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Chapter 802: Arrival of Danger

After three days, the cultivation realms of monkey and the other three stabilized and they woke up one after another. They experienced Heaven and Earth through the Essence Spirits in their spirit consciousnesses and their eyes were filled with joy and surprise.

With the cultivation of their Essence Spirits, they were completely at the state of inedia and could cultivate by devouring the essence of day and night.

This was equivalent to them tempering their bodies, tendons and bones as well as refining their Essence Spirits using the Heaven and Earth powers – this was a higher level than consuming flesh!

At this point of their cultivation, powerful demon beasts would awaken the lineage memories in their bloodlines.

Their lineage memories may contain cultivation techniques to refine one’s spirit or some demonic arts.

The stronger the bloodline, the better the rewards of their lineage memories would be.

For ancient remnant beasts and pure-blooded ferocious beasts, they would have their own unique lineage memories.

Although monkey was already awake, his eyes were squinted, as though he was experiencing something.

The origin of his bloodline was unknown but it was definitely extraordinary!

His bloodshot eyes alone were proof of that.

The spirit tiger was originally a plain demon beast without any lineage memories. Even when he cultivated the Void Thunder Manual later on, he merely underwent a blood marrow swap that improved on his body’s fundamental qualities.

But right now, the spirit tiger was clearly in a state where he was receiving lineage memories!

The lineage came from the four tiger claws in the Astral Dragon Sputum Lair!

The four tiger claws were infused into the spirit tiger’s body and naturally passed down their lineage memories.

The bloodline of the Bi Fang flowed within Qing Qing’s body and she naturally had lineage memories as well.

Little Fox possessed many secret skills from her lineage of the Fox race as well.

Monkey and the other three needed time to digest their current state of being as fresh fiend demons; it wasn’t just to comprehend their lineage memories, they had to sense Heaven and Earth using their Essence Spirits as well.

They could finally refine the weapons they obtained from the Astral Dragon Sputum Lair as well.

“First, go and cultivate. We’ll guard here,”

Monkey came beside Su Zimo and said,


Su Zimo did not decline and headed into the depths of the cave. He assumed a lotus position and closed his eyes to gather his qi in peace.

Unknowingly, an odd sensation surged through his heart.

Although his eyes were closed, he seemed like he could ‘see’ every corner of his body, including his organs and meridians!

It was a mysterious sensation.

It was like the legendary ‘Inner Vision’.

Su Zimo could see two gigantic cores that were swiveling slowly!

One of them was in his chest, a blood core with a scarlet glow.

The other was in his abdomen, a Golden Core with a blinding glare.

The auras of the two gigantic cores were starkly different.

At this moment, the power of both cores were at their limits and they vibrated, as though they wanted to break free from their core chambers and surge into the air!

Su Zimo felt a wave of boundless Heaven and Earth powers.

He had never felt that Heaven and Earth were so close to him.

It was as though he could feel the breathing of Heaven and Earth as well as its pulse!

The next moment, Su Zimo saw the layer of ‘void’.

The so-called ‘void’ was the shackles from Heaven and Earth that bound a cultivator.

To cultivate was to go against the heavens and break through the realms to expand one’s lifespan – they were breaking free from the shackles implemented on every single living being by Heaven and Earth!

There was an ancient saying in the cultivation world that one could see their spirit as long as they could break through the void.

The breakthrough of the void was actually referring to the breaking free of that shackle!

The two gigantic cores within his body were what he needed to break through and free himself!

Su Zimo no longer repressed himself.

His Inner Core transformed into a streak of blood light and his Golden Core turned into a streak of golden light. Both of them left their core chambers at the same time and surged into the layer of void within his body!

Bang! Bang!

Two gigantic explosions burst forth in the void above his Inner Core and Golden Cores.

Su Zimo shuddered.

The void shuddered as well, but nothing unusual happened to it.

His Inner and Golden Cores fell and hovered in midair momentarily before launching another attack upwards!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The two cores clashed against the void endlessly and released earthshaking explosions!

The void quivered and finally, ripples appeared one after another.

For ordinary Perfected Beings, they only had a single Golden Core within their body when they broke through the voids and released themselves from the shackles.

However, Su Zimo had two cores!

Not only that, his Inner Core was created through cultivating the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness and possessed frightening strength.

His Golden Core contained the essence of the immortal, Buddhist and fiend Daos as well!

No void or shackles could withstand the burst power from these two supreme cores!

This was also the reason why it was relatively simpler for paragons among Perfected Beings to advance to the Nascent Soul realm.

The power of a Golden Core within any Perfected Being that could be referred to as a paragon was definitely superior compared to others.

The stronger the power of one’s Golden Core, the easier it was for them to break through the void!

Before long, a series of cracks surfaced on the layer of void and it was on the brink of shattering after the repeated bursts from the Inner and Golden Core!

Everything went smoothly.

However, Su Zimo’s expression darkened.

For any other cultivator, the danger of breaking through to the Nascent Soul realm might have been the process of breaking through the voids.

After all, it would be a failure if they could not break through the layer of void and their Golden Cores would rupture internally, leading to their deaths.

However, Su Zimo’s situation was different from others!

His danger probably came after his breakthrough of the void!

Su Zimo did not dare to be distracted and focused on breaking through the void barrier wholeheartedly.

“Bang!” Boom! “Bang!”

Finally, a loud explosion echoed after the relentless attacks.

The void shattered!

Instantly, Su Zimo felt a weight lifted from his body, as though an invisible shackle was broken.

His glabella shone with a light spot.

His body was connected to Heaven and Earth and the Niwan Palace had appeared!

Su Zimo caught sight of an incorporeal body of light within the Niwan Palace.

That body of light was his soul!

He would not have been able to see the existence of his soul if he had not broken through the void!

His Inner and Golden Cores charged into the Niwan Palace and a resplendent light filled the entire chamber instantly. It was white all over and reflected the palace within the depths of his glabella flawlessly!

Immediately after was the formation of his Essence Spirit.

The soul was incorporeal and a corporeal object that resembled an infant would be formed after the Golden Core was fused into the soul – that was the Essence Spirit!

Su Zimo took out a Spirit Gathering Fruit from his storage bag and consumed it.

The Spirit Gathering Fruit melted right away in his mouth and a ball of essence qi surged into his Spirit Platform.

With the push of the ball of essence qi, Su Zimo’s Inner and Golden Cores pushed his soul at the same time!

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat and he sensed danger!

There was naturally no issue for any other cultivator once their Golden Core fused with their soul.

However, his body did not merely contain the Golden Core – he had an Inner Core as well!

In other words, the likely outcome if both his Golden and Inner Cores fought for his soul at the same time would be…

Before he could finish that thought, he felt a series of excruciating pains from his soul!

Su Zimo howled in pain and collapsed with his head facing the air. His body trembled uncontrollably as he coiled up with a pale expression.

Monkey and the others were initially refining their weapons at the entrance of the cave. All of them jumped in shock when they heard the commotion.

“Young Master!”

Little Fox yelped with a flustered expression and dashed towards Su Zimo.

“Don’t go!”

Monkey held her back with a grim look on his face. “If he receives any external disturbances at a moment like this, there’s a chance that he might not make it through the tribulation!”

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