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Chapter 804: Imminent

There were no records of secret skills or Dharmic arts of the Dragon race that were meant for killing within the Yin Spirit section.

Among them, there was a spirit refinement technique from the Dragon King Desolate Ocean and it described how one should consume the essence of day and night to strengthen their bodies and bloodline!

Under normal circumstances, Su Zimo would encounter great difficulties in cultivating the Yin Spirit section.

Previously, if Die Yue had not guided him by the side, there was no way he could have comprehended the Bones Strengthening, Tendons Transformation and Body Tempering sections within a few short years.

Before she left, she also mentioned that it would be difficult for Su Zimo to continue with his cultivation post her departure.

That was the truth as well.

Later on, for the Organs Refinement section, Su Zimo met with a great bottleneck and was stuck for a long time.

If he had not been awakened in the middle of the night by a freak accident and heard the sound of tigers and leopards, he would not have gotten to where he was today.

The essence and secret of the Organs Refinement section came from ordinary demon beasts like the tiger and leopard.

However, the Yin Spirit section came from a Dragon King!

It was almost impossible for a cultivator to cultivate a spirit refinement technique of a Dragon King!

Even with his deep understanding of the immortal, Buddhist and fiend Daos, it would be difficult for Su Zimo to comprehend the Yin Spirit section.

However, through coincidence, Su Zimo once consumed half a dragon egg, cultivated the Ancient Dragonification Art later on and consumed a dragon’s blood for 20 years to cultivate the Illumination Dragon Eye.

The bloodline of the Dragon race was already fully fused into his body!

Right now, Su Zimo could be considered as a half-being from the Dragon race!

It was not difficult for him to understand everything that was stated in the Yin Spirit section.

Furthermore, he would require less effort to cultivate the Yin Spirit section!

Although Die Yue was divinely and her methods were extraordinary, even she might not have expected this outcome all those years ago.

Right now, the scarlet-haired Yin Spirit sat within Su Zimo’s Spirit Platform and controlled his body.

Su Zimo waved his hand and a mirror made of water was formed.

Within the mirror, he saw his scarlet hair and a pair of eyes that shone with a demonic glint – he looked extremely evil.

Although he was in the form of a human, there would be no fiend demon that would doubt his identity!

Su Zimo nodded to himself with a satisfied expression.

His current appearance was more suitable for him to roam the Thousand Demon Valley and would save him a lot of trouble.

“Young Master, are you alright?”

Little Fox rushed over and asked concernedly when she saw that Su Zimo was awake.

“I’m fine,”

He gave a gentle smile. “You guys, continue to cultivate. Don’t worry about me,”

“Heh, I told you guys that First will definitely be fine!”

The spirit tiger laughed and was relieved.

“Easy to say on hindsight,”

Monkey pouted and walked to the side as he continued to cultivate.

All of them had just formed their Essence Spirits and became fiend demons – there were many things that they had to familiarize themselves with.

They did not only have to be familiar with the changes in their bodies, they also had to refine their weapons.

A rusty, long rod was propped in front of monkey; it towered into the skies and was even taller than him!

The rod was filled with rust and looked extremely common.

However, this rod was discovered back in the Astral Dragon Sputum Lair. Furthermore, even Lin Xuanji seemed like he was stunned when he caught sight of this rod.

There was a simple reason why monkey chose this rod.

When he first caught sight of this rod, he felt a beckoning to it from the unknowns.

Monkey’s glabella shone and his spirit consciousness spread out and engulfed the rod. He began to refine it and leave the unique imprint of his spirit consciousness on it.

He intended to refine this rod as his Destiny Dharmic Weapon!

On the other side, the spirit tiger was refining his own Dharmic weapon as well.

The Dharmic weapon he obtained in the Astral Dragon Sputum Lair was none other than the four tiger claws!

Initially, he thought that the four tiger claws had fused and vanished into his body.

It was only after he became a fiend demon that he could sense the existence of the four tiger claws!

The spirit tiger circulated his Essence Spirit and he gripped his fists with trembling arms.

In the gap between his knuckles, a jade-white and almost transparent claw with a chilling aura pierced through his flesh slowly and protruded out!

It was slender, long and sharp, like a dagger!

There were two claws on each knuckle.

Instinctively, the spirit tiger scratched the four claws against one another gently.


Sparks flew everywhere!

A metallic sound could be heard the moment the claws made contact!

The spirit tiger’s eyes widened as he looked at the four weapons that protruded from his knuckles. He was secretly delighted when he sensed the sharp aura they emanated.

The four claws could definitely be considered as indestructible!

Furthermore, the four Dharmic weapons were fused perfectly with his body and he could use them like a part of his body; he could naturally unleash his combat strength to its greatest potential!

An azure green feather fan hovered in front of Qing Qing.

Through the augmentation of her Essence Spirit, flames burned around the feather fan and refined it continuously – the fan shone with a pure jade green color!

The reason why she chose this fan was because the feathers on it were taken from a Bi Fang!

Half of the bloodline that flowed within Qing Qing’s body came from a Bi Fang as well!

There was nobody more suitable than her to use the azure green fan.

Monkey and the other three all had different methods of refining their Dharmic weapons.

Right now, a pitch-black umbrella hovered above Little Fox’s head.

She had a grim expression and would look up from time to time to spit out a trail of powder with a faint fragrance. The powder enveloped the pitch-black umbrella and left an imprint of her Essence Spirit.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Right then, a cracking sound echoed throughout the cave as though something was shattered.

Monkey’s heart skipped a beat and he glared at the rod before him with a bright gaze.

The cracking sound came from the rod before him!

After the continuous refinement of his Essence Spirit, something finally happened to the rod before him!

A large pierce of rust cracked apart and a blinding, golden light shone from within and spread slowly.

Instantly, the golden light suppressed the auras of the spirit tiger’s claws, Qing Qing’s azure green fan and Little Fox’s pitch-black umbrella!

Even the array formations set up at the cave entrance could barely contain the blinding golden light!

The golden light surged into the skies!


The piece of rust on the rod finally fell and revealed the golden body of the rod.

The golden light gradually dimmed.

A small word was etched on the spot where the rust fell off… Imminent!

“Imminent, imminent… dominating! What a great name!”

Monkey reared his head in laughter and pulled out the rod in front of him. He danced with it, delighted.

A thousand mile away from here, in the Black Wind Ridge, several hundred demons were crossing through the forest with a mighty force. All the demon beasts in the vicinity had already escaped long ago upon hearing them.

Among the several hundred demons, there were eight muscular bull demons in the middle that lifted a gigantic open-air carriage. They grunted as they advanced steadily.

Around the gigantic carriage were even dozens of low-level fiend demons!

Everyone was circling the center!

On the carriage, there was a pale-faced young man in black robes with intoxicated eyes. He laid down on the knees of a woman wearing a veil with a voluptuous figure.

The woman’s ears were sharp; she was clearly not a human.

However, she was extremely beautiful and charming. She held a bunch of grapes that resembled green jade pearls with her left hand and smiled as she fed them to the black-robed young man.

Thereafter, she sipped a mouthful of wine and leaned forward slightly before kissing the black-robed man on the lips. She stuck out her tongue gently and allowed the wine to flow through.

The man had an intoxicated expression as he enjoyed himself, savoring the fragrant aroma of the woman.

All of a sudden!

A golden light appeared in the distant skies and vanished instantly.


The black-robed man’s eyes opened up and shone brightly – there was no hint of intoxication at all.

He looked over and curled his lips, grabbing the woman on the chest fiercely as he said in a relaxed manner, “Let’s go check things out.”

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