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Chapter 803: Eighth Demon King!

Monkey was not wrong – nobody could help Su Zimo at this moment.

His danger came internally.

In other words, it was his choice to make!

If he chose to give up on the Inner Core that he had painstakingly cultivated over the years, his Golden Core could fuse with his soul and create an Essence Spirit smoothly.

However, he was indignant!

This was a cultivation technique imparted to him by Die Yue.

It was also his greatest support that helped him to get to where he was!

The Inner Core embodied special feelings for Su Zimo.

That was the reason why he had never wavered or considered giving up his Inner Core despite the damnations of the world, insults of outsiders and the infamy of being someone from a foreign race.

Similarly, he could form an Essence Spirit if he gave up on his Golden Core and fused the Inner Core with his soul.

However, that would mean that Su Zimo would become a demon fully!

He was unwilling to do that as well!

Under those circumstances where his soul was being fought for by two supreme cores, it was extremely treacherous and his soul could shatter at any moment!

Su Zimo could not be bothered any longer and took out Spirit Gathering Fruits from his storage bag, stuffing them into his mouth mindlessly.

At most, two Spirit Gathering Fruits were required for cultivators to form their Essence Spirits.

There would be no effect even if more were consumed.

However, Su Zimo couldn’t care less at the moment and took out all the Spirit Gathering Fruits in his storage bag, stuffing them into his mouth.

He knew that nothing else mattered if he could not get through this ordeal!

The Spirit Gathering Fruits turned into streams of essence qi and surged right into his Spirit Platform.

His Inner and Golden Cores fought even more intensely!

The illusory ball of light in his Spirit Platform was gradually ripped into two by the different powers and Su Zimo almost passed out when the pain seared into the depths of his soul!

The split of his soul caused a swift deterioration in the lifeforce within his body.

Any missing part of his soul would pose a huge problem to his body.

Much less the fact that his soul was ripped into two right now!

Su Zimo’s consciousness gradually sank into the endless abyss continuously.

Right then, a spark lit up in the dark abyss!

It was a flower that burned with flames.

It was the Saraca Flower Die Yue left behind for him!

The Saraca Flower blossomed on the Ashoka tree.

The Ashoka tree was one the three sacred trees of Buddhism.

Legend has it that Buddha was enlightened beneath the Ashoka tree.

The robust lifeforce contained within the Saraca Flower was the very thing that allowed Su Zimo’s Golden Core to recover completely back then!

Now that his life was hanging on a thread, the Saraca Flower had reappeared!

The Saraca Flower raised his soul and rose continuously, breaking free of the dark abyss.

The petals of the Saraca Flower withered as it blazed.

At the same time, a rich lifeforce was emanated as it burned and repaired the two incomplete parts of the soul!

After a period of time, the Saraca Flower was burned completely and the massive lifeforce it possessed healed the two incomplete parts of the soul completely.

Although the soul was ripped into two, it became two whole souls after the nurturing from the Saraca Flower’s lifeforce!

The Inner and Golden Cores fused within.

The two incorporeal light bodies gradually materialized.

Rainbow lights filled the skies above the Spirit Platform and two infants assumed lotus positions. Their features were gradually formed and glowed with a divine light that swiveled around them – they looked exactly the same as Su Zimo!

The form of an infant was the closest to Heaven and Earth.

That was the reason why a fetus was able to ensure the continuity of life even when it was unable to breathe within the sealed space in its mother’s womb.

The Nascent Soul realm represented the intent of one returning to their roots.

The two infants sat on each side and upon closer inspection, one would be able to see the differences between the two of them.

The infant on the hair had scarlet hair as red as blood. Its face had tough lines and there was a demonic aura around it.

Although it was in the shape of an infant, it gave off a faint sense of authority from its expression!

The infant on the right was filled with black hair and looked much more scholarly and weak.

Its aura was unique as well, with a hint of immortal qi, fiend nature as well as Buddhist light – it was indescribable!

The infant on the left was formed by the Inner Core.

The infant on the right was formed by the Golden Core!


Although the Saraca Flower had dispersed, Su Zimo had managed to cultivate to the Nascent Soul realm successfully!

Furthermore, there were two infants in his Spirit Platform!

The scarlet-haired infant took the lead and controlled the Spirit Platform to hold the fort of the Niwan Palace. Suddenly, Su Zimo’s aura changed and his initially black hair gradually turned into the color of blood.

It was extremely sinister, as though his hair was injected with fresh blood!

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat.

Tiny scales appeared one after another on the scarlet-haired infant’s body and lined its body completely. Two horns popped up on its head and the aura it gave off became extremely frightening!

Along with that, a similar transformation happened on Su Zimo’s body!

A single thought was all that was needed for Su Zimo’s dragonification!

Thereafter, the scarlet-haired infant retreated to a corner and the black-haired infant assumed a lotus position in the middle of the Spirit Platform.

Within the cave, Su Zimo’s scarlet hair gradually recovered and the evil, demonic qi around him earlier on vanished without a trace – he looked like he did not belong to the mortal realm.

Monkey and the other three surrounded Su Zimo and looked at him with dumbfounded expressions.

His methods were way too shocking!

The moment he advanced to the Nascent Soul realm, Su Zimo was able to change his appearance at will and could even alter his aura!

“I’m fine now,”

Gradually, he opened his eyes and smiled at the four faces around him.

The few of them were finally relieved when they heard that.

Su Zimo gave a faint smile. “You guys can continue to cultivate and stabilize your cultivation realms while refining your weapons. There’s no need to worry about me.”


Monkey and the others were relieved at the sight of Su Zimo’s wellbeing and dispersed to cultivate.

Su Zimo closed his eyes again and joy sparked through his heart in waves!

He had received way too many changes upon his advancement to the Nascent Soul realm!

First off, his lifespan was extended!

At the Nascent Soul realm, the lifespan of a human cultivator became 1,000 years from its original 500 years – that was a full two times!

Also, there was the increase in combat strength.

Once an Essence Spirit was cultivated, one could use it to feel Heaven and Earth and utilize Dharmic powers while releasing various Dharmic arts!

He could also begin to cultivate many other cultivation techniques as well.

For his immortality cultivation, he had two heaven-grade spirit cultivation techniques, the Purple Thunder Manual and the Great Day Rulai Sutra.

For his demonic cultivation, the full content of the eighth and ninth sections of the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness, the Yin and Yang Spirit sections, surfaced within his memories!

As Su Zimo had expected, there was an ancient Demon King associated with the contents of the Yin and Yang Spirit sections.

What he did not expect was that the ancient Demon King was a Dragon King!

The eighth Demon King had appeared!

The Yin Spirit section focused on spirit refinement.

Be it the scarlet-haired Yin Spirit or the black-haired Essence Spirit, they were both in the shape of an infant and were extremely fragile. They could not even withstand the elements, let alone sabers and swords.

An Essence Spirit would die with ease the moment it left a body!

That was the reason why be it his immortality or demonic cultivation, Su Zimo’s next priority was to refine his spirit!

The Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness said that the impurities of the Yin Spirit had to be refined so that it could become a pure spirit of Yang without Yin, known as the Yang Spirit.

For immortality cultivation, there was the saying of reverting the spirit to the void and that was the reason why the Void Reversion realm came after the Nascent Soul realm!

Be it the Yang Spirit or the Essence Spirit of the Void Reversion realm, they did not fear the elements and were truly free of the shackles of the physical body, able to roam the outside world with ease.

In fact, they could take over one’s body!

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