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Chapter 805: Frightening Spirit Consciousness

Within the cave.

Monkey was excited and gripped Imminent with both hands as he danced in a lively manner. Afterimages of the rod appeared everywhere in a dizzying manner.

Although the commotion caused by Imminent was significant, Su Zimo did not notice it.

At that moment, he was completely immersed in his cultivation!

After he advanced to the Nascent Soul realm, changes were happening to his flesh, tendons, bones, bloodline and organs!

When he broke through the void and formed his Essence Spirit, it was equivalent to him connecting to Heaven and Earth.

Even without Su Zimo controlling it consciously, his body became stronger and even more frightening under the influence of Dharmic powers!

Of course, this was a process.

Some cultivators may require half a year, several years or even decades.

However, Su Zimo noticed that his transformation process happened at an extremely swift speed!

It was as though a violent cyclone was rippling through his body and he could clearly sense his strength increasing.

He was growing stronger at every second!

This was the terror of his double Essence Spirits!

A single Essence Spirit would bring about Dharmic powers that could augment a cultivator’s bloodline and physique.

Two Essence Spirits caused the augmentation to become more obvious and happen faster!

Furthermore, the two Essence Spirits that Su Zimo cultivated were extremely strong to begin with.

At that moment, the scarlet-haired Yin Spirit took the main spot in the middle of the Spirit Platform.

The black-haired Essence Spirit assumed a lotus position in the corner.

Su Zimo discovered that the truly terrifying aspect of having two Essence Spirits was that both of them were able to cultivate at the same time without affecting the other!

At that moment, his scarlet-haired Yin Spirit had begun cultivation on the Yin Spirit section of the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness.

The black-haired Essence Spirit in the corner had also begun on the Purple Thunder Manual.

This way, neither of the Essence Spirits would fall off in their cultivation realms.

On the surface, Su Zimo was at the early-stage Nascent Soul realm. However, the power of his Essence Spirits was definitely above an early-stage Nascent Soul!

Furthermore, he had many trump cards up his sleeves; his actual combat strength had far surpassed an early-stage Nascent Soul’s!

Now that he was at the Nascent Soul realm, he might even stand a chance if he was up against an early-stage Void Reversion or even some weaker mid-level fiend demons!

“Void Reversion realm!”

Su Zimo murmured softly with a chilling intent.

Dao Being Xuan Yu was at the Void Reversion realm.

Back in the Great Qian Ruins, Dao Being Xuan Yu disregarded his capacity as a Void Reversion and interfered in the fight for the Vermilion Fruit to kill Su Zimo.

Su Zimo’s wrist was not only severed, his Inner Core was shattered, his Golden Core was destroyed and his cultivation was completely crippled!

It was also because of Dao Being Xuan Yu that the thirteen cities of Yan Country were slaughtered later on, resulting in the homeless and destitute plight of the citizens of Yan Country.

Because of this, Su Hong was mentally drained and eventually passed away from the ordeal.

In order to save Su Zimo, Little Fox’s Fire Blocking Basket, the only thing left behind for her by her mother, was taken away by Dao Being Xuan Yu as well.

Su Zimo remembered everything.

Of course, he also knew very well that even though he had two Essence Spirits, carried the bloodline of the Dragon race in his body and had many trump cards, he was not a match for Dao Being Xuan Yu right now.

However, once he cultivated to mid, late-stage or even perfected Nascent Soul realm, he was confident that he could take on Dao Being Xuan Yu!

Time passed by gradually.

After their initial excitement of refining their weapons, monkey and the others settled down quietly and cultivated properly as well.

Su Zimo slapped his storage bag and took out a seemingly battered lotus seat.

His glabella shone faintly and swept through the old lotus seat. Instantly, it vanished and entered Su Zimo’s consciousness!

It was time to refine the Creation Green Lotus!

All of a sudden!

Su Zimo’s ears twitched and he frowned.

