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Chapter 813: Night Travels

There was almost no peace in Howling Moon Mountain for the past month.

The death of several hundred spirit demons and two of the seven protectors was a major event.

It was said that the demons that died were killed by demons that came from the ancient battlefield.

Furthermore, there were only five of them and they were all spirit demons!

During this period of time, every single demon in Howling Moon Mountain searched for the five of them and almost turned the entire place over but to no avail.

The demons realized that the five of them should have already escaped.

Even if they were hiding in Howling Moon Mountain previously, they must have escaped from fear after they were hunted down on such a massive scale.

Nobody noticed that this day, five fiend demons in human form had swaggered their way into the territory of Howling Moon Mountain.

These five fiend demons were none other than Su Zimo’s who were being targeted right now!

“Heh, puny demons of Howling Moon Mountain, Hu Batian is back!” The spirit tiger grinned.

Qing Qing said, “I’m sure the demons of Howling Moon Mountain will never expect us to dare to return.”

Su Zimo smiled. “It doesn’t matter even if they’ve expected us to. They can’t recognize us,”

A few spirit demons appeared in the vicinity.

However, none of them acted unusually when they saw Su Zimo’s group; instead, they avoided the group with respectful expressions.

As the five of them passed through the forest, the sound of crickets echoed. However, all of them looked composed.

Previously, they had nowhere to run because of those seemingly unassuming crickets.

Now, none of those crickets posed any threat to them!

After Su Zimo’s group cultivated to become fiend demons, they could take on human forms without any signs of their demon roots.

Although they could already take on human forms at the Golden Core realm, they would exude demonic qi and exhibit certain demon traits.

For example, monkey could not hide his long fur; the spirit tiger had the head of a tiger and the body of a human; Little Fox’s tail would pop out from time to time…

Now, even if other fiend demons were here, they would not be able to recognize the five of them, let alone these ordinary crickets.

Only experts that surpassed them in cultivation realm would be able to see through them.

Su Zimo had red hair and the muscles on his face squirmed to readjust themselves; he looked like a completely different person.

“Let’s go and find a place to settle down and cultivate for a period of time to stabilize our cultivation realms,”

Su Zimo brought monkey and the others into the depths of the forest and disappeared before long.

A month later.

A round moon shone brightly late at night.

The clear moonlight spilled onto the lake surface that resembled a mirror.

The lake water was so clear that its bottom could be seen; it looked like there was a divine dragon that was swimming in the waters.

A gentle breeze blew past and the moonlight rippled. The divine dragon vanished and a figure was reflected.

On a stone slab beside the lake, a scarlet-haired man bathed in the moonlight and devoured Heaven and Earth.

Every breath he took caused his body to echo with the sound of tsunamis.

Rich demonic qi spewed out from his mouth and seemed to take on the shape of a divine dragon in midair. It circled once before it was sucked in by his nose again.

The cycle repeated itself continuously.

The aura around the man became increasingly frightening and he emanated a boundless might.

All the demons in the vicinity had avoided the place a long time ago.

The sound of the crickets had vanished entirely!

The scarlet-haired man was none other than Su Zimo!

They had returned to Howling Moon Mountain and cultivated for a month.

During this period of time, Su Zimo’s cultivation realm had stabilized.

The augmentation to his Essence Spirit, bloodline and body using Dharmic power was complete as well.

Right now, Su Zimo was much stronger than he was a month ago!

Even if he met with the young master of Black Sand Ridge’s Black Sand Eclipse once again, he could dispel it without using Illumination Eye.

Su Zimo had benefited immensely for the past month.

The scarlet-haired Yin Spirit cultivated the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness.

The black-haired Essence Spirit cultivated the Purple Thunder Manual and Great Day Rulai Sutra and was in a great condition.

However, nothing happened to the Creation Green Lotus.

Su Zimo was not discouraged. Legend has it that the Creation Green Lotus was an item of the immortal world that was incomparably strong – it would be unusual if it was repaired that easily.

He took out a stalk of Soul Nourishing Blood Ginseng and consumed it to continue with his cultivation.

The black-haired Essence Spirit sat on the antiquated Creation Green Lotus on the Spirit Platform and a faint halo appeared behind his head that shone with a divine, flawless glow.

From time to time, a purple streak of lightning would clash past with a sizzling sound.

The scarlet-haired Yin Spirit hovered in midair within the spirit consciousness.

As time passed by, the skin of the scarlet-haired Yin Spirit became coarse and eventually, fiery-red scales appeared one after another!

They resembled metal plates that were burned bright red!

The scales resembled those that grew on Su Zimo’s body during his dragonification.

However, the scales were created from his spirit consciousness and were embedded on his Essence Spirit.

Right then, something crossed Su Zimo’s mind.

There was the saying of reverting the spirit to the void. When cultivated to the Void Reversion realm, the Essence Spirit could exit one’s body and roam the world freely, traveling a thousand kilometers in an instant.

Under normal circumstances, neither the Yin Spirit or the Essence Spirit of the Nascent Soul could achieve that.

But now, a bold thought crossed Su Zimo’s mind as he sensed the scales on the body of the scarlet-haired Yin Spirit!

With a thought, Su Zimo directed the black-haired Essence Spirit out of the spirit consciousness and the body.

The moment it left his body, the black-haired Essence Spirit shivered.

Although the temperature outside was normal, it was way too cold for the black-haired Essence Spirit to endure.


The black-haired Essence Spirit returned to the spirit consciousness hurriedly and continued to cultivate.

This time round, Su Zimo directed the scarlet-haired Yin Spirit carefully out of the spirit consciousness.

It was alright!

When the scarlet-haired Yin Spirit with scales left the body, it did not feel uncomfortable!

Su Zimo was delighted but he did not dare to be careless.

Be it the Yin Spirit or the Essence Spirit of the Nascent Soul, the true threat they faced were the natural elements of the weather.

The elements were unavoidable if the Essence Spirits wanted to roam the world.

Before that thought was completed, a cold gust of wind blew past.

Su Zimo grit his teeth. However, the scarlet-haired Yin Spirit did not return and stayed outside his body.

The scarlet-haired Yin Spirit remained motionless against the cold wind – it was not damaged at all with the protection of the scales!

Su Zimo was elated.

If he was not wrong, those scales were dragon scales of the spirit consciousness that he had cultivated from the Yin Spirit section!

Gradually, Su Zimo became even bolder.

The scarlet-haired Yin Spirit shuttled through midair at an extremely fast speed and left streaks of red light.

It was roaming the world freely and could cross a thousand kilometers in an instant!

This was originally something that could only be achieved by a Void Reversion’s Essence Spirit. However, Su Zimo was able to do it by cultivating the Yin Spirit section of the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness!

The scarlet-haired Yin Spirit stood in midair and stared at its own body on the stone slab.

It was looking at itself.

It was a mysterious sensation.

It was even more direct than the introspection of a spirit consciousness!

Furthermore, the scarlet-haired Yin Spirit could roam the world and its detection radius was even wider than the spirit consciousness!

Excited, Su Zimo decided to travel around Howling Moon Mountain at night using the scarlet-haired Yin Spirit.

When an Essence Spirit leaves the body, the spirit consciousness would be left empty. This would mean that the body would become an empty shell without soul or consciousness.

Even if the physical body met with danger, it would not know how to defend or dodge.

Therefore, before leaving with one’s Essence Spirit, cultivators would ensure that their bodies were hidden in secluded locations so that their foes could not find them.

However, this was something Su Zimo wasn’t worried about.

Even with the departure of his scarlet-haired Yin Spirit, there was another Essence Spirit in his spirit consciousness!

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