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Chapter 811: Essence Spirit Exit

Although the black-robed young man had also been through many battles up till this point of his cultivation, he was the esteemed young master of Black Sand Ridge after all and mostly escaped unscathed.

At the very least, no demon in Black Sand Ridge would be foolish enough to provoke him!

Furthermore, he broke through a few years ago and cultivated to become a mid-level fiend demon. Indeed, his pride was not unwarranted.

Even without the protection of the Black Sand Ridge Territorial Lord, he would have been a somebody in the territories in the area as well.

To think that he would end up in such a tragic state in his first battle as a mid-level fiend demon.

The thing he could not accept was that he was defeated by a low-level fiend demon!

How was that possible?

Although the black-robed young man’s bones and tendons were almost snapped and his mind was in a mess, he could not figure it out still.

Even a pure-blooded ferocious beast might not be able to kill him with their major cultivation realm difference.

What was the background of this man?

How could a low-level fiend demon release a spirit consciousness attack?

Countless doubts crossed the proud black-robed young man’s mind.

He must be hiding some secrets!

It must either be some rare treasure or a powerful secret skill!

If I can kill him and steal his treasure or secret skill, my strength will definitely explode!

The black-robed young man initially harbored thoughts of retreating. However, his greed took over him with those thoughts.

Riches were gained in treacherous situations!

No matter what, he was a mid-level fiend demon and he could still fight. There might be a chance for him to secure victory despite his disadvantage given his superior cultivation realm!

If he missed this opportunity right now, it would be too difficult to capture these five people if they were to head to other territories in the future.

At that thought, the black-robed young man took a deep breath and consumed some spirit herbs. His glabella shone and he channeled his Essence Spirit, gathering Dharmic power continuously!

“Black Sand Eclipse!”

The black-robed young man roared with bloodshot eyes without even turning back.

Many Black Sand Ridge demon beasts that were initially fighting against monkey and the others were shocked when they heard that. All of them bolted in retreat with wary expressions, wanting nothing more than to get away.

Right as Su Zimo was about to advance and kill the black-robed young man, he felt a wild wind roar in his surroundings as black sand flew towards him!

Instantly, the entire world went dark.

It was as though the sun had been devoured!

Black Sand Eclipse was the ultimate technique that brought the Black Sand Ridge Territorial Lord to fame!

Every single speck of black sand contained the poison of the Scorpion race as well as tremendous Dharmic powers. It was incomparably powerful and would grind away one’s skin and bones!


Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat.

He could feel sharp pains each time a speck of black sand struck his body; it was not obvious and he could endure it still.

His body had turned even more frightening after his advancement to the Nascent Soul realm. When his blood qi surged, even ordinary Dharmic weapons might not be able to hurt him!

However, eyes were the most fragile and could not withstand the attack of the black sand.

Instinctively, Su Zimo closed his eyes.

The moment he closed his eyes, his heart skipped a beat.

The wild winds gusted and black sand blanketed the skies!

Suddenly, he discovered that the black sand was not only offensive and powerful, it could even isolate his five senses!

Even his spirit perception felt delayed and fuzzy against the envelopment of the black sand.

Although he could still sense danger, he could not determine its exact location!

Although Su Zimo was surprised, the black-robed young man was shocked!

If it was any other mid-level fiend demon, they would have been doomed if they were shrouded by this black sandstorm – most of them would become dried corpses within several dozen breaths.

He had not expected Su Zimo to be able to withstand the attack of Black Sand Eclipse with his bare body!

The black sand washed Su Zimo’s body continuously and his green robes were already riddled with holes. However, his skin underneath was completely fine!

The black-robed young man grit his teeth with a sharp gaze and channeled his Essence Spirit continuously to imbue even more Dharmic power.

He believed that Su Zimo had no means of escaping the envelopment of the black sand – no matter what, he was bound to win!

All of a sudden!

A beam of light flashed in the black sand.

The black-robed young man widened his eyes and watched everything in disbelief.

Su Zimo had opened one of his eyes within the black sand!

The light came from his right eye!

It intensified and grew increasingly bright!

It was like a blazing sun!

Although the black sand was strong with boundless Dharmic powers, it could not devour that blazing sun.

It was like the eye of a divine being!

It was cold and authoritative!

“This is…”

The black-robed young man’s scalp prickles and he felt chills down his spine as he suddenly shrieked, “Visual technique!”

A bedazzling light column surged through the black sand and tore through the voids, illuminating the world like it was day – light had returned!


The light column tore through the black sand instantly and struck the black-robed young man viciously. It tore through the back armor of his scorpion body and penetrated his chest!

However, not much blood flowed out of the massive bowl-sized wound – it was cauterized from the burn.

Illumination Eye, a secret skill of the Dragon race!

Although the black sand was strong, it could no longer block Su Zimo’s vision.

Su Zimo located the black-robed young man’s position and injured the latter severely with an instantaneous attack!

The black sand dispersed.

This time round, Su Zimo did not accord the black-robed young man any chance to even take a breath. He charged forward in huge strides and stomped onto the back of the black-robed young man heavily!


The black armor on his back shattered.

That single stomp crushed the spine of the black-robed young man!


Su Zimo leaned in and punched the black-robed young man viciously on the head.

The head exploded and red and white fluid splashed onto the ground.

The black-robed young man was dead!

Su Zimo stood up, frowning slightly.

Although he had killed the black-robed young man with overwhelming means, he felt something odd in his mind, as though something was amiss.


Su Zimo felt as though someone was peeping on him.

He spun around with a bright gaze and glared in the opposite direction.

In the depths of the forest, a pitch-black scorpion the size of a thumb hovered in midair. It gave off a faint glow and possessed a menacing expression with a venomous gaze.

The pitch-black scorpion looked exactly the same as the black-robed young man who had just died!

He froze momentarily and was instantly enlightened.

The thumb-sized, pitch-black scorpion that glowed softly should be the Essence Spirit of the black-robed young man!

At the Void Reversion realm when one was a mid-level fiend demon, the Essence Spirit could break free from the shackles of the physical body.

It no longer feared the scorching heat nor cyclones and could roam the world freely while crossing boundless distance.

This was the realm where the Essence Spirit was described to be able to exit from one’s body.

As long as the Essence Spirit was not dead, a cultivator won’t die even if his physical body was destroyed.

Given the opportunity, an Essence Spirit at the Void Reversion realm can even assimilate the body of another person and be reborn in another method!

Of course, no matter who it was, even if they possessed boundless Dharmic powers, they could not assimilate others limitlessly.

Moreover, assimilation was extremely dangerous and there were a lot of restrictions.

Simply put, every person merely had a single assimilation attempt.

Even so, it was a frightening prospect!

It was equivalent to an additional life!

The black-robed young man was impressive as well. When he realized that there was no hope for his physical body, he was decisive and gave up on his body instantly to escape with his Essence Spirit.

This was the first time that Su Zimo had an actual fight with an expert at the level of a mid-level fiend demon. He was unfamiliar with their methods and that was the reason why he made the mistake of allowing the black-robed young man’s Essence Spirit to escape.

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