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Chapter 785: Reward for the Number One

“Green Thunder Armor!”

Perfected Lord Tian Ming’s eyes widened and he roared as he channeled his Essence Spirit wildly.

Dharmic powers surged and rays of green-colored thunderbolts sizzled across the surface of his body in a blinding manner!

At that moment, the blood qi had surged over and engulfed his body entirely. Outsiders could merely see a massive blood mist that rumbled in midair.

It was grisly scarlet!

Green thunderbolts could be seen faintly flashing from within the blood mist.

However, nobody could see the figures of both people within!

The Green Thunder Armor released by Perfected Lord Tian Ming was a secret skill from the heaven-grade cultivation technique, the Green Thunder Manual. It made use of Dharmic powers to create an armor of thunder around the surface of one’s body to defend against harm.

It was a cultivation technique passed down by the Thunder Emperor and was extremely powerful.

Coupled with the fact that the power of thunder had an extreme Yang nature and was tough, it was the most effective in countering evil and demons.

Perfected Lord Tian Ming should be the one with an advantage in a clash of power as such.

However, that was not the case!


There was a jarring sound.

The glow of the green thunder dimmed rapidly when it collided against the rich blood qi.

One after another, streams of scarlet blood qi crawled across Perfected Lord Tian Ming’s thunder armor vest endlessly like spirit snakes and penetrated every single opening!

The Blood Refinement Fiend Sutra was a cultivation technique of the evil fiends.

However, right now, Su Zimo was using the power of his bloodline.

Even the God race of the Primordial Nine Races could not match his bloodline!


Perfected Lord Tian Ming howled.

He could clearly sense the blood within his body rumbling in an uncontrollable manner.

His bloodline was expanding!

His heart raced and seemed like it was about to explode.

His bloodline was about to burst forth from his body!

Legend has it that back in the past, when Dao Lord Blood Fiend cultivated to his peak, all he had to do was open his mouth slightly and weaker cultivators would have their essence blood devoured in the blink of an eye helplessly!

It was extremely terrifying!

Even the ancient emperors might not be comparable to the Dao Lord Blood Fiend in terms of cultivation comprehension of one’s bloodline!


The stalemate did not last for long before Perfected Lord Tian Ming turned into a ball of blood – his essence blood was drawn out from his body completely and fused within the blood mist in midair.

His Essence Spirit was destroyed instantly with the rush of the blood qi!

It was a true annihilation of his body and spirit!

“It’s over.”

Perfected Lord Yu Jun and the other two sensed it the moment Perfected Lord Tian Ming died.

The fight for the Phenomenon Ranking this time round was filled with turmoils and bloodshed. Finally, everything came to an end.

“The Blood Refinement Fiend Sutra has reappeared once more. I truly don’t know if this is a blessing or misfortune for Tianhuang Mainland,” Monk Yin Lu sighed internally.

Perfected Lord Yu Jun turned over as well.

Both of them could see the worry in the other’s eyes.

The blood mist in midair swiveled slowly and formed a gigantic vortex. Finally, everything converged into Su Zimo’s body and eventually vanished.

Su Zimo stood in midair and his blood-colored long hair danced. His eyes were bloodshot and the murderous, evil aura he emanated was shuddering!

Many cultivators merely glanced at his bloodshot eyes and felt their blood qis rumble as their hearts pounded.

Right now, it was clear that Su Zimo’s mental state was affected and he might veer onto the wrong path.

If he were to conduct a massacre right now, nobody would be able to stop him!

Silence engulfed Myriad Phenomenon City.

Out of more than 50,000 cultivators, nobody dared to speak.

They were afraid that they might trigger Su Zimo with the slightest activity and get themselves killed!

After a period of time, Su Zimo’s bloodshot eyes faded and his blood-colored hair returned to normal as well.

He descended slowly and swept his cold gaze across the crowd not far away.

The cultivators who were discussing whether Su Zimo should be killed earlier on had their heads slumped and did not dare to meet his gaze.

Previously, there were quite a number among them who even encircled and attacked Little Fatty and the others.