There seemed to be many demon beasts headed in their direction!

Birds and beasts roamed the Thousand Demon Valley and it was only normal for demon beasts to pass by. Su Zimo was not certain that the demon beasts were coming for them as well.

Furthermore, the demon beasts were clearly from the Black Sand Ridge.

There shouldn’t be any feud between them and Black Sand Ridge.

What was the background of these demon beasts?

With that, Su Zimo cast a mysterious energy from his glabella with a single thought and it spread outside like a water ripple!


He froze momentarily and was instantly enlightened.

If he was not wrong, that should be the spirit consciousness that came with his cultivation of an Essence Spirit!

If the five senses of the body were sight, sound, smell, taste and sight, the spirit consciousness was a sense of the Essence Spirit!

Although it was only a single sense, it encompassed the uses of the five senses!

Although Su Zimo was blocked by the cave and could not see everything that was going on outside, he could sense everything outside the cave using his spirit consciousness!

His spirit consciousness could even sense an ant crawling beneath the mud within a radius of five kilometers!

It was a mysterious sensation.

Through the sense of his spirit consciousness, Su Zimo could clearly ‘see’ how the ant looked like and every single hair on its feelers and legs.

The five senses existed innately and could be found even in a mortal.

Because of that, there were many restrictions for the five senses.

For example, a single leaf could block one’s vision.

However, the spirit consciousness faced no issues of the sort.

Spirit consciousness resembled flowing water that penetrated every single pore. Even if there was a leaf before one’s eyes, the spirit consciousness would wrap around the leave and could even see every single pattern etched on the back of the leaf!

Although Su Zimo could hear the commotion outside right now, he could not see who were the people who created the commotion.

However, his spirit consciousness could!

Su Zimo spread his spirit consciousness and extended it forward to check.

Five kilometers.

10 kilometers.

25 kilometers…

The radius of Su Zimo’s spirit consciousness expanded continuously.

After 50 kilometers, Su Zimo felt that his Essence Spirit was at its limits and his spirit consciousness weakened, unable to extend further!

All of a sudden!

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat as he realized something; his spirit consciousness almost dissipated due to the shock!

From an ancient book at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley, he had once read about some records describing the spirit consciousness.

For ordinary Nascent Souls, the radius of their spirit consciousness was only around five kilometers.

They were already considered powerful if they could extend to a radius of 10 kilometers.

Anybody that could reach 15 kilometers were all considered as paragons.

Rare monster incarnates could reach a radius of 20 or 25 kilometers!

50 kilometers was the spirit consciousness radius of Void Reversions!

At this moment, Su Zimo had only just advanced to the Nascent Soul realm. However, his spirit consciousness could extend to a radius of 50 kilometers – it was comparable to the spirit consciousness of a Void Reversion!

Moreover, this was merely the radius of the scarlet-haired Yin Spirit’s spirit consciousness.

The radius of the black-haired Essence Spirit’s spirit consciousness was also around 50 kilometers!

If he could fuse the powers of the two Essence Spirits together, he could probably spread his spirit consciousness to a radius of 100 kilometers!

Su Zimo took a deep breath and composed himself slowly.

He had already seen the group of demon beasts with his spirit consciousness!

Through the shroud of his spirit consciousness, Su Zimo could see the appearance of every single demon beast and even their cultivation realms – he could even sense the aura they emanated!

He caught sight of the merry-making black-robed young man seated in the carriage in the middle of the many demon beasts.

The black-robed young man seemed to be shielded by a barrier that Su Zimo’s spirit consciousness could not penetrate; he could not see the background of the black-robed young man either.

When Su Zimo’s swept past the black-robed young man, the latter seemed to have sensed something. Clarity returned to the black-robed young man’s eyes as he glanced over to this side in a seemingly casual manner.

Thereafter, he looked at the woman beside him with an intoxicated gaze and said lustfully, “Beauty, drink! Drink!”

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