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Chapter 767: Return


The curved saber of the Rakshasa punctured monkey deep in the chest and was less than half an inch away from his heart!

As though he could not experience any pain, monkey’s eyes were bloodshot and his ferocity was not diminished. He extended his thick arms and grabbed the Rakshasa before him.

The Rakshasa had swift reflexes and wanted to withdraw his curved saber and soar into the skies instantly.

However, monkey’s flesh and bones hardened and caused the curved saber to be stuck for a moment!

“Get down!”

That brief moment was all it took for monkey to grab the Rakshasa’s meat wings and yank the latter down from midair!


There was a deafening sound.

The Rakshasa smashed onto the ground heavily and created a gigantic pit with dust and gravel flying everywhere!

It was a heavy smash and the Rakshasa let out a tragic cry. His blood qi was dispersed and his bones felt as though they were going to break.


Monkey grinned and grabbed the Rakshasa’s meat wing with one arm. With a whirl, he yanked the Rakshasa out of the pit and smashed the latter fiercely onto the other side!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

He repeated it thrice in succession.

The Rakshasa was severely injured from the smashes and was barely breathing.

The Rakshasa race had a frightening bloodline; if it was any other living being, they would have been smashed into sludge!

A cold streak of light appeared stealthily.

Another Rakshasa charged over.

Although monkey was in a berserk state and had lost his rationality, his reflexes were sharp. Instantly, his tall and mighty body curled into a ball!

The shift was rather intuitive and he managed to avoid the fatal attack of the Rakshasa!

Monkey’s motions did not stop at all as his body suddenly spread open, pushing towards the Rakshasa as though he was offering an immortal fruit!

That was a killing move from the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness!


After monkey’s massive body curled up and unfurled, his tendons shuddered and his bones rang to release an unparalleled strength!

Because the movement technique of the Rakshasa was too swift, it was already too late for him to avoid the move.


Monkey’s hands pushed up violently against the Rakshasa’s lower jaw!


The jarring sound of bones cracking echoed!

The gruesome head of the Rakshasa was tossed back fiercely and his lower jaws were smashed!

With a twist, monkey chased forward and his arms sank down, thrusting his elbows into the chest of the Rakshasa like twin spears!


The Rakshasa’s body smashed onto the ground with two bloody holes in his chest; his heart was punctured and he died on the spot!

The crowd fell into an uproar.

Instantly, the tides on the battlefield had shifted. Nobody expected the two Rakshasas that initially had the advantage to wind up injured and dead!

This was the first time that the Rakshasa race had been dealt such a blow since they entered Myriad Phenomenon City.

Although none of the cultivators present dared to protest, all of them cheered in their hearts.

“Although there are more than a hundred thousand paragons, only few of them dare to step forth. They’re not even comparable to these few demon beasts, what a tragedy!”

Perfected Lord Yu Jun lamented sorrowfully.

It did not matter even if a Rakshasa was killed before them – the situation was not going to change.

As long as the Rakshasa and God race leaders were to attack, they would definitely overwhelm everything in a domineering manner and nobody would be able to get out alive!

Right at that moment, two figures that were clashing together suddenly separated.

Dugu Jian staggered with a frightfully pale expression and was drenched in sweat. It was clear that he was thoroughly exhausted, at his limits and could no longer continue.

The Rakshasa that faced him had a calm expression and stood on the spot motionlessly.

A moment later, the glint in the eyes of the Rakshasa gradually dimmed.

Everyone focused their attention.

An eerie scarlet line appeared on the Rakshasa’s glabella. It became increasingly clear and eventually, a drop of fresh blood oozed out of it!

It was a fatal sword strike!

The Rakshasa’s head was sliced apart!

The sword strike was so swift that the wound closed on itself instantly, resulting in the bizarre scene!

Another Rakshasa was dead!

In truth, Dugu Jian was injured to begin with and was suppressed by the Rakshasa the entire time.

However, monkey’s intense battle earlier on distracted the Rakshasa for a brief moment.

Dugu Jian cultivated the Dao of the sword and his focus was crystal clear. His Heart of the Sword gave him clarity and he was extremely sharp towards anything that happened in outside world – he spotted that brief opening instantly!

His sword strike was a fatal blow!

While the Rakshasa was fast, his sword was faster!

Although it was only a single strike, he exemplified the terrifying killing power of the Dao of the sword to its greatest extent!

His sword strike seemed like it was sending a message to everyone – even the Primordial Nine Races are not invincible and will die; even they can’t deal with the sharpness of the sword Dao!

The Rakshasa leader’s expression was completely ashen after two of his Rakshasa clansmen were killed in succession.

“Good strike, good strike!”

He clapped with a cold gaze and said frostily, “Initially, I was considering whether I should spare your lives. Hmm…”

“But now, I’ve made up my mind!”

The Rakshasa leader snarled word by word murderously, “None of you human paragons shall dream about leaving Myriad Phenomenon City alive!”

“You’re dishonest, reneging on your words!”

Xiaoning glared furiously as she pointed to Dugu Jian and monkey. “It’s clear that they won!”


The Rakshasa leader stared at Xiaoning and sneered, “I’m the one that sets the rules so I decide what happens. Ants like you aren’t worthy of negotiating with me!”

“I’m going to have all the paragons on the Phenomenon Ranking buried here! The Golden Core Phenomenon Ranking is the greatest joke of your human race! From this day forth, the Phenomenon Ranking shall become history!”

Nobody spoke and the atmosphere was tense.

It was as the Rakshasa leader had said – if the paragons on the Phenomenon Ranking were all dead and more than a hundred thousand paragons were buried here, the Phenomenon Ranking would become the greatest humiliation of the cultivation world!

Even if the Phenomenon Ranking was established by Fairy Ling Long and had been passed down from the ancient era, Enigma Palace would be too ashamed to carry on hosting it.

“I’m afraid to disappoint you!”

Dugu Jian said coldly, “The top two of the Phenomenon Ranking have left Myriad Phenomenon City a long time ago! Those two are the true paragons of our human race… true monster incarnates who are comparable to the Human Emperor!”

“I’m merely 7th on the Phenomenon Ranking but I’m already able to slay you Rakshasas. If those two monster incarnates are here, there’s no way you intruders of foreign races will be able to maintain that cockiness!”

The two monster incarnates that Dugu Jian was referring to were Su Zimo and Di Yin.


The Rakshasa leader sneered, “Paragons? Monster incarnates? Those two must be scared out of their wits such that they don’t dare to return, right?”

His words resonated with the thoughts of many cultivators present.

If they were in the same position and saw what happened in Myriad Phenomenon City, they would have chosen to flee far away instead of returning to the city.

Even the Nascent Souls had to avoid this and chose to flee, what did it matter if they were paragons on the Phenomenon Ranking?

The situation right now was extremely clear – Myriad Phenomenon City was an endless hell and anybody that entered will not have a chance to leave!

The Rakshasa leader rubbed his chin and laughed menacingly. “If those two dare to return, I guess I’ll give them a chance to survive. They can be my spirit beast slaves!”

“Kill them!”

The Rakshasa leader waved and more than ten mighty figures behind him transformed into streaks of dark lights that bolted towards monkey and the others.

Perfected Lord Yu Jun and the other two bore pained expressions.

Naturally, they could tell that monkey and the others were already at the end of the road – how could they defend against the attacks of more than ten Rakshasas?


Suddenly, a long howl sounded from the distant horizons, tearing through the clouds and shattering metal and rocks!

Everyone was shocked.


The moment the first howl landed, a second howl sounded.

The second howl was even closer!

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