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Chapter 788: Great Day Rulai Sutra

The Golden Core Phenomenon Ranking this time round was different from the past.

More than half the cultivators on the ranking had died.

Apart from some weapons and cultivation techniques as rewards, the remaining cultivators obtained many Soul Nourishing Blood Ginseng as well.

It was a necessary expendable item after they advanced to the Nascent Soul and cultivated their Essence Spirits.

A moment later, Su Zimo, Ming Zhen, Pang Yue and the other cultivators in the top ten of the Phenomenon Ranking arrived at the foot of the Myriad Phenomenon Peak.

Perfected Lord Yu Jun took a deep breath and conjured multiple hand seals before tapping his glabella gently with his forefinger.

His glabella shone and a ray of his spirit consciousness shot forward onto the Ancient Phenomenon Stele.


The ancient stele vibrated violently as though it was about to be uprooted!

Immediately after, the Ancient Phenomenon Stele emitted rays of light that scattered onto Su Zimo and the others; it was musky and hazy.

It was a curious sensation.

Su Zimo felt as though the Ancient Phenomenon Stele was alive!

It was as though a life was awakened within the ancient stele and it was staring at him.

A mysterious power cruised through every single corner of his body like a stream of water. It was gentle and calm – the life seemed as though it wanted to see through everything there was to Su Zimo!

The other few people experienced the same sensation.

However, not long after, the light on Ming Zhen and the others dissipated. Thereafter, one or two items that glowed brightly would appear above their heads.

An ancient lantern with a bronze green shade hovered over Ming Zhen’s head.

The flame within the lantern was extinguished and yet, the lantern’s body shone with a mysterious glow.

A yellow scroll was beside the ancient lantern.

Green Lantern Yellow Scroll!

The yellow scroll was a cultivation technique secret skill, but nobody could see its contents and what grade it was.

However, six Dharmic patterns could faintly be seen on the green lantern!

It was a connate Dharmic weapon!

Many cultivators gripped their fists tightly with fervent gazes.

Everyone was moved by the appearance of a connate Dharmic weapon!

However, everyone knew that none of them was a match for Ming Zhen the young monk despite his unassuming appearance!

Right now, he was a part of Dapamkara Monastery and was protected by Monk Yin Lu.

Furthermore, he was also someone on Su Zimo’s side.

Even without those, Ming Zhen’s strength was enough to shock everyone present.

“Well, well, well!”

Monk Yin Lu nodded repeatedly.

The green lantern was just right for Ming Zhen and the yellow scroll seemed like it was an extraordinary item as well!

A long blade with a sheath appeared above Dugu Jian’s head and a manual of a sword technique.

The handle and sheath of the sword were both pitch-black.

If one did not focus their gaze, they might mistake it to be a black rod.

“It seems like there are six Dharmic patterns?”

“Indeed, it’s another connate Dharmic weapon!”

“The rewards for the Phenomenon Ranking this time round are way too awesome! There are two connate Dharmic weapons already!”

In the previous Phenomenon Rankings, it was already quite amazing if there was a single connate Dharmic weapon among the rewards.

“Hurry, take a look at that gigantic spear above Pang Yue’s head!”

“Huh? It’s another connate Dharmic weapon!”

Unlike Ming Zhen and Dugu Jian, Pang Yue’s rewards did not include any cultivation technique or secret skill – there was only a single weapon.

Even so, it was enough for outsiders to be envious.


Pang Yue burst into laughter and reached out to grab the gigantic spear above his head.

His figure sank the moment he caught the gigantic spear.

It was heavy!

The gigantic spear was around thirty feet long and the tip of its spear was two-pronged and shone with a cold glint.

Mysterious patterns were etched on the body of the spear and it blended well with the spear tip to give off a domineering aura!

For ordinary cultivators, it would be impossible to utilize a gigantic spear that was this clumsy and heavy; it was only suitable for a cultivator that was as muscular and massive as Pang Yue.

Many cultivators turned towards Su Zimo instinctively after the birth of three connate Dharmic weapons.

“Eh? Strange.”

“Why hasn’t the light on Su Zimo’s body dissipated?”

Su Zimo’s eyes were tightly shut and he was motionless.

The ‘water current’ from the Ancient Phenomenon Stele washed through his body time and again.

Su Zimo had a feeling that the life within the Ancient Phenomenon Stele seemed to be trying its best to scan his body and uncover his secrets, but it could not do it!

An unknown period of time passed.

Finally, the light on Su Zimo’s body dissipated gradually.

Two items hovered above his head as well.

However, both of them seemed antiquated and did not glow at all.

One of them was an ancient book.

It should be a cultivation technique or secret skill but nobody could tell.

The other was a bare green lotus platform that was incomparably dark without any patterns. It was so battered that nobody would bother to pick it up if it was thrown at the side of a road.

“What are those?”

“I’ve got no idea. They have no Dharmic patterns either so they must be trash.”

“The rewards for the Phenomenon Ranking this time round have already been extraordinary with the birth of three connate Dharmic weapons. There can’t be any other good things appearing.”

“Su Zimo’s luck sure is pathetic.”

Many cultivators discussed softly.

“That doesn’t make sense,”

Lin Xuanji glared at the two items that hovered in midair and frowned, murmuring slightly, “This lad managed to take away quite a bit of the dragon vein back in the Astral Dragon Sputum Lair and he is imbued with great fortune. This shouldn’t be the case, right?”

“Could that cultivation technique be way too shocking?”

Out of curiosity, Lin Xuanji headed forward and asked softly, “What is that cultivation technique?”

Su Zimo retrieved the ancient book from midair and flipped it open gently. Four words were written on the first page – Great Day Rulai Sutra!

Lin Xuanji was stunned when he saw the four words.

Su Zimo’s pupils constricted slightly.

As the current generation’s successor of Enigma Palace, Lin Xuanji had a vast knowledge of things and naturally knew the origin of that cultivation technique.

Su Zimo resided at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley for 20 years and learned the skills of Fahua and Daming Monasteries. Furthermore, he recited sutras, paid respect to Buddha and comprehended Zen daily. As such, he knew quite a lot of things about the Buddhist monasteries as well.

In the ancient era when the path of cultivation was first civilized, the Buddhist monasteries were not part of the major factions that they were known as today.

The Great Day Rulai Sutra was a mystic classic of the Buddhist monasteries back in the ancient era and was a heaven-grade cultivation technique for refining one’s spirit.

It was said that when cultivated to its peak, this cultivation technique could create the supreme Dharma Characteristic of the Buddhist monasteries, the Rulai Dharmic Body!

A single arm raise could destroy the world and subdue fiends!

Su Zimo put the mystic classic of the Buddhist monasteries away in his storage bag without emotions.

Even if any other heaven-grade cultivation techniques were revealed, many cultivators would covet them, let alone the Great Day Rulai Sutra.

Right now, coupled with the Purple Thunder Manual that was in his storage bag, Su Zimo possessed two heaven-grade cultivation techniques meant for spirit refinement.

Given such conditions, the progression of his cultivation path would require much less effort after he advanced to the Nascent Soul realm!

Su Zimo raised his head and looked at the battered green lotus platform in midair with furrowed brows.

He was the number one of the Phenomenon Ranking – there was no way the Ancient Phenomenon Stele was going to give him any casual trash item.

However, he could not tell what was special about that green lotus platform.

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat as he turned towards the three Nascent Souls who were not far away.

Perfected Lord Yu Jun turned to look at Monk Yin Lu beside him and asked deeply, “If I’m not wrong, this green lotus platform should be that legendary object, right?”

“It should be,”

Monk Yin Lu had a stern expression as he nodded.

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