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Chapter 773: Bloodline Phenomenon

‘The emperors are not here, but I am!’

‘In this ancient battlefield, I’m the emperor!’

Those sentences reverberated throughout Myriad Phenomenon City for a long time.

The bloods of the cultivators present were ignited!

“His vigor is torrential!”

Perfected Lord Luo Xue could not help but praise.

Anyone else wouldn’t even dare to dream of saying something as such!

“There’s no wonder why he’s the number one of the Phenomenon Ranking and the strongest monster incarnate in history,”

Perfected Lord Yu Jun could not conceal the admiration in his eyes either. “His bearings and boldness are truly inspiring. This lad has a limitless future.”

“Everything depends on the outcome of this battle,”

Monk Yin Lu said softly with a worried expression, “This lad was already exhausted when he arrived here. Now that he’s engaging the Rakshasa and God race in a fierce battle, he must be in an even worse state.”

“If he fails to avoid this calamity…”

Monk Yin Lu did not continue.

There was naturally no future to speak of if he couldn’t avoid this calamity.

As everyone discussed, apart from the God race leader, the other five God race beings struck!

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Five explosions sounded in succession.

The five God race beings vanished.

Mysterious pyramid structures appeared slowly over where they stood initially. They were golden in color with a squarish bottom and triangular faces!

Each golden pyramid resembled a gigantic ‘gold’ word character!

It hovered in midair and let out golden lights with rampant mights!

There were countless living beings that prostrated at the bottom of the pyramid; there were at least hundreds of millions of them and there was no end in sight.

Every single living being knelt on the ground with their palms clasped together. They looked up at the mysterious pyramid above their heads and recited prayers.

Golden threads extended from the heads of the living beings and converged at the peak of the pyramid!

A person stood at the peak of each pyramid.

It was the God race beings who had vanished earlier!

Their arms were eagle-spread, as though they were absorbing some sort of power from the endless living beings at the bottom using the pyramid as a medium – their auras climbed endlessly!

Five mysterious pyramids descended in the voids and emitted a boundless might.

The 50,000 cultivators at the bottom were shocked!

Against the five pyramids, many cultivators sensed uncontrollable dread and pressure that stemmed from the depths of their souls!

Many cultivators knelt onto the ground in a thud, drenched in sweat and shivering.

For them, it was as though they had returned to the primordial era.

They were personally witnessing the grand era where the ten thousand races paid respect to the God race as a whole!

All the races and living beings were subjugated under the rule of the God race!

Humans were not spared.

This was a suppression that originated from an ancient memory.

Even Perfected Lord Yu Jun and the other two felt shudders, let alone the Golden Cores present!

“Bow down or die!”

The five God race beings spoke in unison coldly without any emotions at all.

It was as though that was a final warning!

Any bit of hesitance would bring about doom!

Thud! Thud!

More and more cultivators knelt on the ground and remained silent in fear.

If that was the case for the cultivators that were not directly involved, it was impossible to imagine the pressure exerted on Su Zimo who was standing in the middle of five mysterious pyramids!

Bloody wounds appeared one after another on the surface of his massive body!

Su Zimo’s body was already on the verge of exploding before the five pyramids even began their attacks!

“Golden Core phenomenon?”

A look of surprise flashed through Su Zimo’s eyes.


The God race leader did not make a move still. He merely stood proudly with his hands behind his back. “This is not the same Golden Core phenomenon that you ants are referring to. This is a Bloodline phenomenon, a legacy of our God race!”

Su Zimo’s eyes shimmered at the mention of ‘Bloodline phenomenon’, as though something crossed his mind.

The God race leader continued, “As long as you possess the bloodline of the God race, you will definitely be able to cultivate this phenomenon at a certain age without the need to learn it!”


That was the terror of the God race!

One could wield the power of a phenomenon just by growing up without the need for cultivation!

The purer the bloodline, the stronger the power of the Bloodline phenomenon!

The Bloodline phenomenon of the five God race beings could suppress most of the Golden Core phenomenons on the Phenomenon Ranking!

Apart from Su Zimo and Di Yin, there was probably nobody else who could take on the Bloodline phenomenon of the God race!

“It’s over,”

Perfected Lord Yu Jun’s expression darkened as he shook his head. “Su Zimo’s spirit energy is depleted and he can’t release his Golden Core phenomenons. There’s no way he can stop the attacks of the five God race beings.”

“To think that the God race wouldn’t give him a chance at all and released their Bloodline phenomenons instantly!”

Monk Yin Lu sighed as well.


Perfected Lord Luo Xue furrowed her brows slightly. She gazed at Su Zimo’s face and whispered, “There’s no hint of panic in his eyes. It’s as though he still has a trump card!”

“How is that possible?”

Perfected Lord Yu Jun and Monk Yin Lu shook their heads at the same time.

Even if Su Zimo had another trump card, he could not defend against the attacks of the God race’s Bloodline phenomenon without his Golden Core phenomenon.

Furthermore, there were five Bloodline phenomenons in total!

“Bow down or die!”

The five God race beings bellowed coldly without any emotions.

“You think that the few of you are enough to make me bow down?”

Su Zimo reared his head in wild laughter.

Scarlet demonic qi rumbled around him the moment he finished speaking. One after another, life-like, menacing demons with sharp gazes were conjured swiftly!

There was a desolate bull that plowed the heavens.

A mighty and towering rock bear.

A swiveling anaconda.

A wild sanguine ape.

A rampant divine steed.

A cruel Hell’s tiger.

A wind leopard that traversed the winds.

Every single demon was incomparably massive. Some of them were more than a hundred feet tall while some of them were dozens of feet long. All of them had bloodshot eyes and murderous intents!

Su Zimo was surrounded by the seven ancient demon kings and his aura rose rapidly; he was even suppressing the five God race beings gradually!

He opened his mouth.

The seven ancient demon kings opened their mouths almost at the same time.


Su Zimo let out a deafening roar the same time as the seven ancient demon kings!

Some of the cultivators fainted in shock when they heard the roars!

“Bloodline phenomenon!”

The God race leader’s expression changed and he exclaimed!


The doubts in Su Zimo’s hearts were fully answered when he heard the God race leader’s statement.

The seven ancient demon kings were a product of his cultivation of the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness. They possessed terrifying strength and helped Su Zimo take down powerful foes such as Xi Wuya prior to this!

It was only at this moment that Su Zimo realized… the seven ancient demon kings were his Bloodline phenomenon!

In truth, the seven ancient demon kings had already appeared when he was creating his Inner Core.

However, he did not realize that those phantoms had anything to do with a phenomenon.

“How is that possible?”

The God race leader looked at everything in disbelief and grit his teeth. “The bloodline of the human race is cheap and lowly. How are you able to cultivate such a phenomenon?”

Even among the Primordial Nine Races, not every single race could possess Bloodline phenomenons.

The Rakshasa race did not have any.

A Bloodline phenomenon was extremely precious.

As one’s cultivation grew and their bloodline became stronger, the power of their Bloodline phenomenon would increase as well – its growth potential was limitless!

“What sort of a nonsensical God’s jurisdiction is that? Break it!”

Su Zimo pointed forward.

The seven ancient demon kings around him charged forward impatiently with a ferocious aura!

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