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Chapter 781: Settled Dust


The gigantic golden sword in the hands of the God race leader let out blinding rays and his aura exploded. In a flash, he burst towards Su Zimo!

Su Zimo’s gaze was cold and he did not avoid or dodge. He reached out with his muscular, strong arms and used his sharp dragon claws to grab the gigantic golden sword!


The sword and claw clashed with a jarring sound.

A line of sparks appeared along the blade of the sword!

Although the gigantic golden sword was sharp, it could not cut away the terrifying claws!

A dragon’s claw was the toughest part of its body!

The sword was repelled high into the air.

The expression of the God race leader changed starkly!

That single clash made him realize that he could no longer take on the dragonified Su Zimo head-on with his current strength!

The bloodline of the Dragon race was not the only thing flowing through Su Zimo’s body after his dragonification – his powerful bloodline cultivated from the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness flowed within his body as well!

Not only that, the dragonification process started from the Human Emperor’s secret skill.

In other words, by some freak coincidence, Su Zimo managed to combine multiple powerful techniques together – the might of his dragonification was imaginable!


Su Zimo’s aura rose and he leaned forward, arriving before the God race with a heavy stomp.

The ground shook and the mountains trembled!


The Dragon Roar echoed through the world relentlessly!

Su Zimo reached out with outstretched fingers and his gigantic, scary dragon claw blanketed over the God race leader’s head as it grabbed down!

The God race leader grit his teeth and retracted his sword to defend.


It was yet another head-on collision!

The bloodline on the gigantic golden sword was shaken considerably and its blood qi dissipated!

The God race leader’s expression turned even paler.

The bloodline of the God race was terrifying and because they were physically strong, they were the best in melee combat among the Primordial Nine Races.

However, against Su Zimo’s hand, the God race leader felt an unprecedented danger!

Their exchange of blows became even faster and the only thing that could be seen was two figures intersecting in a flurry in midair – they were almost like afterimages and could not be seen clearly.

Many cultivators could only hear shuddering collision sounds echoing endlessly.

Although Su Zimo’s right arm was snapped and had yet to recover completely, he had an overwhelming advantage against the God race leader in terms of strength and speed after his dragonification.

Furthermore, he was almost invincible in melee combat after cultivating the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness.

Once he had the upper hand, it was almost impossible for his opponents to reverse the tides!

Ten short breaths…

Within that short period of time, the two of them had already exchanged more than a hundred blows!

The hundred blows were each extremely dangerous – a single mistake would have led to their deaths!


It was yet another deafening sound!

Two figures collided and split apart instantly, returning firmly to their original positions.

Many cultivators watched with bated breaths.

Both figures were motionless and it was impossible to tell who won.

Finally, the God race leader let out a deep breath of air. The golden glow on his gigantic golden sword dimmed and turned into a ball of golden blood that splashed onto the ground.

A ball of fresh blood oozed from his chest as well, increasing uncontrollably in size as time passed!

His gaze gradually went blank also.

It was a sign that he was at the end of his life!

On the other side, there were less than ten Rakshasas remaining after the Rakshasa leader was killed by Night Spirit and all of them fled for their lives.

Night Spirit was relieved when he saw that Su Zimo was fine. After a quick glance at Su Zimo, he chased down the remaining Rakshasas in a flash!

Su Zimo could vaguely guess that Night Spirit was probably hunting down the rest of the Rakshasas because he was worried his secret might be leaked!

“Unfortunately, I fell a little short,”

The God race leader glared at Su Zimo and slowly said, “If I could kill you, the situation would be entirely different right now.”

“However, it’s nothing much either,”

He gave a bitter laugh. “I’ve said that the age of the human race has long passed! Today’s battle merely proved my point further.”

“Oh? The Rakshasa and God race has been completely annihilated in today’s battle!”

Su Zimo sneered.

“And what about that? The human race has lived in peace for way too long and no longer possesses the same fighting spirit of the past,”

The God race leader pointed at the cultivators at the front and shook his head in laughter. “Look at the grim faces of your so-called human paragons. They did not even have the courage to resist when they faced us of the God race. How can you guys even rule over Tianhuang Mainland?”

“Su Zimo, while you may have won today, you are just one person! A single person won’t be able to save the entire human race!”

“Furthermore, look at the state you are in right now. All the cultivators will merely take you as a fiend demon, as someone of a foreign race. Before the God race even takes revenge for me, you will be outcasted from the cultivation world of the human race!”

Su Zimo was silent.

The God race leader was not wrong about some things.

Even though he killed the God race in Myriad Phenomenon City today and rescued the cultivators behind him, it did not mean that he would be able to fit in the cultivation world outside.

“The human race loves internal strife! Hahaha!”

The God race leader laughed in a deranged manner as fresh blood oozed from the corners of his lips.

The bloodline of the God race was terrifying and they had an extremely strong lifeforce.

Even though his internal organs were ruptured at that moment and his chest was pierced by Su Zimo’s dragon claw, he was still hanging onto life and was not dead yet!

“You are wrong, I’m not alone,”

Su Zimo looked calmly at the God race leader and said, “There are countless human cultivators out there. You have not seen everyone else who is the same as me.”

Back then, when the Blood Crow Palace formed an alliance with the other four major sects of the Great Zhou Dynasty to invade Ethereal Peak along with many itinerant cultivators and experts, the situation was dire.

Even the Great Zhou Dynasty did not dare to go against them.

However, somebody dared to!

The Asura, Yan Beichen!

He arrived at Ethereal Peak and injured the Palace Lord of Blood Crow Palace severely with his Asura Saber!

It did not matter what race or origin they were from, he slew everyone in his path!

Su Zimo believed that if Yan Beichen was the one here, he would have attacked without retreating as well!

Previously, he got into big trouble when he consumed the dragon egg in the Dragon Bone Valley. A True Dragon was drawn out and hunted him all the way to the capital of Great Zhou.

A mysterious old man attacked and pushed back the True Dragon – what sort of boldness was that?

Notwithstanding those people, even among Myriad Phenomenon City, apart from him, Lin Xuanji, Little Fatty, Demoness Ji, Ji Chengtian and the others stood out one after another and fought with their lives to protect the final shred of dignity of the human race!

“The path ahead is long,”

Su Zimo looked at Little Fatty and the others as he said calmly, “They might not be able to compare to the Primordial Nine Races right now, but the day will come when they will be able to match you guys!”

Humans were innately weak but they possessed boundless potential and even gave birth to an existence like the eternal Human Emperor that brought fear throughout history. The Primordial Nine Races could not do anything but avoid him and live an ignoble existence!

The glint in the eyes of the God race leader dimmed gradually.

Not long after, his body fell with a thud and no longer breathed.

Everything was over, the dust was settled.

Many cultivators were finally relieved of their pressure.

Everyone felt as though they had just escaped death.

There was an indescribable joy.

Every single cultivator had a conflicted expression as they gazed at Su Zimo who was soaked in blood and the corpses strewn across the city.

Prior to this, many among them shouted at Su Zimo and wanted to kill him, attacking Little Fatty, Xiaoning and the others as well.

But now, their lives were saved by Su Zimo.

At the thought of that, many cultivators looked ashamed and even guilty.

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