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Chapter 771: Unmatched!

An Inner Core revolved slowly within Su Zimo’s chest and shone with a demonic glint. It illuminated his chest inside and outside, creating a blood-colored glow!

Even his ribs and beating heart could be faintly seen!

A terrifying aura began to spread.

With each breath Su Zimo took, a scarlet demonic qi would gush out from his nostrils and circle around him. It slowly became richer and purer!

Against the shroud of that aura, even the cultivators present felt pressured, let alone the dozens of Rakshasas in midair!

He actually has an Inner Core?”

The eyes of the Rakshasa leader shone.

An Inner Core was equivalent to the Golden Core of cultivators and was the foundational basis for a demon beast’s strength, possessing all the essence of their entire cultivation.

An Inner Core that was this pure was definitely a great tonic for any living being!

“Behave yourself!”

A Rakshasa yanked the chains and it clanged loudly.

The chains were lined with spikes. His tug naturally caused the spikes to tear in the flesh and created a miserable ripping sensation in the body!

Su Zimo did not move at all and his gaze was ice cold. As though he could not feel the pain in his body, the ferocity in his eyes intensified instead!

“Lowlife, kneel!”

The dozens of Rakshasas had a tacit understanding. They exerted strength and flapped their wings at the same time, tugging at the chains!

Instantly, dozens of chains became extremely taut and tense, creaking loudly!

Many cultivators winced at the sight of that.

This scene resembled a form of torture in the mortal world where someone was ripped into pieces by five horses!

However, the five horses were now replaced by dozens of Rakshasas.

The strength of a single Rakshasa was not comparable to Su Zimo.

However, there were dozens of Rakshasas exerting strength at the same time. Even Nascent Souls that specialized in body tempering would be torn apart, let alone Su Zimo!

Psst! Psst! Psst!

Su Zimo opened his mouth and started breathing!

A terrifying air current surged through his throat and released a sharp wind howl, as though an ancient divine deity was tugging at a gigantic wind box!

“Break it!”

Su Zimo bellowed loudly!

His bones and tendons sounded while his flesh expanded along with the bellow!

Right in front of everyone, Su Zimo’s body, which was initially only seven foot tall, expanded instantly. In the blink of an eye, he grew to a height of a hundred feet and resembled an ancient fiendcelestial with a torrential ferocity!

Pang! Pang! Pang!

The chains that bound Su Zimo’s body snapped under the immense burst power!

The God race leader’s heart skipped a beat and his expression turned grim.

The Rakshasa leader’s pupils constricted violently!

The many cultivators present gasped as they looked up and gazed at the fiendcelestial demon king that had just appeared with agape mouths and horrified expressions!

What sort of a body was one that was a hundred feet tall?

Among the cultivators present, the tallest of them were only at the height of Su Zimo’s toes!

Green veins bulged densely on that frighteningly massive body, resembling countless pythons that slithered on its surface!

When he broke free from the shackles of the chains, Su Zimo was also injured from head to toe due to the spikes.

Although he was drenched in blood, he seemed indifferent to it and fighting spirit blazed in his eyes. He was murderous, resembling a human weapon that was soaked in fresh blood!

Bang! Boom! Boom!

The sound of thunder rumbling boomed loudly up in the skies!

It was as though the awakening of this ancient fiendcelestial had shocked the heavens.

Lightning flashed and thunder crackled above Su Zimo’s head, creating electric arcs that split the heavens. A large sea of lightning gathered with a rampant might, as though an apocalypse had arrived!

Against that terrifying sight, even the Rakshasa and God race leaders looked somewhat grim and their hearts skipped a beat!

This was the true might of Heaven and Earth!

Although their bloodlines were strong, their backgrounds were noble and they inherited many secret skills, they had not cultivated to the point where they could challenge Heaven and Earth!

Yet, at that moment, Su Zimo’s head touched the heavens while his feet touched the earth. His eyes were bright as his black hair danced – there was no hint of fear on his expression!

It was as though he was a divine being that ruled over the world!


There was a deafening sound.

An incomparably thick thunderbolt descended and struck Su Zimo!


Lightning flashed and spread out in electric arcs.

However, Su Zimo’s aura merely turned increasingly terrifying under the baptism of the frightening thunder!

Even thunder could not suppress him!

“The Purple Thunder Manual! This must be the Purple Thunder Manual!”

A figure was sprawled at the front of the city among the corpses, hiding his traces warily. When he saw that, he was shocked and could not help but exclaim!

However, that person reacted swiftly and shut his mouth hurriedly to avoid attracting any attention from the factions in the city.

In truth, everyone in Myriad Phenomenon City were totally drawn to the massive figure that was covered in electricity and demonic qi – there was nobody that would bother to look at the front of the city.


Su Zimo roared and his bloodshot, demonic eyes widened. He spread his arms and covered the skies, scooping through the air with his massive palms.

Cling! Clang!

More than ten snapped chains were collected by Su Zimo’s hands!

On the other end of the chains were Rakshasas that maintained their grip, unable to let go in time.

The surging power of thunder traveled along the chains and burst into the bodies of those Rakshasas!

Su Zimo’s flesh and body could withstand the baptism of thunder, but those Rakshasas couldn’t!

The Rakshasas in midair shuddered and their eyes blanked out as they convulsed uncontrollably!

Before they could snap back to their senses, the Rakshasas were no longer in control of their bodies and fell violently, pulled by a tremendous force!

Su Zimo had swung his arms to smash the chains down fiercely.

More than ten Rakshasas that shone with lightning were smashed onto the stone slabs. Their tendons and bones snapped while their organs were ruptured. Instantly, their consciousnesses disappeared and their lives were severed!

That power was way too strong!

Coupled with the burst of the power of thunder, the Rakshasas all died on the spot!

“All of you, die!”

Su Zimo was heated up from the kills and conveniently used the chains as his weapons. His arms danced and thick chains that were filled with lightning tore through the air!

The remaining Rakshasas were in chaos as they turned into dark streaks of light that circled around the air.

A single chain might have difficulty swatting any of the streaking Rakshasas.

However, Su Zimo wielded more than ten chains and they covered almost everything in their path unavoidably.

The chains had formed a web made of lightning!

Its area was a forbidden place for the Rakshasas!

The chains not only possessed the power of thunder, but also the terrifying burst power of Su Zimo’s demon form.

They would definitely die if they were struck by the chains!

The remaining Rakshasas scattered far away. In fact, they did not even dare to approach him. The mocking, teasing and condescending looks in their eyes had long vanished.

Instead, their eyes were now replaced with shock and fear!

On the battlefield, the chains smashed onto the ground loudly.

However, it was dead silent behind Su Zimo.

More than 50,000 cultivators reared their heads with agape mouths, as though they had forgotten how to breathe. Their minds were blank and their eyes reflected nothing but that massive, invincible figure!

What happened was way too shocking!

In Myriad Phenomenon City, every single step taken by this figure shrouded in scarlet demonic qi caused the mountains to quake and every single roar caused the weather to change!

He hurled lightning chains with both arms that ripped through the voids. His qi devoured mountains and rivers while his skill alarmed Heaven and Earth!

Nobody was his match in the world!

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