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Chapter 782: Stir

The power of Su Zimo’s Inner Core was completely expended after his consecutive battles.

The dragon scales on his body faded away gradually and he reverted to his original appearance right in front of countless gazes. His black hair danced and he looked like a refined scholar with his clear eyes.

If they had not seen it themselves, nobody would have imagined that the hundred foot tall ancient demon with a humongous body, the frightening existence with sharp fangs and claws and was lined with dragon scales, was actually this refined scholar before them.

Who could have imagined that this seemingly frail scholar almost resolved the earthshaking catastrophe singlehandedly.

He stopped the dam from breaking through; a tower from toppling!

This was the number one of the Phenomenon Ranking!

The impact of this battle was immensely huge on the cultivators who survived.

The impact was not only on their cultivation realm and mental state, it even changed their understanding of the ten thousand races, the cultivation world and Tianhuang Mainland.

Many cultivators gained a true realization of the difference between them and the Primordial Nine Races.

Although they were in the same cultivation realm, they were completely helpless against the Rakshasa and God race!

Su Zimo’s figure shuddered for a moment and he experienced waves of weakness from within his body. His tongue went dry, his head spun and a deeply exhausted look appeared on his face.

“Young Master!”

Two figures dashed forward at almost the same time and exclaimed.

They were Nian Qi and Little Fox.

Su Zimo smiled and said softly, “I’m fine.”

“Young Master, it’s all my fault,”

Nian Qi looked ashamed as she pursed her lips. “If it wasn’t for me…”

“Even if you weren’t here, this battle would have been unavoidable,”

Su Zimo interrupted Nian Qi.

Lin Xuanji, Little Fatty and the others circled over as well.

“Brother Su, it’s all thanks to you this time round!”

Lin Xuanji was no longer in his happy-go-lucky attitude and bowed deeply to Su Zimo with a solemn expression.

“There’s no need to speak of such things between us,”

Su Zimo thumped Lin Xuanji on the chest and chuckled.

Back in the Dragon Bone Valley, Su Zimo would have died if it wasn’t for Lin Xuanji.

Su Zimo suspected that the mysterious old man that appeared in the capital of Great Zhou later on had something to do with Lin Xuanji as well and might even be a powerful figure of Enigma Palace!

Xiaoning’s eyes were red and swollen, a clear sign that she had just cried. She handed Su Zimo a few elixirs and only looked relieved after he consumed them.

Little Fatty rolled his eyes. “Boss, I’ll go help you collect the treasures and bring them over for you.”

There were rivers of blood and corpses strewn all over Myriad Phenomenon City after the earthshaking battle.

However, there were countless treasures within the rivers of blood and corpses!

The most important among them was the Mystic Magnet Mountain which was one of the seven ancient Unique Treasures!

Most of the treasures no longer had any owners and Little Fatty offered to help Su Zimo collect them because he was worried that others might steal them sneakily.

Su Zimo said deeply, “Help me collect the storage bags of the Rakshasa and God race as well as the Mystic Magnet Mountain. There’s no need to take the storage bags of the other cultivators. Let the surviving cultivators retrieve the belongings of their own sects.”

Su Zimo could take the storage bags of the Rakshasa and God race with a peace of mind.

However, he did not wish to lay his hands on the belongings of the 50,000 cultivators that died here.

Perfected Lord Yu Jun nodded in silence when he saw that.

No matter what, his character alone was superior to way too many people.

Little Fatty helped to collect the bronze square tripod and other treasures and handed them to Su Zimo.


Suddenly, a chuckle came not far away.

A cultivator stood on zephyr thunder and arrived before everyone at an extremely fast speed. He stood on midair and looked down upon the masses.

“Tian Ming!”

Perfected Lord Luo Xue frowned.

It was Perfected Lord Tian Ming of Zephyr Thunder Palace who had escaped from Myriad Phenomenon City earlier on!

Perfected Lord Tian Ming surveyed the surroundings and his gaze lingered on Su Zimo for a long time, coveting the storage bag on the latter’s waist with a greedy look.