If Su Zimo wanted to make them pay for it, none of them would be able to escape!

Many cultivators were jittery and had frightful expressions.

After a long silence, Su Zimo slowly said, “There have been too many people who have died today. I don’t wish to kill anymore, all of you can leave.”

Many cultivators left hurriedly in relief.

Right now, the power of Su Zimo’s Inner Core and Golden Core has dried up completely.

However, his bloodline was more than half recovered after what he devoured!

The feeling of control was nice.

In fact, Su Zimo had an urge to devour and refine all the bloodlines of the cultivators who had died in Myriad Phenomenon City into his body!

It was an extremely frightening thought!

If he could not control it, there was a chance that he could turn into a murderous fiend!

“This Blood Refinement Fiend Sutra is truly evil. I must not use it anymore in the future!”

Su Zimo thought to himself.

The death of Perfected Lord Tian Ming meant that the catastrophe of Myriad Phenomenon City had ended completely.

The cultivators who survived gathered with their sect mates and consumed elixirs and medicine.

Some of the itinerant cultivators went their own ways; they did not leave the city but instead found quiet spots to rest and recuperate.

“Brother Su, fellow Daoists,”

Lin Xuanji cupped his fists towards Su Zimo, Little Fatty and the others. “Everyone is severely injured right now. If you leave Myriad Phenomenon City at this time, chances are you will come across ferocious beasts that wander around the ancient battlefield. Please rest well in the city first before making further plans,”


Su Zimo contemplated briefly and agreed to it.

With this, there was no longer a need for him to stay in Myriad Phenomenon City. However, he was in no rush and might as well recuperate here as he awaited Night Spirit’s return.


Lin Xuanji thought for a moment and continued, “You’re number one for the Golden Core Phenomenon Ranking this time round. There’s rewards for you!”

Normally speaking, the cultivators of Enigma Palace would disseminate the rewards for the cultivators based on their rankings after the Phenomenon Ranking was confirmed.

However, too many things had happened for the fight of the Phenomenon Ranking this time round!

Although there was an outcome between Su Zimo and Di Yin’s fight, it caused a fight between the Nascent Souls as well. Furthermore, the two of them killed their way out of Myriad Phenomenon City one after the other.

By the time Su Zimo returned, the Rakshasa and God race had already arrived and there was no chance for him to receive his rewards.

Fame was secondary to Su Zimo when he fought for the top of the Phenomenon Ranking – the rewards were the main draw!

The rewards for the number one of the Phenomenon Ranking were extremely enticing.

There was even a chance for him to get his hands on heaven-grade cultivation techniques or connate Dharmic weapons!

Su Zimo would definitely advance to the Nascent Soul realm if nothing untoward happened after he left the ancient battlefield.

Even at this moment, he did not possess a connate Dharmic weapon that belonged to him.

The old monk at the Dragon Burial Valley told him that if he could obtain a connate Dharmic weapon when he was at Nascent Soul realm, he could refine it to become his Destiny Dharmic Weapon!

The power and level of the Dharmic weapon would rise alongside his own cultivation realm.

However, its grade would not change and would always be at connate grade!

Although Su Zimo looked forward to the rewards as the number one of the Phenomenon Ranking, he knew that now was not the time for it.

Myriad Phenomenon City was a tragic sight with rivers of blood and corpses strewn everywhere.

Many cultivators were severely injured and Perfected Lord Yu Jun had even lost an arm!

“There’s no rush,”

Su Zimo replied, “We’ll talk about it after Senior Yu Jun recovers. I’ll stay in the city for a period of time.”

“That’s good,”

Lin Xuanji smiled and nodded.

The rewards for the number one of the Phenomenon Ranking were extraordinary and required a Nascent Soul of Enigma Palace to channel his Essence Spirit using Enigma Palace’s secret skill to activate the Ancient Phenomenon Stele.

The Ancient Phenomenon Stele had a dimension of its own.

Within it were countless mystical treasures, weapons and cultivation techniques.

The sort of treasures one would obtain would depend on his fortune and fate.

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