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Chapter 780: Brute Force

The current development of the battle had surpassed the control of the God race leader completely!

The Dragon race was also one of the Primordial Nine Races.

He could clearly sense the frightening aura that emanated from Su Zimo’s bloodline. It was extremely pure and possessed boundless might – that was definitely the bloodline of the Dragon race!

Furthermore, Su Zimo had definitely released a Dragon Roar earlier on!

The God race leader felt an unprecedented pressure.


The four God race beings hollered and their blood qi rumbled. Divine might gushed and golden spears appeared in their palms one after another!

Mysterious, antiquated runes were etched on the long spears.

“Judgment Spear!”

The four of them struck at the same time and tossed out the golden spears in their hands!

Judgment Spear was a secret skill of the God race to begin with.

Now that they threw it with the powerful strength of the God race, the spears arrived almost instantly.

Su Zimo had just dragonified and had many questions in his heart. As such, he reacted slower and the four golden spears pierced into him!

Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!

A metallic sound could be heard!

Sparks flew!

Right in front of everyone, Su Zimo was pushed backwards by the power of the Judgment Spears.

However, the true terror was that the four Judgment Spears did not manage to penetrate Su Zimo’s defense – they were repelled completely by the scales on his body!

Prior to this, there were countless cultivators that died to Judgment Spear.

Against Judgment Spear, the spirit arts, secret skills, talismans and spirit weapons were like worthless paper.

To think that the Judgment Spears couldn’t injure Su Zimo at all!

“Dragon scales!”

The God race leader’s gaze narrowed. “Only genuine dragon scales possess such frightening defensive capabilities!”


Su Zimo’s figure vanished from the spot.

It was too fast!

After his dragonification, Su Zimo even surpassed the Rakshasa leader’s movement technique and speed!

A God race being was alarmed and felt his scalp prickle. Instantly, he conjured a gigantic golden shield of light in front of him.

The moment the shield was formed, a figure smashed onto it violently!


A deafening noise echoed!

The golden shield of light was shattered by the figure!

The figure merely paused for a brief moment before using the momentum to continue and smash onto the God race being. Instantly, the God race being was sent flying and landed around the feet of many cultivators.

Many cultivators turned their gazes towards the God race being.

The God race being was initially arrogant and domineering. He looked at all the humans as though they were ants. But now, he laid limply on the ground like a dead dog.

Everyone could tell that the God race being’s meridians were smashed and his tendons and bones were snapped – he was dead!

A single blow smashed the God race being to death!

Violent! Cruel! Tough!


It was yet another deafening sound.

Another God race being was sent flying by Su Zimo and was already a corpse when he fell from midair.

“You… ”

The third God race being was about to speak when he felt a malevolent aura surge to his face and force his words back!

The wind was so strong that he could barely open his eyes!

The God race being channeled his God’s Eye instantly and a golden light filled his eyes.

His vision expanded!

All he could see was Su Zimo’s tall and mighty figure right in front of him!


Su Zimo extended his green claws and grabbed the top of the person’s head!

The God race being raised both arms upwards to try and defend against Su Zimo’s attack.

However, Su Zimo was way too strong.

The God race being’s arms could not handle the blow!


The green dragon claw descended and crushed the God race being’s head!

The final God race being was scared out of his wits and turned to flee.

However, he heard a Dragon Roar the moment he turned!

His mind was shaken!

The God race being shuddered.


He felt a sharp pain in his chest that caused his body to convulse involuntarily.

He struggled and looked down.

A bloodied claw appeared in front of his chest.

Within the palm was a steaming heart!

That was his heart!

The God race being’s head fell to the side and he died on the spot!

Everything had happened too quickly.

Almost in the blink of an eye, the four God race beings who surrounded Su Zimo initially had all fallen onto the ground and became corpses!

Even if the God race leader wanted to step in, he would not have been able to stop Su Zimo.

After Su Zimo killed the four God race beings, he did not charge towards the God race leader. Instead, he transformed into a green streak of light in a flash and instantly appeared beside Nian Qi!

There had always been a God race being watching over Nian Qi.

All of a sudden!

The God race being felt uneasy and his eyelids twitched. Before he could react to it, a green light flashed before him.

“Get lost!”

Immediately after, he heard a cold voice sound in his ears.

“God’s jurisdiction!”

The God race being did not hesitate and roared. His bloodline surged as he released his Bloodline phenomenon right away!

His figure vanished from the spot.

In its place was an old, mysterious pyramid!

Millions of living beings prostrated around the pyramid and recited prayers sincerely.

Su Zimo had a cold gaze and he possessed the might of someone that looked down on all life. He extended his left hand and gripped his dragon claw into a fist to pummel fiercely on the pyramid!

Bang! Boom! Boom!

The pyramid that had just formed collapsed instantly against Su Zimo’s punch!

Even a Bloodline phenomenon could not withstand a single punch from Su Zimo!

There was no technique or skill involved.

It was absolute strength!

He was overwhelming everything with brute force!

There was nothing that could stop the rampage of the Dragon race!


The pyramid collapsed and the God race being who was connected to it coughed out a mouthful of fresh blood with a shocked expression.

Before his figure could descend, Su Zimo threw out a second punch.

Another God race being was dead!

Su Zimo reached out with his sharp nails and scratched across the ropes on Nian Qi’s body gently.

The ropes snapped instantly!

Finally, Nian Qi was free.

“Thank you, young master.”

She teared in joy.

Su Zimo nodded and turned around, walking step by step towards the God race leader. He emanated a torrential ferocity and his gaze was deadly!

To be able to cultivate to his level and become a leader among the God race beings of his generation, the God race leader was definitely not a cowardly man.

Furthermore, he had no way of retreat!

He was now the only person left among the seven God race beings that entered the ancient battlefield!

It was impossible even if he wanted to escape!

He had to fight with his life!

“Well, well, well!”

The God race leader had a grim expression and his lone eye flickered violently. There was no hint of fear as he said with a cold voice, “Today, we’ll see if you can manage to slay a god or if I’ll become famous for killing a dragon!”

“Judgment Sword, form with my blood of the God race!”

The God race leader chanted loudly and cut his wrist with his hand. Fresh, golden blood splattered through the void and did not disperse.

The amount of golden blood gathered increased.

The God race leader’s expression turned paler as well.

Right in front of everyone, the golden blood slowly converged to form a gigantic golden sword with a terrifying aura – it seemed like it could slice through everything!

That was a gigantic sword that was created from the essence blood of the God race leader!

Every single portion of the sword possessed the purest and most terrifying power of the God race bloodline.

Although this sword was created from blood, it was even more terrifying than connate spirit weapons!

The God race leader believed that even Su Zimo’s dragon scales won’t be able to defend against the sharpness of the Judgment Sword!

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