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Chapter 772: The Emperors Are Not Here, but I Am!

On the other side of the battlefield, faced with the same Heavenly Encompassing Formation, compared to Su Zimo’s unstoppable toughness and torrential ferocity, Night Spirit’s method of dealing with it was much more beguiling and impossible to defend against!

More than 30 Rakshasas wielded mystic metal iron chains but they could not trap Night Spirit at all.

Night Spirit’s speed was faster and his movement technique was even swifter.

Even as he dodged the attacks of the Rakshasas, he identified fleeting openings and retaliated fiercely!

Night Spirit was like a god of killing.

He was born to kill!

Every single attack from him was a killing move that was incomparably vicious.

There was no Rakshasa that was struck by him that could escape – all of them died with none spared!

When the massive battle broke out, many cultivators were drawn to the terrifying might released by Su Zimo’s gigantic body in his demon form.

By the time everyone realized what was happening and looked to the other side of the battlefield, they discovered to their shock that out of more than 30 Rakshasas that were attacking Night Spirit at the start, only 16 remained!

Night Spirit’s slaughter did not have a striking visual impact. However, it was filled with impossible imagination and was unfathomable, like a fairytale!

The Rakshasa leader had barely snapped out of his stupor when more than half of his hundred-odd clansmen were either dead or injured!

“Lowlife, I’m going to tear you guys apart!”

He shrieked with a furious gaze.

The God race leader had a bright gaze and the blood qi in his body surged, emanating a golden glow. Slowly, his body rose and he said in a deep voice, “Prepare to attack with all your strength. We must not let these two survive!”

Initially, he merely intended to watch by the sidelines.

But now, even he felt threatened!

It was clear that the young man in black clothes was not human. However, he merely revealed semblances of his claws occasionally and did not revert to his true form, so his background could not be seen.

Even so, he had already dealt frightening damage to the Rakshasa race!

The hundred foot tall existence with torrential demonic qi that resembled an ancient supreme demon king was even scarier.

Humans and demons were starkly different in their body structures, bloodline and temperaments et cetera. However, this human managed to cultivate an Inner Core that could only be cultivated by demons.

Furthermore, he was able to cultivate his Inner Core to such an extent!

The demonic qi he produced was even purer than anything the God race leader had ever seen!

The two of them had to be killed!


A dark streak of light tore through the air.

It possessed a frightening speed and almost vanished entirely, concealed within the lightning web Su Zimo released.

Even the three Nascent Souls could not detect the dark streak of light with their spirit consciousnesses, let alone Su Zimo.

It was too fast!

That was the speed of the Rakshasa leader!

Without that level of speed backing him up, he would not have been able to murder top-tier Nascent Souls of various super sects that were a major cultivation realm above him!

Although the lightning web formed by more than ten chains that Su Zimo waved around was dense, they could not stop the Rakshasa leader in his tracks.


A blood light appeared on Su Zimo’s body as a torrential rain of blood poured down.

Although he possessed spirit perception which warned him, his body had expanded a hundred feet after he took on his demon form. While his strength exploded, his massive body turned him into a larger target with slower movement as well.

It was impossible for him to avoid the attack of the Rakshasa leader entirely.

Another massive wound appeared across Su Zimo’s chest with flesh overturned. Blood soaked everywhere in a frightening sight!

It was lucky that he had dodged preemptively or that slash might have cut him into two!

Bang! Bang!

More than ten chains tore through the air and smashed down.

Two gigantic pits appeared on the ground.

It was a step too late.

The Rakshasa leader’s figure had already vanished from the spot far away from Su Zimo’s attack radius. He had a cold gaze and was prepared to attack again at any time!

“Lowlife, you’re way too weak compared to me!”

The Rakshasa leader gave an eerie smile. “I’m going to wear you down and torment you bit by bit. You can’t even touch the hem of my clothes!”

Su Zimo’s blood qi surged and the blood flow around his wound slowed gradually.

His body’s regeneration capabilities were way too strong.

Although the Rakshasa race’s curved saber had the effect of tearing wounds to cause unstoppable blood flow, Su Zimo’s regeneration capabilities negated the negative effect!

Even so, Su Zimo was not entirely confident.

He knew that the true test had just begun!

It was difficult for him to defend against the speed of the Rakshasa leader.

The only thing he could rely on was his unfathomable spirit perception.

At the same time, Su Zimo wanted to remove his demon form. He would stand a chance to fight by trading away some strength for agility and speed.

On the other end, the God race leader had already targeted him!

That was not all. The God race leader even instructed five other God race beings to surround Su Zimo, leaving only one God race being to keep watch over Nian Qi.

The God race had no intention of giving Su Zimo any breathing space!

The God race leader had no intention to take on a fair fight either.

It was clear that he wanted to use his full strength to murder Su Zimo!

If Su Zimo were to dispel his demon form, his strength would be diminished and he would be disadvantaged against the God race.

He was in a predicament!

As Su Zimo hesitated, the Rakshasa leader scoffed coldly – it was clear that he recognized the circumstances as well.


A dark light flashed once again.

Su Zimo had a great shock.

If he were to dispel his demon form at that moment, he might be able to avoid the attack of the Rakshasa leader, but he would definitely receive a devastating blow from the God race!

All of a sudden!

A black figure flashed like a phantom.


A fearsome claw appeared in the void and held back the dark light!

The dark light dissipated.

The Rakshasa leader revealed himself and retreated swiftly, looking somewhat wretched.

Five scratches appeared across the robes in front of his chest.

If he was a step slower earlier on, his heart would have been gouged out!

Unknowingly, Night Spirit broke free of the entanglement from more than ten Rakshasas and burst over at lightning speed to deflect the Rakshasa leader!

“First, leave the Rakshasa race to me. Deal with the God race!”

Night Spirit said slowly, “Be careful, the God race has a terrifying bloodline and boundless strength. They specialize in melee combat and the power of the secret skills and spirit arts they inherited is shockingly strong!”

Su Zimo was instantly pumped with Night Spirit’s help.


He declared loudly, “Today, the two of us brothers will take on those of the Primordial Nine Races! Let’s see what’s so noble about your bloodline!”

“Back in the ancient era, experts of the human race were able to defeat the Primordial Nine Races and oust you guys to a corner in Tianhuang Mainland. Today, I will do the same and suppress you lot!”

This affair was the shame of the Primordial Nine Races and the Rakshasa and God race were extremely irked from his words.

The God race leader’s eyes flashed with a momentary gloom.


Immediately after, he laughed coldly and said in a mocking tone, “In the ancient era, the human race was full of experts and multiple emperors rose. How dare a puny Golden Core compare yourself to the ancient experts? You’re nothing compared to them!”

“The age of the human race is long gone! All those ancient emperors have either died or left, none of them remain on Tianhuang Mainland!”

The God race leader pointed with an overwhelming aura as he declared with pride and confidence, “This world shall welcome a brand new age and new overlords! The human race shall once again return to the bottom of the ten thousand races and be enslaved by everyone!”


Su Zimo burst into laughter and charged towards the God race leader in huge strides. Each time his massive feet landed on the ground, Myriad Phenomenon City shook and dust and gravel billowed!

“The ancient emperors are not here, but I am!”

Su Zimo’s voice contained a dominance that looked down upon the world and everything else as he yelled, “In this ancient battlefield, I’m the emperor!”

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