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Chapter 787: Future Plans

Su Zimo wiped away the tears on Nian Qi’s face gently and handed her a storage bag with a smile. “Don’t cry anymore, here’s a storage bag for you.”

He sounded as though he was coaxing a child.

Nian Qi was both embarrassed and worked up, but she could not contain her curiosity. She received the storage bag and opened it while asking, “What’s inside?”


She exclaimed when she saw what was inside and raised her head to look at Su Zimo perplexedly.

The storage bag was densely packed with spirit weapons!

There were even countless bottles of elixirs!

Not only that, Nian Qi even caught sight of Su Zimo’s Blood Quencher, Coiling Dragon Seal, Moon Concealment Bow, Black Gold Arrows and 27 supreme-grade flying swords that had lightning streaks coiled around them…

“There’s more than 12,000 superior-grade spirit weapons, 432 supreme-grade spirit weapons, 21 perfect-grade spirit weapons, 5 connate spirit weapons and 10,800 various elixirs,”

Su Zimo said, “Take this storage bag along with you when you return to the sect and hand it over to senior crane.”

Most of the weapons were obtained by him when he annihilated the Glass Palace faction after he entered the ancient battlefield.


Nian Qi was a little stunned and was unable to react.

Su Zimo explained, “I’m about to advance to the Nascent Soul realm. Although these weapons are precious, I no longer have a use for them.”

“After the battle at Ethereal Peak, the other four major sects suffered great losses. Now that senior crane has advanced to the Dharma Characteristic realm, the rise of Ethereal Peak is only a matter of time and these are the items that we are lacking right now.”

This was a vast fortune!

If anyone else knew that Su Zimo had given away so many spirit weapons and elixirs casually, their eyeballs would probably pop out!

There were not only large amounts of weapons and elixirs, there were also five connate spirit weapons – this would set up a foundation that would match even Upper Sects and aristocratic families!

It won’t not be an exaggeration to claim that Su Zimo could establish his own sect given his current capabilities and treasures in his possession!

Ethereal Peak had been established for thousands of years and was considered as a major sect within the Great Zhou Dynasty. However, they were nothing much compared to the entire North Region and Tianhuang Mainland.

The foundation of Ethereal Peak was way inferior compared to the 108 Upper Sects, let alone other super sects.

The boost to Ethereal Peak will be clear if they could obtain these spirit weapons and elixirs!

Nian Qi was disappointed and asked with raised brows, “Young Master, are you not intending to return?”

Su Zimo had a conflicted expression as he replied, “I won’t be able to… return to the sect for the time being.”

He was now at odds with Glass Palace and he would only bring upon an apocalyptic disaster for Ethereal Peak if he returned!

In reality, he had already expected this situation the moment he declared war upon Glass Palace.

He no longer had any attachments to the secular realm after Su Hong’s demise and had long prepared to leave the North Region.

The Tianhuang Mainland was vast and he could take the opportunity to explore it. At the very least, he had to possess the strength to kill Dao Being Xuan Yu by the time he returned to the North Region!

Previously, Dao Being Xuan Yu beat him down to the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley at the battle in the Great Qian Ruins.

Thereafter, Su Hong’s death and the annihilation of the Yan Country were all related to Dao Being Xuan Yu. Coupled with the grudge of his severed wrist and crushed cores, there was no way Su Zimo was going to let that person off!

Nian Qi sighed gently. “Actually, master has already expected this. She said that given your character, you will definitely choose not to return so that we won’t be implicated.”

Su Zimo was silent.

A moment later, he said slowly, “However, there will definitely come a day when I will return. I will return with glory righteously!”

Ethereal Peak was good to him and everyone within had treated him well.

Otherwise, Su Zimo would not have been so generous to donate all the elixirs and spirit weapons he collected, including Blood Quencher and the Coiling Dragon Seal.


Nian Qi nodded. “She also said that Ethereal Peak was going to get stronger and stronger. There will definitely come a day when the sect will be able to protect our own disciples so that they won’t have to flee for their lives!”

