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Chapter 774: Reappearance of the Butterfly Phantom

Normally, even Bloodline phenomenons could not challenge a God’s jurisdiction.

However, the expressions of the God race beings present changed when the seven demons appeared around Su Zimo!

They sensed pressure from the seven demons.

They even had an urge to bow down in their hearts!

“How could this be?”

A look of disbelief appeared on the handsome face of a God race being as he murmured softly, “It’s merely a lowlife with a cheap bloodline. How am I experiencing such a sensation?”

There was no way the God race being could know that the seven demons were conjured from Su Zimo’s cultivation of the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness.

Every single one of those seven demons were once notorious demon kings of the great wilderness. All of them were Die Yue’s most important helpers that fought together with her!

Although they were merely phantoms, there was no way they would fear the God race.

Five demons charged towards five God race beings.

On the other hand, the Hell Tiger and Wind Leopard Demon Kings charged towards the God race leader who was not far away!

Su Zimo had released his Bloodline phenomenon against the encirclement of the God race and launched a full blown counterattack!

The Wild Bovine Demon King rammed straight ahead and dust billowed in the wake of its muscular body. It panted with a lowered head as it smashed its gigantic horns into the pyramid!


A deafening noise echoed.

Cracks appeared one after another on the surface of the pyramid, expanding swiftly to spread through the entire pyramid!

The phantom of the Wild Bovine Demon King dimmed considerably as well.

Once again, the Wild Bovine Demon King lowered its head and thrust forward!


The pyramid collapsed violently.

On the vast land, the many living beings that were praying to the God’s jurisdiction dissipated into thin air as well.

The blow from that mighty smash caused the figure of the Wild Bovine Demon King to dissipate too.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Almost at the same time, the Rock Bear Demon King’s gargantuan body leaned onto a pyramid.

The Anaconda Demon King coiled around a pyramid and hissed into the skies. As though it wanted to devour the blazing sun, its dozens of feet long body constricted continuously and exerted pressure on the pyramid.

The eyes of the Sanguine Ape flashed scarlet as it swung both arms like stone hammers to launch a flurry of punches on a pyramid.

The Divine Steed Demon King’s hooves rumbled like thunder and it transformed into a white streak of light. Instantly, a powerful burst almost punctured a pyramid!

Right in front of everyone, the five pyramids swayed continuously until they were completely collapsed!

The crowd was shocked!

Su Zimo’s Bloodline phenomenon was so frightening that he could take on five enemies singlehandedly without being disadvantaged!

The remaining two demon kings charged towards the God race leader!

Initially, the God race leader’s hands were behind his back. But now, he had to free them. His blood qi surged with a golden glow and he seemed like an unparalleled divine being!

The God race leader did not back off or retreat against the rampaging auras of the two overwhelming ancient demons. Instead, he strode right ahead.

He raised his hand and swung his fist!

It was a simple move.

However, it was earthshaking!

Many cultivators gasped.

He was trying to contend against the power of phenomenon using his bloodline and body’s strength!

How confident was he to be able to do that?

Bang! Bang!

There were two resounding bangs.

The remaining two demons were shattered by two punches from the God race leader and dissipated completely!

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat.

Even if he was in his peak condition, he was not entirely confident of securing victory against the God race leader!

“Too weak,”

The God race leader flicked up a strand of loose golden hair on his forehead with a finger and said indifferently with a cold expression, “You might have been able to threaten me if I allowed you to continue cultivating further. Unfortunately, you won’t get that chance.”

The moment he said that, the God race leader’s figure vanished.

A pyramid appeared where he originally stood. It became increasingly clearer as it reached a height of a few thousand feet; it was majestic and bedazzling with blinding golden rays!

This pyramid was way too huge!

The pyramids created by the other God race beings were not even 10% of this pyramid!

Even Su Zimo’s body that was a hundred feet tall seemed short in the face of the pyramid!

Many small pyramids floated around the gigantic pyramid and God race beings stood on top of each of them.

Beneath the group of pyramids were countless living beings that prostrated and recited prayers day and night.

This was a true God’s jurisdiction!

The God race leader stood on top of the middle pyramid like a divine being. He looked down upon the masses and Su Zimo, sneering coldly, “That’s all you amount to, but you have not seen what I’m capable of yet.”

“A lion gives his all even when he’s fighting a rabbit. I’m not going to give you any chances!”

When the God race leader finished his words, the majestic and grand group of pyramids beneath him shifted towards Su Zimo’s direction and crushed down slowly!

A massive shadow shrouded over with a boundless might.

Many cultivators broke down mentally under the shadow.

Everyone felt despair.

It was as though the firmaments were falling to bury everyone but they could not do anything at all!


Monk Yin Lu sighed in pity, “If that lad’s spirit energy was refilled and he could release the Black Tortoise Golden Lotus phenomenon, he might have been able to fight with this God’s jurisdiction. Unfortunately…”

Perfected Lord Yu Jun shook his head as well.

“Perhaps a miracle might happen?”

Perfected Lord Luo Xue murmured softly, as though she was asking a question while consoling herself and everyone else at the same time.

On the battlefield.

Su Zimo’s gaze was cold as he looked up into the skies at the group of pyramids above his head. His eyes were deep as the ocean without any emotions in them.

However, despite the pressure of the God’s jurisdiction, his aura was rising rapidly as well!

All of a sudden!

A demon beast gradually appeared in the surging demonic qi behind him. It spread its blood-colored wings that had two bright moons etched on them, resembling a pair of eyes.

It was a gigantic blood-colored butterfly!

It was not exactly humongous and was only around ten feet in size.

Compared to the pyramid that was a few thousand feet tall, it was as insignificant as an ant.

However, that blood-colored butterfly caused Myriad Phenomenon City to go silent!

Everything went silent!

An unprecedented, frightening aura began to emanate!

Everyone shuddered!

Even the fight between Night Spirit and the Rakshasa race paused briefly.

The Rakshasa leader looked at the blood-colored butterfly and felt his scalp prickle. He broke out in cold sweat and his bloodline was frozen as he nearly fell from midair!

Night Spirit did not manage to seize that opening.

That was because he had glanced over as well.

He did not feel fear even when he faced the Rakshasa and God race.

However, a single look at the blood-colored butterfly caused his pupils to constrict with a hint of fear!

“What… is that?”

Perfected Lord Yu Jun grit his teeth and his voice trembled!


The wings of the blood-colored butterfly flapped gently all of a sudden.

It was a faint motion that was almost undetectable.

However, that single vibration of the wings created a terrifying cyclone!

The voids above Su Zimo’s head contorted and shifted; it was collapsing and disintegrating!

The smaller pyramids around the God race leader shook as dust and sand fell endlessly – cracks were appearing on the pyramids!

Only the pyramid that the God race leader sat on remained standing!

Bang! Boom! Boom!

Countless small pyramids toppled and turned into dust clouds.

The massive, encompassing God’s jurisdiction was about to be destroyed completely by a seemingly insignificant butterfly!

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