Su Zimo lowered his eyes slightly without saying anything.

The hearts of Perfected Lord Yu Jun and the other two sank upon the sight of Perfected Lord Tian Ming’s return.

Su Zimo was completely spent by now.

Although he had just consumed elixirs, there was no way he could absorb the medicinal effects within a short period of time.

Night Spirit had already left to hunt down the remaining Rakshasas.

The three of them were severely injured and their wounds would open up if they made any large movements – there was no way they could fight.

The other cultivators were all Golden Cores and almost everyone was injured.

If Perfected Lord Tian Ming harbored evil intentions, nobody could stop him!

Perfected Lord Yu Jun asked indifferently with no emotions, “Tian Ming, since you’ve already fled, what are you doing here again?”

When the Rakshasa race attacked, the Rakshasa leader chased after Perfected Lord Tian Ming. The reason why Perfected Lord Tian Ming survived was because the three Perfected Lords saved him in the nick of things.

Yet, Perfected Lord Tian Ming turned to flee and left the three of them in a precarious situation.

The three of them harbored immense detest towards this person!

If they were not severely injured and in a bad state, Perfected Lord Luo Xue might have already attacked him given her temper!

“Fellow Daoist Yu Jun, what are you saying?”

Perfected Lord Tian Ming smiled gently. “I meant to sacrifice myself by luring away the Rakshasa leader when I left Myriad Phenomenon City. To think that he didn’t chase after me.”

“When I noticed that, I headed back immediately with the intention of fighting the Rakshasa race to the death. Seems like I was a bit too late.”

His explanation was filled with loopholes and even a child would not believe him, let alone the three Nascent Souls.

Many cultivators of Zephyr Thunder Palace felt their cheeks burning in shame.

“Shameless coward!”

Perfected Lord Luo Xue could not help but chide.


Perfected Lord Tian Ming replied coolly, “Luo Xue, you’ve got to watch your words! I can kill you with ease given your current condition. It’s best if you don’t provoke me!”

Perfected Lord Luo Xue stood up furiously. Despite the rupturing of her wounds, she shouted with dignity, “Tian Ming, you are nothing but a coward that ran off with his tail between his legs in front of the Rakshasa race. How dare you get cocky in front of me!”

Perfected Lord Tian Ming’s expression darkened and his gaze shimmered. He looked at Perfected Lord Luo Xue for a long time before retracting his gaze and repressing his killing intent.

Right now, he had something more pressing on hand and did not want to waste time with others!

Perfected Lord Tian Ming said indifferently, “On account of the fact that you’re someone from Snowdrift Valley and you’re a woman as well, I’ll spare your life for the time being. I’ve returned to deal with something else.”

With that said, he turned to look at Su Zimo!

“Junior, hand over your storage bag and I’ll spare your life,”

Perfected Lord Tian Ming said coldly with an indifferent expression.

The crowd gradually went silent.

Many cultivators looked indignant but they did not dare to speak up.

“Tian Ming, what’s the meaning of this?”

Perfected Lord Yu Jun repressed his fury as much as he could and said with a deep voice, “This catastrophe was resolved because of Su Zimo. Yet, you’re trying to hit him when he’s down now?”

“You’re making things sound too serious,”

Perfected Lord Tian Ming replied, “He possesses the secret skill of Zephyr Thunder Palace, the Perfected Lord Tian Ming. I’m merely retrieving the secret skill of my sect, what do you mean by hitting him when he’s down?”

“Since your intention is to retrieve the Purple Thunder Manual, why do you need his storage bag?” Monk Yin Lu questioned.

Perfected Lord Tian Ming chuckled. “Who knows what else he’s keeping in his storage bag? There might be other treasures from Zephyr Thunder Palace apart from the Purple Thunder Manual. I’ll do a quick check and retrieve everything at one go.”

He was almost blatantly committing a robbery!”

“He’s clearly taking advantage of the situation and yet he puts it across so righteously. How shameless!”

Little Fatty could not help but curse.

Lin Xuanji and the others were enraged as well.

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