If they had not sensed that the sect was going to be destroyed, how would Xuan Yi and the other leaders have allowed paragons such as Little Fatty, Ji Chengtian and the others to leave 20 years ago?

“If Blood Quencher and the Coiling Dragon Seal are all in the storage bag, what are you going to use, young master? Won’t you be in danger if you encounter Di Yin without weapons on hand?”

Nian Qi was worried.

Su Zimo replied with a cool gaze, “If I meet Di Yin again, I’ll kill him with my bare hands!”

He was not exaggerating!

If Su Zimo released his Inner Core and Golden Core along with many trump cards without restrictions, he could suppress Di Yin even if he was barehanded!

As for weapons, he had the bronze square tripod and Mystic Magnet Mountain in his storage bag.

Those two weapons alone could defend against thousands of weapons!

Furthermore, the reward for the Golden Core Phenomenon Ranking would be disseminated soon. If he was lucky, he might get his hands on a suitable Dharmic weapon.

Nian Qi pondered for a moment and asked again, “Where are you intending to head to, young master?”

Su Zimo replied, “I haven’t settled on anywhere yet,”

In truth, for the past few days, Su Zimo, monkey, the spirit tiger and everyone else already had a rough sense of direction.

They wanted to make use of the ancient battlefield to leave the North Region and explore the demon regions of Tianhuang Mainland!

Su Zimo’s identity was sensitive and he would be watched by countless people after the battle in Myriad Phenomenon City!

If he brought monkey and the others who were demon beasts with thick demonic qi along into the cultivation world, they would definitely attract endless trouble.

The best method was for them to enter the demon regions!

Once they cultivate their Essence Spirits in the demon regions, monkey, the spirit tiger and the others would be able to advance to become fiend demons. At that time, they would be able to absorb the demonic qi around them and it would be difficult for them to be discovered when they return to the cultivation world.

Monkey and the spirit tiger had resided in one of the eight demon regions, the Wild Lion Ridge, for a full 20 years. They even qualified for two positions to enter the ancient battlefield and had quite a bit of experience.

Now that the seven of them siblings were gathered together, it was not going to be difficult for them to make a name for themselves in the demon regions.

Everyone else aside, monkey was particularly excited about this.

His dream was always to be the king of a mountain and reign over a part of the world.

In the blink of an eye, a month passed.

During this period of time, many cultivators recuperated within Myriad Phenomenon City and their injuries were mostly healed.

The wounds of those with severe injuries had stabilized as well.

This day, Lin Xuanji came knocking with a smile. “Brother Su, let’s go! The Ancient Phenomenon Stele is opening up today. Let’s see what rewards there are for the Phenomenon Ranking this time round!”


Su Zimo’s eyes lit up and he nodded his head; he was looking forward to this.

Many cultivators came forth from their respective seclusions and headed towards the Myriad Phenomenon Peak.

Although the cultivators on the Phenomenon Ranking were the only ones who would get the rewards, many cultivators wanted to join the crowd and see if any connate Dharmic weapons or heaven-grade cultivation techniques would appear.

Perfected Lord Yu Jun, Perfected Lord Luo Xue and Monk Yin Lu had arrived before the Myriad Phenomenon Peak long ago.

Scabs had already formed on the injuries of Perfected Lord Luo Xue and Monk Yin Lu after a month and there wouldn’t be any sequelae either.

However, Perfected Lord Yu Jun was severely affected by the loss of his arm.

There was no hope for him to regeneration his severed limb unless he cultivated to the Conjoint Body realm!

The Conjoint Body realm was way too far ahead.

The path of cultivation was arduous and treacherous; one could lose their life with a single mistake.

How many people could guarantee that they would be able to advance to the Conjoint Body realm throughout history?

“Cultivators on the Phenomenon Ranking, come over to where I am to collect your rewards,”

Perfected Lord Yu Jun’s voice carried a hint of weakness.

The damage on his body was too great with the loss of his arm!

Only the top ten cultivators on the Phenomenon Ranking were qualified to select their treasures from the Ancient Phenomenon Stele. The rewards for the other cultivators were disseminated by cultivators of Enigma Palace.

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