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Chapter 789: Legend of the Immortal World

Su Zimo asked, “Seniors, may I ask you guys what this is?”

“Creation Green Lotus?”

Three words sounded from Monk Yin Lu’s mouth.

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat.

There were only brief descriptions of the Creation Green Lotus recorded within the Sutra Chamber at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley.

Su Zimo only knew that the Creation Green Lotus was once an Emperor weapon of the Buddhist monasteries!

Emperor weapons were the Destiny Dharmic Treasures of emperors themselves and possessed the might and force of an emperor – they were even stronger than the Dharma treasures used by Patriarchs of the Mahayana realm!

However, why was a legendary Emperor weapon in this state?

The lotus platform was old and dark without any life. In fact, it was barren without any petals on it.

Monk Yin Lu could see the confusion in Su Zimo’s eyes and explained, “The Creation Green Lotus before you has withered, that’s why it’s in such a state.”


Su Zimo was even more puzzled.

How could weapons be withered?

Monk Yin Lu continued, “The Creation Green Lotus has to be nourished by one’s Essence Spirit to trigger its lifeforce so that it can regrow its petals and lotus seed.”

“Legend has it that there are nine grades to the Creation Green Lotus and at its highest level, it is called the Grade Nine Creation Green Lotus. Of course, there are also legends that state that the highest grade is twelve.”

Monk Yin Lu paused for a moment before shaking his head. “Naturally, it doesn’t matter whether it is nine or twelve. The reason for that is because the highest graded Creation Green Lotus that has ever appeared in Tianhuang Mainland was only at the eighth grade!”

“How many grades is this current lotus seat?” Su Zimo could not help but ask.


Monk Yin Lu smiled.


Su Zimo smiled as well when he heard that.

How could this green lotus be graded when it was already withered?

“What do the grades actually mean and how do you differentiate them?”

Su Zimo was filled with curiosity and asked again.

“The Creation Green Lotus’s lifeforce will be triggered when it is nourished by one’s Essence Spirit. When it is filled, it will undergo a creation process and experience a reincarnation cycle.”

Monk Yin Lu explained, “The grades refer to how many times a Creation Green Lotus has reincarnated. Each time it reincarnates, it will create a layer of nine green lotus petals and nine lotus seeds. That’s the Grade One Creation Green Lotus.”

“When its growth reaches its limits, the Grade One Creation Green Lotus will undergo a second reincarnation and a second layer of petals with nine new lotus seeds will be created on the lotus seat, so on and so forth.”

Su Zimo roughly understood.

The simplest way of determining the grade of a Creation Green Lotus was through looking at the layers of petals on the lotus seat.

The Grade Nine Creation Green Lotus would have nine layers of petals.

The density of the stacked petals could be imagined as they lined up densely within with the smallest petals deepest before blossoming outward with the larger petals outside!

Monk Yin Lu pondered for a moment and continued, “At grade four, the Creation Green Lotus can match a connate Perfected Lord Dharmic weapon! At grade five, it can go against a Void Reversion Dharmic weapon!”

“The Creation Green Lotus itself possesses mystical power which is something that many connate Dharmic weapons cannot match.”

Even connate Dharmic weapons could not match it!

That was a remarkable appraisal!

Su Zimo looked at the battered green lotus seat in his palm and a blaze was ignited within his heart.

This was even more precious than connate Dharmic weapons!


Suddenly, Monk Yin Lu sighed. “Actually, I don’t know whether this Creation Green Lotus is a blessing or curse for you.”


Su Zimo was stunned.

How could a treasure as such be a curse?

Monk Yin Lu continued, “For the Creation Green Lotus to grow, the nourishment from one’s Essence Spirit is required. Furthermore, the power of Essence Spirit that it requires is extremely immense and nobody can handle it!”

“Throughout history, the Creation Green Lotus has been passed down and moved between dozens of paragons. However, most of them ended up being burdened by it. Gradually, nobody wanted to touch it anymore.”

When a cultivator uses his Essence Spirit to nourish the green lotus, it was only natural for his cultivation progress to stagnate.

“That’s the reason why the highest graded Creation Green Lotus in Tianhuang Mainland is only grade eight.”

Monk Yin Lu continued, “Throughout history, the ancient Buddha Emperor was the only one who nurtured the Grade Eight Creation Green Lotus thanks to his unparalleled wisdom, determination and boldness. This is an Emperor weapon that was recorded in the ancient manuals.”

“Even with the power of the Buddha Emperor, he did not dare to attempt to grow it to grade nine!”

Su Zimo had a calm expression.

He was not worried about that.

Right now, he was in possession of two heaven-grade cultivation techniques meant for the spirit, the Purple Thunder Manual and Great Day Rulai Sutra. Be it in terms of cultivation speed or the purity of his Essence Spirit, he would definitely be the strongest in history!

Su Zimo refused to believe that he could not refine the Creation Green Lotus even with two heaven-grade cultivation techniques.

“The reason why this Creation Green Lotus is so mystical is because it isn’t something from Tianhuang Mainland,”

Slowly, Perfected Lord Yu Jun said, “Legend has it that it came from the immortal world!”


Su Zimo was in the midst of contemplating how he should nurture the Creation Green Lotus. At the mention of ‘immortal world’, his heart skipped a beat and he spun around, asking hurriedly, “What’s the immortal world? Where is it? How do I get there?”

This was the first time Su Zimo had heard of the words ‘immortal world’.

Immediately, he thought about Die Yue.

Before she left, she once said that they were not from the same world.

Along his path of cultivation, Su Zimo gradually realized that Die Yue must have headed to a vast world of another level.

Furthermore, there was a high chance that the world was the legendary ethereal immortal world!

Perfected Lord Yu Jun gave a bitter laugh. “There’s no way a cultivator of my level knows where’s the immortal world or how I should get there.”

Su Zimo gradually calmed down and realized that his question was rather abrupt.

“The immortal world is only the way the immortal sects refer to it,”

As though he could read Su Zimo’s mind, Perfected Lord Yu Jun elaborated, “Those of the fiend sects call it the fiend world and those of the Buddhist monasteries call it the Pure Land.”

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat.

In that case, wouldn’t those from the demon race call it the demon world?

“In any case, there is definitely another world as such outside of Tianhuang Mainland, somewhere where experts are abundant and immortals and fiends tread! Many people refer to it differently and some people just call it the upper world.”

“It is said that a portion of the ancient emperors have ascended to the upper world as well.”

Su Zimo’s heart could not help but race at the mention of that.

He gulped and tried his best to compose himself before asking slowly, “Senior, may I ask if you’ve heard of something called the great wilderness within the upper world?”

“Great wilderness?”

Perfected Lord Yu Jun pondered carefully with a lost expression before shaking his head.

Su Zimo felt relieved.

Perfected Lord Yu Jun was merely at Nascent Soul realm and even if he knew anything about the immortal world, it was merely hearsay – he wouldn’t be in direct contact with it.

Su Zimo believed that as his cultivation realm advanced, he would definitely find out more secrets.

The distance between him and Die Yue would decrease!

“This Creation Green Lotus is mysterious and possesses unfathomable power. You must be careful if you’re using your Essence Spirit to refine it,”

Perfected Lord Yu Jun reminded him, “If you notice anything amiss, don’t hesitate and give up on it immediately. Otherwise, it would be too late for regrets if you’re burdened by it and sapped dry completely.”

“Thank you for your reminder, senior,”

Su Zimo expressed his gratitude while his mind was filled with the legends about the immortal world.

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