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Chapter 806: Young Master of the Black Sand Ridge

The black-robed young man seemed like he was completely immersed in merry-making with the woman beside him.

A moment later, when the spirit consciousness that shrouded him faded like the ebbing of a tide, the black-robed young man suddenly sat upright. Clarity returned to his eyes as he rubbed his chin with a cold expression, murmuring, “Interesting.”

“What’s wrong, young master?”

The woman’s voluptuous body stuck closely onto the black-robed young man. She rubbed against his body gently and asked in a flirting manner with a coquettish tone.

The black-robed young man’s lips curled as he said with a fake smile, “Nothing much. Somebody spread his spirit consciousness earlier on and scanned me.”

“What a fool!”

The woman harrumphed and said in a pandering manner, “To think that someone would dare to check on our young master in the Black Sand Ridge. Doesn’t he know any rules at all?”

“Since this person doesn’t know any rules, I can teach them to him,”

The black-robed young man said in a seemingly casual manner. However, there was a killing intent in his tone!

“Protector Shi, Protector Cha!”


Two low-level fiend demons beside the black-robed young man appeared in a flash.

The black-robed young man spread open a map and marked out a location before saying in a deep voice, “Bring some men over quickly and surround this place first. Don’t let anyone go!”


The two protectors brought more than ten fiend demons with them and shuttled through the forest with their movement techniques, charging at full speed.

The black-robed young man sat on his carriage and headed in the direction idly.

An hour later, the black-robed young man’s group arrived at the destination in a grand manner while Protectors Shi and Cha rushed to his side.

“Young master, nobody has left this place during this period of time!”

The two protectors exchanged glances – both of them could see the confusion in the other’s eyes.

Although they had surrounded the place, it was empty with a few hills. There weren’t even any ghosts, let alone people!

The black-robed young man stood up and surveyed his surroundings, frowning as well.

His senses couldn’t be wrong!

The golden light and the spirit consciousness that scanned him definitely came from this area – how was there nothing here?

Could that person have slipped off first after realizing something?

That wouldn’t make any sense.

The black-robed young man’s expression darkened.

He did not express any hostility or killing intent when the unknown spirit consciousness scanned him – could that person have been so cautious to flee right away?

The black-robed young man’s glabella shone and he spread his spirit consciousness in a radius of 500 meters. He scanned repeatedly and tried to seek for clues.

Although Protectors Shi and Cha were expressionless as they stood upright with their hands by their side, both of them cursed internally.

They had scanned the area a few times earlier on and there wasn’t even an ant around, let alone a person!

A moment later, the black-robed young man retracted his spirit consciousness and looked at the foot of a hill not far away. A mocking look flashed through his eyes as he said in a leisurely manner, “Come on out! Those visual concealment techniques won’t work against me!”

There were hundreds of demon beasts gathered in the vicinity. All of them followed the black-robed young man’s gaze but they saw nothing, only a barren hill.

All of a sudden!

The hill seemed to have turned into a water screen and ripples appeared.

A few people came out in succession.

One of them was tall with arms longer than his knees. He carried a rusty rod on his shoulders and had a prideful expression, as though he looked down on everything.

One of them was tall, muscular and walked like a hooligan. His gaze revealed a boundless might as though he was the king of all beasts!

The other two were peerlessly beautiful women.

One of them held a fan and had a slender figure that was curvaceous; her long legs were exceptionally striking.

The other one wore a fiery-red dress and looked extremely docile with delicate features. Her eyes sparkled like water and she was ravishing with a flawless complexion.

However, she carried a gigantic pitch-black umbrella in her hands which looked extremely contrasting compared to her demeanor.

Many demon beasts gasped and froze momentarily when they caught sight of the woman with the umbrella.

She was way too beautiful!

She was so beautiful that they lost their minds!

The woman beside the black-robed young man was also an exceptional beauty in the Black Sand Ridge. However, she paled in comparison in front of this young woman.

The black-robed young man’s eyes lit up when he caught sight of the two women.

However, the gaze of the woman beside him turned cold!

Right then, another person walked out from the hill.

This person wore green robes and had refined features. However, his hair was the color of blood and he looked extremely demonic!

With his spirit consciousness, the black-robed young man had long determined that the five of them before him were low-level fiend demons.

Furthermore, they seemed like they had only just turned into fiend demons!

Under normal circumstances, five low-level fiend demons would not amount to much within the Black Sand Ridge.

However, the black-robed young man frowned slightly.

For some unknown reason, the five of them were way too calm!

The five of them hid here and had nowhere to run after he saw through their concealment technique. Theoretically, they should be flustered and uneasy instead of being so calm!

The gaze of the black-robed young man eventually settled on the young man with blood-red hair.

Although this person was also a low-level fiend demon, the black-robed young man could not see through him!

His spirit consciousness was blocked by an invisible barrier when it reached this person.

He could not even see what the true form of this person was.

The black-robed young man could roughly tell that this scarlet-haired young man should have been the one who scanned him with the spirit consciousness earlier on!

The group of them were naturally Su Zimo, monkey and the others.

Su Zimo was sizing up the black-robed young man as the latter glared at him.

He could naturally tell that this black-robed young man was the most troublesome to deal with among the hundreds of demon beasts!

The reason why they were not surprised or panicked when they were discovered was because they had no intention to hide to begin with.

Otherwise, Su Zimo would have led everyone else and left before the black-robed young man arrived.

Although they were only in the Thousand Demon Valley for slightly more than ten days, the changes in their bodies were way too great.

All of them were spirit demons when they had just entered the Thousand Demon Valley.

But now, all of them were fiend demons!

At the start, they were hunted down by many demon beasts of Howling Moon Mountain and fled frantically with nowhere to settle down.

But now, they were extremely calm despite the fact that they were surrounded by a group of demons!

The biggest reason why they did not leave was because there was no need to.

Monkey loved to fight. He had just become a fiend demon and refined his Destiny Dharmic Weapon; he was absolutely itching to fight – how could he leave without fighting someone to the end?

The spirit tiger and the others were frustrated after being hunted down as well. Now that there were people who came knocking themselves, there was naturally no way they would cower in fear.

Instead, their eyes shone with excitement and fervor!

“What great weather. It’s been a long time since I’ve exercised!”

The spirit tiger cracked his neck and stretched.


Protector Shi’s gaze burned brightly as he hollered, “Who are you guys? Why aren’t you kneeling in the face of the young master of Black Sand Ridge!”

“Pfft, pfft! Young master, huh?”

The spirit tiger pouted his lips in disdain and mocked, “How new. You might as well call me the young master of Black Tiger Ridge!”


Protector Shi was a pig that cultivated into a demon and his brains were on the slow side. He froze momentarily when he heard the spirit tiger’s words and his heart skipped a beat as he thought to himself.

‘Black Tiger Ridge? Why have I not heard of this territory before?’

‘Judging from his stance, it’s likely that he comes from a powerful background!’

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