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Chapter 812: Target, Howling Moon Mountain!

The black-robed young man had a vengeful gaze as he looked at Su Zimo. He then turned to leave and vanished into the depths of the forest.

A deep feud was sowed for the destruction of his physical body!

Su Zimo knew that things would definitely not end peacefully after he saw the black-robed young man’s gaze.

Right now, the simplest method for Su Zimo was to chase and destroy the black-robed young man’s Essence Spirit in order to get rid of future troubles!

However, the black-robed young man was a step earlier and the two of them were too far apart.

Furthermore, this was the Black Sand Ridge and Su Zimo was extremely foreign to this place.

He did not manage to chase far before he lost track of the black-robed young man.

After exiting from the body, the Essence Spirit was no longer bound by the shackles of the physical body and could move thousands of kilometers instantly at an extremely fast speed.

Even if Su Zimo knew where the black-robed young man was, it would be difficult for him to catch up unless he released Blood Escape.

Furthermore, the black-robed young man was the young master of Black Sand Ridge and had a noble status – many fiend demons must have been alerted to the massive battle that broke out here.

If he continued his pursuit, he might find himself embroiled in difficult battles.

After a moment of silence, Su Zimo gave up on his pursuit and retreated.

He was not going to commit the same mistake against another mid-level fiend demon the next time with this experience.

By the time Su Zimo returned, the battle had already ended.

Even as a mid-level fiend demon, the black-robed young man nearly died and he ended up in the tragic state where his physical body was destroyed. When the other demon beasts saw that, they did not linger at all and fled everywhere.

Only corpses were left lying around the forest.

During that short period of time, more than a hundred demon beasts had died!

Monkey, the spirit tiger and Qing Qing were all excited.

Ever since they entered the Thousand Demon Valley, they had been hunted down by the demon beasts of Howling Moon Mountain. Finally, they were able to vent their frustrations that had built up.

Even Little Fox could not conceal the joy in her eyes as she gripped her beloved pitch-black umbrella tightly.

“Great! That was great!”

The spirit tiger grinned and thumped his chest while declaring loudly, “Bloody hell, we’ll see who has the guts to hunt us down from this day forth. Anyone that comes is going to be sent right back by us!”

The five of them exchanged glances and smiled.

All of them knew that they would no longer have to flee for their lives from that moment on!

Little Fox put away the pitch-black umbrella in her storage bag and turned to ask, “Young Master, where are we headed to next?”

Demon beasts could utilize Dharmic powers after cultivating Essence Spirits; they could also make use of a storage bag created with Dharmic powers that was extremely convenient.

Of course, some fiend demons would choose to hide their weapons in their bodies, mouths or minds.

The spirit tiger raised his fist and declared loudly, “We should naturally look for a territory and become Territorial Lords ourselves! How great is it to become Territorial Lords where we can rule over thousands of demons and look all awesome!”

“That’s right!”

Monkey nodded in agreement.

Every other moment, he had thoughts of being a king.

Qing Qing smiled at the spirit tiger and asked, “Also, when you become a Territorial Lord, there will be a lot of demonesses that will accompany you, right?”

“That’s right…”

The spirit tiger fantasized with an intoxicated expression and almost drooled. The moment he spoke, he sensed a killing intent and jerked out of his stupor.

“I mean, no way!”

He said in a self-righteous manner, “I am a decent gentleman that pays no attention the secular desires posed by demonesses,”

The spirit tiger smacked his lips and closed in to Qing Qing with a pandering smile. “All I need is you to accompany me, Qing Qing…”

“Get lost!”

Qing Qing extended her long leg and sent the spirit tiger flying right away.

Little Fox furrowed her brows slightly and said in a soft voice, “However, we’ve only just broken through and are only low-level fiend demons. We have to be at least mid-level fiend demons in order to be Territorial Lords.”

“That means nothing,”

The spirit tiger scurried back from a distance and said, “That black scorpion was a mid-level fiend demon as well but he got his ass handed to him by First. He even had to leave his body behind and escape with his Essence Spirit.”

Qing Qing nodded as well. “First should definitely be able to become a Territorial Lord in terms of strength. Even if he can’t match the stronger Territorial Lords, he is on par with the weaker ones.”

“However, where are we going to find a spare territory?”

Little Fox shook her head. “This is the Thousand Demon Valley and all territories, large or small, must have been occupied by demons a long time ago.”

“It’s simple,”

A blood glint flashed through monkey’s eyes as he smacked his lips. “We’ll find a territory and the five of us will attack together to suppress the Territorial Lord. Once that is done, which of the remaining demons will dare to go against us?”

Monkey loved to fight and was always restless.

Even if nobody provoked him, he would ponder about where he could head to for a fight.

“Isn’t it bad if we snatch the territory of others?” Little Fox blinked and asked weakly.

“Foxy, you haven’t lived in the world of demons before,”

The spirit tiger waved it off. “Over here, it’s survival of the fittest and there’s no morals involved. The stronger party will always live on and have a good life!”

Little Fox seemed to be in deep thoughts.

They had not provoked anyone intentionally ever since they entered the Thousand Demon Valley. However, they were bullied twice in succession by others all because they were too weak.

Monkey added, “There’s no use enduring and living an ignoble existence if you want to survive among demons. Everything here has to be fought for with your fists!”

Little Fox nodded. “Alright, I’ll listen to you guys!”

Su Zimo’s mind was decided although he made no comments the entire time.

Be it him, monkey or the spirit tiger, they were not going to bow down to others – they definitely had to occupy a territory of their own!

Qing Qing mulled. “We’re not familiar with this place since we’re new to the Thousand Demon Valley. Which territory should we occupy?”

It was an important question to consider.

If they made the wrong choice and met with a wall, the five of them might pay with their lives even before they oust the current Territorial Lord!

Everyone turned to Su Zimo.

Slowly, he said, “Let’s go to Howling Moon Mountain.”

The eyes of monkey and the spirit tiger lit up.

“That’s right!”

The spirit tiger slapped his head. “I almost forgot about that place! Those bunch of asses from Howling Moon Mountain chased us through mountains, ridges, hills and rivers for dozens of days! We’ve got to make them pay for that!”

Su Zimo took out the map the rat passed them. “The area occupied by Howling Moon Mountain is the smallest in the vicinity. According to logic, it should mean that the Territorial Lord is the weakest.”

“This is it,”

Monkey agreed as well.

The spirit tiger was excited and made a fuss. “Let’s go right now!”

Su Zimo said deeply, “Don’t rush it. We’ll infiltrate Howling Moon Mountain and continue to cultivate there for a period of time to stabilize our cultivation realms. It would be best if we can find out more about the situation of Howling Moon Mountain before making further plans.”

Su Zimo knew that it was not going to be simple to take down a territory.

There were only five of them.

They would face immense difficulties if they tried to do it forcefully.

Furthermore, monkey and the others had already refined their Destiny Dharmic Weapons.

However, he had not had time to refine his Creation Green Lotus.

Once his cultivation realm was stable, his Essence Spirit, body and bloodline received a complete boost through Dharmic powers and he refined the Creation Green Lotus, his strength would definitely grow to the next level!

That way, they would stand a much higher chance of taking down Howling Moon Mountain.

“Go, let’s leave this place first,”

Su Zimo pondered for a moment before waving.

This was the territory of Black Sand Ridge and the young master had just received serious injuries and even nearly died; it won’t be long before experts came knocking.

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