly sense that this man had shown mercy earlier on.

Otherwise, given his capabilities, it would have been extremely to him to kill them off once he had the advantage earlier on!

Suddenly, Black Wolf thought of something that sent his heart racing.

If he had truly reneged on his words earlier and ordered for this man to be killed, he would have been a corpse lying on the ground at this moment!

His mercy towards Su Zimo was in fact mercy for himself!

In truth, Black Wolf was not far off the mark.

Indeed, those were Su Zimo’s intentions when he headed here.

They wanted to take over as kings but they did not have much helpers under their liege.

It would naturally be for the best if they could recruit Black Wolf and Chan Ruyi without bloodshed.

Bronze Bull’s eyes widened and his jaws nearly fell onto the ground.

He had truly not expected this outcome for the battle!

Two Territorial Lords had actually lost to a low-level fiend demon that had just broken through!

He would not have believed this if he had not seen it personally.

“T-Territorial Lords, are you guys fine?”

Bronze Bull asked warily.

Black Wolf waved it off and stood up. He glared at Su Zimo and said slowly, “I’ve lost. Indeed, you are qualified to be the Territorial Lord of Howling Moon Mountain,”

“However, I’m only acknowledging your potential!”

Black Wolf emphasized as he continued, “Given your potential, nobody around here should be able to threaten you if you continue cultivating and advance to become a mid-level fiend demon. But the you right now…”

He did not continue.

Chan Ruyi said as well, “It’s not enough if you think that you can resolve the crisis of Howling Moon Mountain using the capabilities and Essence Spirit Dharmic weapon you revealed earlier.”

“I’ve got my own plans on how to resolve the crisis of Howling Moon Mountain,”

Su Zimo replied nonchalantly, “All you need to tell me is whether you will submit to me,”

The cave abode went silent.

Black Wolf was undecided and had a hesitant expression.

Anybody that could become Territorial Lords were capable characters. Now that he was suddenly asked to relinquish his position as a Territorial Lord and submit to others, it was definitely a truth he was struggling to accept.

However, Black Wolf knew that he would be in an even worse state if the three territories were to come for them.

Not only would he die, Howling Moon Mountain would cease to exist as well!

That was something he could not accept at all.

At that thought, Black Wolf gripped his fists gently and said in a deep voice, “Since I’ve lost, I’ve got no objections. I’m willing to relinquish my position as a Territorial Lord. However, I hope that you will be able to protect Howling Moon Mountain and treat every single demon here well!”

“Territorial Lord!”

Bronze Bull yelled.

Black Wolf waved it off. “I’ve already decided, there’s no need to say more.”


Su Zimo nodded and declared, “From this day forth, there will be another Deputy Territorial Lord in Howling Moon Mountain, Black Wolf! Chan Ruyi will still be the Deputy Territorial Lord and maintain her original status!”

Monkey and the others were excited.

This meant that from this moment forth, the five of them sworn siblings had a territory of their own!

Black Wolf pondered for a moment and asked with cupped fists, “I’ve yet to know your name, Territorial Lord. Also, what is your true form?”

To be fair, although he had already relinquished his position as a Territorial Lord, Black Wolf still had a tinge of indignance in his heart towards this young man.

However, he felt that he could not read this person either!

Even after their fight, he could not figure out what the true form of this person was!

It was the same for Chan Ruyi!

Su Zimo thought for a moment and said, “You guys can call me Mo from this day forth!”


Black Wolf and Chan Ruyi murmured softly.

Compared to human cultivators, demons were much more easygoing with their names.

It was extremely common for single character names as well.

There were even many demon beasts such as monkey who could not even be bothered to give themselves a name.

Both of them exchanged glances and could see the confusion in the others’ eyes.

Although Su Zimo only replied to one of the questions, Black Wolf and Chan Ruyi were tactful and did not push further.

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