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Chapter 765: Hidden Night Spirit

Night Spirit did not speak nor did he revert to his true form. He merely stood out in silence and stood behind Xiaoning expressionlessly.

His pitch-black eyes revealed a conflicted emotion.

It wasn’t fear.

It was more like… cautiousness!

Nian Qi’s hands and feet were bound by the God race and she had a worn out expression. Her withered yellow hair covered her peerless features.

Her head was slumped the entire time as she remained silent.


The God race leader raised his brow and said with a fake smile, “Seems like it’s been a long time since the Rakshasa race has been out. Even these little pets dare to challenge you guys.”

“You look more like a little pet!”

Since they were already in this state, the spirit tiger no longer had any reservations and shouted, “Your tiger daddy here isn’t going to change my name! I’m Hu Batian!”

“You must have a death wish!”

The God race leader’s face darkened.

The Rakshasa leader burst into laughter. “Seems like the God race isn’t that much better off either.”

“Even though I don’t consume the flesh of humans, I heard that the bones of tigers are great tonics. Leave that spirit tiger to the God race!”

The God race leader looked down with an arrogant expression and said indifferently, “For me, killing you is as simple as squashing an ant. Lest you claim that I’m bullying you, I’ll spare your life if you’re even able to defeat the weakest clansmen of the God race!”

The moment he said that, someone from the God race stood out. He had golden hair, azure eyes and exquisite features as he glared at the spirit tiger with a deadly intent!

“Do you think I’ll be afraid of you?”

The spirit tiger grit his teeth and stood out boldly.

To be fair, this was the best possible scenario.

Although the Rakshasa and God race leaders were both at Golden Core realm as well, they could kill Nascent Souls that were above their cultivation realms – the spirit tiger was definitely not a match for them!

However, if he was up against an ordinary Rakshasa or God race being, he would have a shot at victory.

The Rakshasa leader was delighted and laughed menacingly. “Anyone that can defeat my clansmen can have your lives spared as well!”

“Since you guys have death wishes, I don’t have to stand on courtesy!”

Monkey walked right to the front in huge strides and thumped his chest with both arms, yelling murderously, “Who dares to challenge me!”

The tension on both sides was high.

“How dare a demon monkey act so insolently. You’re asking to die!”

A Rakshasa spread his wings and soared into the air, charging towards monkey in a flash.

That single action caused a massive fight to break out on both sides!

Apart from the God race that sent one person to fight against the spirit tiger, the Rakshasa race also sent 13 people to fight against Xiaoning, Little Fatty, Leng Rou, Ji Chengtian, Shi Jian, Ming Zhen, Demoness Ji, Monkey, Qing Qing, Night Spirit, Little Fox, the Golden Lion and Dugu Jian!

No matter it was the solo God race being or the 13 Rakshasas, all of them possessed frightening combat strength.

However, Little Fatty and the others were at different levels.

Monkey had a torrential ferocity and had the advantage against the Rakshasa with his powerful strength, steely fist techniques and agile movements – the Rakshasa could not get close to him at all!

Ming Zhen was number 4 on the Phenomenon Ranking and had a stable foundation. He also knew many secret skills of the Buddhist sects and was protected by the World Cleansing Green Lotus – he was equally matched against the Rakshasa.

Ji Chengtian, Leng Rou and the others could only manage to defend passively.

Xiaoning, Qing Qing and the others were in extremely treacherous situations the moment they exchanged blows – they could die at any moment!

Xiaoning was a disciple of Elixir Yang Sect.

She surpassed everyone in the same cultivation realm in terms of elixir refinement. However, her combat strength was not stellar – how could she fight against the Rakshasas?


The Rakshasa’s curved saber transformed into a cold streak of light and was about to slice Xiaoning’s throat when it was repelled by five fingers that darted out of the blue!

The fingernails were incomparably sharp and shone with a dark glint. A trail of sparks was released when it clashed against the curved saber of the Rakshasa race!

It was Night Spirit!

Night Spirit broke free from the attacks of a Rakshasa behind him and had unknowingly appeared beside Xiaoning to rescue her!

“Stand behind me!”

He wasted no time to elaborate and left that remark before shielding Xiaoning behind him.

The Rakshasa that was initially chasing after Xiaoning was enraged when his prey that he was about to get his hands on was taken away from him. With that, he charged towards Night Spirit.

At the same time, the Rakshasa that was initially fighting Night Spirit closed in as well.

Two Rakshasas attacked at the same time!

Night Spirit had a cold gaze and agile movement techniques. His figure flickered non-stop where he stood like a phantom and left a series of afterimages – he was not disadvantaged even against two opponents!

“You are rather capable to be able to defend against two Rakshasas!”

The Rakshasa leader crossed his arms and sneered.

Although Qing Qing possessed wings as well, her movement technique was way inferior compared to the Rakshasas.


A flash of blood light appeared.

In less than three breaths, Qing Qing was injured!

Although it was not fatal, blood gushed out endlessly from her wounds. Qing Qing’s face was pale and had already lost her balance – she was on the verge of falling from midair!


The Rakshasa was excited and yelled before slashing down.


Another figure flashed past and rescued Qing Qing from the curved saber of the Rakshasa.

It was Night Spirit again!

After rescuing Qing Qing, Night Spirit fought against three Rakshasas!

No matter how frightening the movement techniques of the Rakshasas were or the sort of angles they attacked from, everything was negated as Night Spirit defended every single move.

The three Rakshasas failed in their slaughter attempts and were instead injured themselves!

The Rakshasa leader’s expression darkened slightly as he glared at Night Spirit in silence.


Night Spirit’s situation drew the attention of the three Nascent Souls as well.

Perfected Lord Luo Xue asked in surprise, “What is that spirit beast? His movement technique isn’t inferior to the Rakshasa race?”

“That’s not all,”

Monk Yin Lu shook his head. “Don’t forget, he has yet to revert to his true form. In other words, he is not at the peak of his combat strength right now!”

Perfected Lord Yu Jun frowned slightly without saying anything.

He was thinking about the reason why.

Why was Night Spirit not reverting to his true form even at this point?

What was he trying to hide?

What were his considerations?


Suddenly, an exclamation sounded from the crowd.

Little Fox had failed to bewitch a Rakshasa and was almost killed when Night Spirit rescued her!

The bloodline of the Rakshasa race is noble and possessed an extremely frightening memory of their legacy as well as secret skills and cultivation techniques – there was no way a Rakshasa could be bewitched by Little Fox so easily.

At that moment, Night Spirit was already fighting against four Rakshasas singlehandedly!

In less than 10 breaths, three people were defeated.

Furthermore, the situation of the others was not looking good either – they could die at any moment!

Although Ji Chengtian was on the Phenomenon Ranking, his rank was close to the end.

Finally, he could not withstand the relentless attacks of the Rakshasa anymore and his phenomenon shattered!

A cold light flashed.

By the time Ji Chengtian reacted to it, the light was already close to him!

It was too fast!


Ji Chengtian closed his eyes and sighed internally.


The sound of metal clashing echoed!

“Brother Ji, back down! I’ll help you!”

Lin Xuanji waved the folding fan in his hand and repelled the Rakshasa’s curved saber to rescue Ji Chengtian. His blood qi and spirit energy was released completely as he fought against two Rakshasas!

The disciples of Enigma Palace had never partaken in the fights for the Phenomenon Ranking.

Nobody knew how strong they were.

At this moment, many cultivators finally witnessed the capabilities of Lin Xuanji!

This was a true paragon of the human race!

Although he was fighting against the Rakshasa race, there were no signs of weakness and he did not back down at all!

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