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Chapter 786: Nian Qi’s Identity

Su Zimo’s group settled down in the grand hall of Enigma Palace for the time being.

Everyone was rather severely injured and thankfully, their conditions turned better after they consumed the elixirs provided by Xiaoning and rested for a couple of days. It would take around a month for them to recover fully.

Su Zimo’s body was pierced by the sharp thorns of the Rakshasa race’s chain and his right arm was severed by the God race leader.

His stamina was completely spent after his consecutive battles. However, it merely took a few days for him to mostly heal up and the injuries left by the sharp thorn chain were completely recovered and scabs had even formed!

His severed right arm was joined together again.

A few more days and he would be perfectly fine as before!

His regeneration speed was something that even the three Nascent Souls could not match!

“Will anything happen to Night Spirit?”

It had been a few days since Night Spirit chased after the remaining Rakshasas but he had yet to return. Worried, Qing Qing could not help but ask.

“Don’t worry, he’s fine,”

Su Zimo smiled gently.

There was probably nothing in this ancient battlefield that could hurt Night Spirit!

Although there were less than ten Rakshasas that escaped, all of them fled in different directions – it would indeed take some effort to kill them off completely.

The image of Night Spirit’s final exchange against the Rakshasa leader flashed through Su Zimo’s mind and he fell into deep thought.

The Rakshasa leader seemed to have discovered something at the final, critical moment and merely managed to utter two words before he was killed by Night Spirit.

What was Night Spirit’s secret?

What was his relationship with the Rakshasa race?

Suddenly, Su Zimo’s heart stirred and he raised his head.

A figure appeared outside the door like a phantom, leaving behind a series of afterimages in his wake. He entered the grand hall without having to step fully onto the ground with his footsteps – it was Night Spirit who was gone for several days!

Night Spirit looked well-worn and tired.

From the looks of things, he must not have rested for the past few days.

“Is everything fine now?”

Su Zimo advanced and asked softly.

Night Spirit nodded. He looked at Su Zimo’s eyes and avoided the latter’s gaze; it seemed as though he wanted to speak but held himself back.

He was conflicted internally.

Honesty should have been a must between brothers, but his secret was way too shocking – he did not know what might change if he revealed it.

Su Zimo could read Night Spirit’s mind and gave a casual smile before patting the latter on the shoulder. “Nothing can stand between us, you don’t have to feel troubled. We’ll speak again when you feel like you’re ready,”


Night Spirit felt a burden lifted off his shoulders.

Monkey, the spirit tiger and everyone else gathered around with concerned expressions. However, all of them had a tacit understanding and did not press him about his secret.

“Young Master,”

Right then, Nian Qi arrived beside Su Zimo and bowed deeply towards him.

Su Zimo flicked his sleeves and helped her stand with a smile. “You’ve already joined Ethereal Peak so we can be considered as sect mates. There’s no need for such ceremonial acts.”

Nian Qi shook her head hurriedly and said with a serious expression. “No, that won’t do. Even though I’ve joined Ethereal Peak, you are still my benefactor, young master.”

She paused for a moment and her eyes flickered. Pouting her lips, she said with slight embarrassment, “Furthermore, I’m your little maidservant. It’s only normal for me to greet you as such.”

Previously, Su Zimo hid in the capital of Great Zhou to avoid the pursuit of the Dragon race. There, he founded Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop and adopted Nian Qi.

She resided in Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop for more than two years during that period of time and assisted Su Zimo with chores and tidying up, staying as a maidservant.

There were not many people that knew about it and monkey and the others were shocked.

The spirit tiger seemed to have thought of something as he stood in a corner and smirked foolishly at Su Zimo, making eyes towards the latter.

Little Fox gripped her fists slightly and looked at Nian Qi with a nervous expression. Her body was tense and there was even a hint of hostility in the depths of her eyes.

A fragrance wafted over.

Demoness Ji closed in beside Su Zimo with a pitiable expression as she begrudged, “I wonder if you need more maidservants by your side, Young Master Su. I’m willing to be one too.”

“Cut it out, what are you doing!”

Su Zimo rolled his eyes and replied curtly.

He could naturally tell that Demoness Ji was teasing him.

“I’m sorry, young master,”

Nian Qi pinched the hem of her clothes and said softly with a lowered head, “I did not tell the truth and hid my identity from you.”

Back in the capital of Great Zhou, Su Zimo had already asked Nian Qi about her background.

She merely said that her parents were dead and she was homeless without elaborating more about anything else; Su Zimo did not press her further either.

Su Zimo waved it off. “Your identity is unique so it’s only normal for you to hide it.”

“What’s her identity?”

Shi Jian was confused and looked at Little Fatty before asking softly.

“There’s no wonder why you’re Silly Jian! Are you foolish or what!”

Little Fatty face-palmed himself and lamented.

In reality, although nobody mentioned it, everyone present was sharp and could roughly guess.

Although there were only seven people from the God race that arrived, the fact that they captured Nian Qi alive instead of killing her was an issue to begin with.

She was extremely beautiful with a smooth complexion and exquisite features – a single look at her was enough to surprise anyone.

However, the true problem arose when Nian Qi was compared to the seven God race beings!

Her bearings were way too similar to theirs!

The only difference was that the God race possessed golden hair that fell like a waterfall while Nian Qi’s hair was yellow and withered.

However, Su Zimo knew.

He knew that the difference was non-existent as well!

Previously, in the battle at Ethereal Peak, when Nian Qi was pushed to desperation, a mysterious power awakened within her and her combat strength exploded. Her initially withered, yellow hair turned silky smooth as well!

That was the only way many questions were resolved.

It was why Nian Qi was able to cultivate even without a spirit root.

Furthermore, her cultivation speed was extremely fast and she possessed naturally immense strength!

It was why she looked the same after more than 20 years and still resembled the young girl from the past.

It was because she carried the blood of the God race in her body!

The God race had an extremely long lifespan!

20 years was almost negligible in the long lifespan of the God race and that was why she did not have much changes!

Back when Night Spirit first met Nian Qi, he behaved unusually and ran around her to sniff wildly, as though he had discovered something.

On hindsight, Night Spirit must have already smelled the aura of the God race from Nian Qi despite the fact that he was only a cub!

Nian Qi’s gaze dimmed as she said softly, “However, there are some things that I did not lie to you about, young master. It’s true that my parents are dead. My mother is from the God race while my father is a human. Half of the blood that flows through my body is from the God race.”

Her tone was calm as she explained, but there was a deep hint of sorrow.

“Because of my impure bloodline, I’m considered as someone from a foreign race within the God race and was an outcast. That was the reason why I escaped and wandered outside homeless. That was the case until I met you, young master.”

It was not hard to imagine how the young girl before them must have suffered in the hands of the God race without the protection of her parents.

“Everything is in the past now,”

Su Zimo consoled her softly with a tender gaze, “You only have to remember that from now on, if you don’t wish to return, nobody will be able to force you to.”

Nian Qi pursed her cherry lips when she heard that and her eyes reddened; she almost cried out.

Everyone understood what they had to do and dispersed when they saw that.

“To think that she’s from the God race!”

The Golden Lion looked shocked and murmured as he walked away, “First is truly strong to be able to have a maidservant from the God race!”

That was one of the Primordial Nine Races!

How domineering were they in Myriad Phenomenon City just a couple of days ago?

Who would have thought that Su Zimo already had an underling from the God race more than 20 years ago!

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