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Chapter 819: One Versus Two


Victory was already decided on the other side of the battlefield accompanied by a loud boom!

Although Bronze Bull had reverted to his true form, monkey pinned him fiercely into the ground by grabbing his horns, creating a huge pit.

Bronze Bull’s face was filled with blood and was smashed into a complete mess, almost fainting.

Monkey had a frightening bloodline and his combat strength was only inferior to Su Zimo and Night Spirit within the seven sworn siblings.

In his berserk state, monkey was even able to take on the Rakshasa race!

He had only just cultivated his Essence Spirit and was at early-stage Nascent Soul realm.

Although Bronze Bull was a late-stage Nascent Soul, a major cultivation realm above monkey, he was not a match for the latter and was defeated in less than a dozen breaths!

Monkey did not kill Bronze Bull and leaped back the moment he secured victory.

Bronze Bull struggled to stand up with a twisted expression as he panted. Demonic qi surged around him and he growled deeply; he was almost out of his mind and wanted to charge forward once more.

“Back down!”

Black Wolf’s voice sounded with a cold authority, “Aren’t you done with making a fool of yourself?!”

Bronze Bull shuddered as though he had just been drenched with a bucket of ice water. Gradually, he sobered up and backed off to the side despite his indignance.

Black Wolf’s gaze was fixed on Su Zimo the entire time as he said slowly with a cold expression.

“Tell me, what rights do you have? The five of you alone aren’t qualified to take on my position!”

“We’re enough,” Su Zimo smiled.

The moment he said that, Su Zimo’s figure flashed and he struck the Territorial Lord of Howling Moon Mountain all of a sudden!

Moreover, he took on two people with his attack and engulfed Black Wolf and Chan Ruyi within!

“Such guts!”

Black Wolf was enraged and felt his vision blur the moment he said those two words. A torrential might gushed towards him in a deafening manner!

The pressure was suffocating!

Although he was a mid-level fiend demon, the envelopment of the power felt slightly unbearable still!

It was too fast!

The two of them were not too far apart to begin with and Su Zimo had already closed in instantly.

In fact, Black Wolf thought that he was hallucinating; he seemed to have heard the sound of tsunamis that shook his mind!

What’s this demonic art? It’s making me hallucinate!

He turned his gaze and saw Su Zimo circled by blood qi with rumbling demonic qi. However, there were no traces of Dharmic power.

Wait, it’s not a hallucination!

The sound of tsunami is real!

In a flash, Black Wolf sobered up and thought of a possibility as he exclaimed, “Tsunami blood!”

Although demons placed emphasis on the cultivation and quality of one’s bloodline, only few of them could cultivate to the realm of tsunami blood.

Black Wolf did not have time to take out any weapons and could only prop up his arms in defense.


Su Zimo’s fist struck the intersection where Black Wolf’s arms crossed and the dull sound of defeat echoed.


Black Wolf grunted and staggered in retreat – his arms hand gone completely numb!

However, Su Zimo did not retreat at all and even had strength remaining to fight Chan Ruyi!

Black Wolf was shocked!

He was a mid-level fiend demon and a Territorial Lord, a full major cultivation realm higher than this person before him. He had many years more to temper his body using Dharmic powers as well.

Even so, his bloodline and physique could not defend against the charge of this person!

What a terrifying burst power!

On the other side, Chan Ruyi burst in retreat.

Thankfully, she had already withdrawn her Dharmic weapons before this and wielded them in her hands.

Su Zimo charged over and Chan Ruyi’s eyes squinted slightly. With a tremble, her curved sabers cut an arc through the air, creating two cold beams that slit towards Su Zimo’s wrist instantly.

The speed of the two slashes was extremely fast. Coupled with Su Zimo’s overwhelming aura and force, Chan Ruyi believed that even a mid-level fiend demon won’t be able to dodge!

‘This is for the best. I’ll sever one of your wrists to teach you a lesson!’

That was what Chan Ruyi thought.

Unexpectedly, Su Zimo did not dodge at all!

He flicked his finger gently against the two incoming cold beams.

A few fingernails flicked out with a chilling aura and struck the two cold beams precisely like sharp blades!

Clang! Clang!

Sparks flew along with two crisp sounds!

Chan Ruyi whined and her curved sabers were repelled from her hands – her palms had split open!

The Rat King stood at the side and his beady eyes widened in disbelief.

He had considered the possibility that Su Zimo’s combat strength would be extraordinary.

However, he had not expected Su Zimo to gain the upper hand even in a one versus two situation!

Black Wolf and Chan Ruyi were mid-level fiend demons after all and regained their composure swiftly, merely flustered for a split second.

Both of their figures retreated at almost the same time!

“Lad, you are strong in melee combat. However, it’s not enough if you intend to merely rely on that to overthrow my position as a Territorial Lord!”

Black Wolf’s glabella shone and he hollered deeply, “Watch out!”

No matter what, Su Zimo was formidable in melee combat. Because of that, Black Wolf regarded him as a talent and gave a warning out of goodwill, not wanting to kill Su Zimo.


Two powerful spirit consciousnesses engulfed the entire place with a boundless might!

Only Void Reversions and mid-level fiend demons could release spirit consciousness attacks!

If it was any other low-level fiend demon, their Essence Spirit would have been repressed completely in fright against the pressure of the spirit consciousness such that they would not even be able to release their Dharmic powers.

However, scarlet scales appeared one after another on the body of the scarlet-haired Yin Spirit within Su Zimo’s spirit consciousness – he was able to deflect the incoming spirit consciousness!

He was completely unaffected even against the envelopment of the spirit consciousnesses of two Territorial Lords!

“Fufu, there’s no need for both of you to show mercy. I won’t be taken down by a mere spirit consciousness attack,”

Su Zimo chuckled and dashed towards Black Wolf and Chan Ruyi in huge strides.

Both Black Wolf and Chan Ruyi frowned.

Neither of them wanted to kill Su Zimo; that was why they did not release their Essence Spirit secret skills.

The killing power of Essence Spirit secret skills was extremely terrifying and was something that the Essence Spirit of low-level fiend demons could not defend against!

If they could not defend against it, their Essence Spirits would be destroyed and they would die on the spot!

However, both of them had no other choice!


In midair, a terrifying spirit consciousness fluctuation burst forward. The tremendous spirit consciousness materialized into a pitch-black murderous wolf that lunged in Su Zimo’s direction with an open mouth!


On the other side, Chan Ruyi’s spirit consciousness split into two in midair and turned into two cold beams that arrived instantly!

The attacks of both Essence Spirits had descended!

Su Zimo slowed down as well with a grim expression.

Those were Essence Spirit secret skills and could not be compared with spirit consciousness attacks. If he handled them the wrong way and his Essence Spirit was damaged, it might leave an injury that could not be healed!

He was a low-level fiend demon at Nascent Soul realm after all – he did not dare to be careless against an attack of this level!

Prior to this, he had only experienced the might of the two Essence Spirit secret skills once from a distance.

However, that experience could not be compared to the current situation where he was directly involved!

Instantly, a thought crossed Su Zimo’s mind. Even if his Essence Spirits were to fuse and release a spirit consciousness attack, it would be difficult for him to defend against these two Essence Spirit secret skills!

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