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Chapter 766: Heaven Fiend Dance

Poof! Poof! Poof!

A flurry of talismans danced in midair with spirit lights spilling everywhere, but none of them could defend against the Rakshasa’s curved saber!

The Protection Talisman on Leng Rou’s body was penetrated before long.


In a hair’s breadth, a pink colored ribbon tore through the air and rescued Leng Rou from the brink of danger.

Demoness Ji was at the other end of the ribbon!

Leng Rou’s face was pale as she said softly, “Thank you.”

“Demoness, you think that you’re capable enough to fight two of us?”

The Rakshasa that targeted Leng Rou shifted his cold gaze onto Demoness Ji.


Demoness Ji’s Golden Core phenomenon could not withstand the combined attack of two Rakshasas and dispersed immediately!

Even for Ren Tu and Pang Yue who were paragons that were on the top ten of the Phenomenon Ranking, they could not defend against the Rakshasa race without the protection of their Golden Core phenomenons!


Two figures streaked through the air and Demoness Ji was flustered for a brief moment. However, she composed herself before long and a demonic glint shone in her beautiful eyes.

Right in front of everyone, she displayed an extremely beguiling technique.

She tapped on the ground with light steps and her figure shuttled through the cold streaks of light but she was completely unharmed!

The speed of the Rakshasa race was absolutely earthshaking!

All the cultivators present could count themselves lucky if they could survive a couple of attacks.

However, Demoness Ji managed to avoid the killing move of two Rakshasas with her movement technique!

Not only that, she did not panic against the two Rakshasas and there was an indescribable beauty in her movement.

Her pink figure seemed like it was dancing on the blade of a sword and was incomparably charming!

“Her movement is a little odd,”

Perfected Lord Luo Xue said softly.

Perfected Lord Yu Jun mulled for a moment before jerking his head to exclaim, “That’s the Heaven Fiend Dance!”


A series of exclamations could be heard at the mention of ‘Heaven Fiend Dance’.

Legend has it that the Heaven Fiend Dance was the secret skill that brought Fairy Ling Long to fame.

Although she was not rendered the status of an emperor, Fairy Ling Long was able to match the attacks of any emperor relying on that movement technique!

There were even legends that said that emperors fell head over toes for Fairy Ling Long after witnessing her Heaven Fiend Dance!

That was the most renowned secret skill of the ancient era!

Although Enigma Palace was established by Fairy Ling Long, that secret skill was not passed down.

To think that the Heaven Fiend Dance would reappear on Demoness Ji!

“There’s no mistake,”

Perfected Lord Yu Jun said deeply, “When the Human Emperor’s Palace appeared 20 years ago, this Pure Maiden of the fiend sects entered it as well. She must have learned the Heaven Fiend Dance from the Human Emperor’s Palace.”

It did not resemble a movement technique at all.

It was more like she was truly dancing.

Demoness Ji’s figure was elegant and her feet were light. As her skirt fluttered, she displayed her figure perfectly and revealed a sensational charm!

The sharp saber lights brushed past her body by a hair’s breadth.

As time passed by, Demoness Ji’s movement became increasingly fluid and an invisible aura was formed around her!

Her aura encompassed the two Rakshasas.

Both of them looked flustered and their movement techniques became sluggish as though they had stepped into a swamp!


The Rakshasa leader’s expression turned grim as he harrumphed coldly.

Initially, he thought that his clansmen would be able to crush all the ants in less than 10 breaths.

To think that they were having some issues.

“Do you need the God race to give you a hand?”

The God race leader tilted his head and asked with a smile.

The Rakshasa leader grit his teeth. “No!”

On the other side.

The spirit tiger’s massive body was sent flying by a single punch from the God race being and he rolled dozens of feet on the ground in a wretched manner.

His head was spinning and he could no longer recall if this was the fifth or sixth time it had happened.

At that moment, he was injured from head to toe.

He was completely defeated in terms of strength and speed!

He was not a match at all!

If the spirit tiger did not fuse his palm with the four claws of the divine being of the tiger race back in the Astral Dragon Sputum Lair and underwent a complete transformation, his body would have been ruptured by the God race being a long time ago!

The spirit tiger felt that he was already at his limits to be able to survive till now.


He growled deeply and attempted to struggle and stand up. However, he knelt onto the ground with a thud.

“It’s over.”

The God race being strode over in huge steps and reached out, thumping down onto the spirit tiger’s massive head.

If the hit landed, a bloody hole would definitely appear on the spirit tiger’s forehead!

All of a sudden!

A dark figure that resembled a figure appeared out of thin air and punched out, colliding against the God race being’s fist!

“You’re asking for death!”

The God race being merely laughed in contempt without even making out who the intruder was.

No matter who it was, anyone that tried to take the God race head-on in melee combat to challenge their physique and blood qi merely had a death wish!

The God race being channeled his golden blood qi and he shone brilliantly like a divine being. His aura rose intensely and the sound of tsunami even echoed from the surface of his fist!


The two fists collided.

The moment the flesh and bones collided, a dull sound of defeat echoed.

The expression of the God race being froze and his initially disdainful gaze vanished immediately. He frowned and staggered three steps back, as though he was in considerable pain!

A God race being was knocked back by someone else!

Everyone focused their attention and were dumbstruck.

It was Night Spirit!

Unknowingly, Night Spirit managed to break out of the focused attack from four Rakshasas and charged over to punch someone from the God race and rescue the spirit tiger!

“You have a death wish!”

The God race being was enraged and charged towards Night Spirit.

At the same time, the four Rakshasas arrived.

Right now, Night Spirit was fighting against four Rakshasas and a God race being!

However, there were still no signs of his defeat.

The God race leader narrowed his gaze and his eyes flickered.

This was getting interesting.

What was this thing that was able to match the Rakshasa race in speed and the God race in strength?

Almost at the same time, the Rakshasa and God race leaders exchanged glances.

The God race leader smiled gently and asked, “Can you tell what’s the background of the man in black?”

“I don’t care what he is. At the very most, I’ll step in personally to kill him once and for all!” The Rakshasa leader replied coldly without any expression.

“That’s true,”

The God race leader nodded. “Although he is fast and has decent strength, he’s far off when compared to us.”

Just as the two leaders were chatting idly, something changed on the battlefield!

The Golden Lion finally failed to defend and was slashed across the back by a Rakshasa. Almost cut into two, he fell to the ground severely injured and passed out on the spot with blood gushing out.

Xiaoning rushed over hurriedly.

Night Spirit frowned slightly and a brutal killing intent flashed through his deep eyes briefly before vanishing.


Monkey shielded the Golden Lion behind him and his eyes shone with a bloodshot shade. He let out a deafening roar and completely entered a berserk state!

His bloodshot eyes seemed like they possessed boundless strength!

In his berserk state, monkey triggered the power in the depths of his bloodline and his strength and speed exploded. He had almost no sanity left and the only thought in his mind was to kill!

Furthermore, he could not experience pain on his body!

Among the seven sworn siblings, apart from Night Spirit and Su Zimo, monkey was the strongest.

Monkey was even more frightening in his berserk state!

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