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Chapter 764: Unyielding Humans

Gooey fresh blood seeped between the gaps of the stone slabs in a grisly manner.

More than a hundred Rakshasas circled around the remaining cultivators and their massive feet left behind bloodied footprints on the stone slabs in a frightening manner!

The tall and massive bodies of the Rakshasa and their pitch-black meat wings exerted immense pressure!

Within the group, many cultivators shivered with lowered heads – they did not dare to face the menacing faces and green eyes of the Rakshasa race.

The atmosphere was turning extremely repressive!

In fact, many cultivators were wary about how they breathed, afraid that they might draw the attention of the Rakshasa race with any activity.


The Rakshasa leader was delighted when he saw that and reared his head in laughter. “So, these are the so-called paragons of the human race! How worthless!”

Nobody refuted him.

Lin Xuanji and the others had cold expressions. Although their hearts were blazing with rage, they repressed their emotions.

The God race leader stood in the air and swept his gaze across the cultivators gathered beneath indifferently. “Most of the cultivators here can’t be considered as paragons,”

He paused for a moment before changing the topic, smirking in a carefree manner. “I heard that there’s a total of 108 spots on the Phenomenon Ranking of the human race. Only those that are able to get a spot on the Phenomenon Ranking can be considered as true paragons of the human race.”


The Rakshasa leader grinned. His gaze fluttered as he declared loudly, “Who are the paragons of the Phenomenon Ranking? Stand up and let me take a look at you!”

He placed emphasis on the word ‘paragon’ and his tone was murderous!

Everyone could hear the killing intent in the Rakshasa leader’s tone.

Originally, a listing on the Phenomenon Ranking was an immense honor for cultivators and they would gain fabulous rewards as well.

But now, the Phenomenon Ranking was a mark of death for these cultivators!

Nobody stood out.

Anybody that stood out would die.


The Rakshasa leader laughed sinisterly. “I’m going to start killing people if nobody comes forth automatically!”

A stir broke out amongst the crowd.

“Please spare my life, senior! I’m willing to follow you and be your slave or spirit beast!”

Finally, a cultivator that could not handle the pressure fell to a thud on his knees before the Rakshasa leader with a frightful expression.

It was Duan Qingping of Clear Wind Temple who was ranked 20 on the Phenomenon Ranking.

He was definitely able to be considered as a paragon of the human race!

However, at that moment, Duan Qingping knelt before the Rakshasa leader without any shred of dignity and begged for his life loudly.

In fact, he was willing to be a spirit beast and slave of the other party!

Nobody mocked him.

Even the Perfected Lord of Clear Wind Temple died in the hands of the God race leader, what more could he do?

All ants were afraid to die, let alone him.

Most cultivators cultivated for the purpose of longevity.

Even Perfected Lords, Mighty Figures and Patriarchs might not truly be able to let go of their attachments towards life and death, let alone him who was a Golden Core.

“You want to be my slave and spirit beast?”

The Rakshasa leader gazed coldly at Duan Qingping as he said slowly, “The human race is not worthy!”

He gave a cruel laugh and severed Duan Qingping’s head with a slash. With a whisk, he grabbed Duan Qingping’s head in his hands before smashing it and drinking its brain juices in large mouthfuls.

The Rakshasa leader whisked Duan Qingping’s head and burst into laughter. “Fufufu, paragon? Phenomenon Ranking? You’re only worthy of being food for us!”

The hundred-odd Rakshasa race beings roared in laughter and their appearances turned even more menacing, resembling malevolent ghosts that crawled out from Hell.

“Intruders of a foreign race, you deserve to die!”

Suddenly, a hoarse voice sounded from the crowd.

At that moment, it appeared particularly striking!

The crowd fell into an uproar.

Many cultivators spun around towards the voice.

Everyone wanted to see who was the person who dared to leap out with that declaration despite the situation where they could barely save themselves!

The laughter of the Rakshasa race came to a sudden stop as well.

The Rakshasa leader’s face turned ashen immediately.

A figure walked out slowly from within the crowd.

The cultivator wore black robes and had black hair, but his face was frighteningly pale. He was injured and seemed extremely weak while his gaze was somewhat hollow and stoned.

However, the person gave off an extremely sharp aura!

He possessed an unparalleled boldness as he walked out from the crowd!

Number 7 on the Phenomenon Ranking, Dugu Jian!

Blood qi was torrential and corpses were strewn everywhere in Myriad Phenomenon City. Nobody could imagine the pressure he had to endure to step out despite the circumstances.

Many cultivators had conflicted expressions when they looked at that lonely figure.

Some were in revere, some were in pity and some were numb.

Within the crowd, Hang Qiuyu slumped his head as he looked at Dugu Jian step forward.

He lost to Dugu Jian in the fight for the Phenomenon Ranking.

However, he had never acknowledged defeat even once in his heart!

The two of them had a long way to go in the future.

It was only at that moment that Hang Qiuyu realized he had lost completely.

Sword cultivators specialized in cultivating their ferocities.

They cultivated their determination and pushed forward no matter what!

However, his sharpness had disappeared completely in the face of the Rakshasa race’s massacre.

Yet, Dugu Jian’s sharpness remained and was only being honed deeper.

He pointed his sword towards the Rakshasas!

“Very good, you are very good!”

The Rakshasa leader twisted his neck with crackling sounds and laughed menacingly with a violent gaze. “Who else is indignant? Step forth!”

“Count me in!”

Another voice sounded in the crowd. While it was a little tender, it was incomparably resolute.

It was Su Xiaoning!

This timid girl had changed significantly after experiencing the passing of her kin. At that moment, she mustered great courage and stood forth!

“Although the Rakshasa race is one of the Primordial Nine Races and you have a noble bloodline and great innate strength, so what? During the ancient era, the Primordial Nine Races lost and the Rakshasa race did as well! All you could do was live life ignobly!”

“Although we humans are innately weak by birth, we won’t allow ourselves to be trampled upon by you foreign races and be slaughtered by you indiscriminately!”

Her words were powerful and her tone was robust. Many cultivators were worked up and their fighting spirits were even ignited!


The Rakshasa leader mocked and looked at Xiaoning and Dugu Jian before bursting into laughter. “Two mere ants and you think that’s enough to form a rebellion!”

“Count me in!”

Lin Xuanji stood out with grit teeth. “Rakshasa race, this is a sacred place for the human race. Every single tile here was crafted effortlessly by Fairy Ling Long! Even if I have to give up my life, I’ll guard this place and never back down!”

“Me too!” Demoness Ji stood forward.

“Me as well!”

Little Fatty shrugged his rotund body and squeezed his way out.

“Count me in!”

“Count me in!”

Shi Jian, Ji Chengtian, Leng Rou and the others stood forward!

Voices sounded within the crowd one after another.

Perfected Lord Luo Xue’s eyes reddened.

Monk Yin Lu’s eyes turned damp as well.

Perfected Lord Yu Jun was emotional and his body trembled.

Those were true paragons.

Those were the hopes for the future of the human race!

During the ancient era, it was precisely because paragons stood out one after another to fight against the ten thousand races. Every single generation preceded the previous and they fought against the Primordial Nine Races, creating the current status quo.

The human race was unyielding and would fight!

Even if they might not be able to win, they would not yield!

That was the spirit of the human race; their soul!

“Caw, caw!”

Monkey’s Inner Core circulated and his body expanded. Demonic qi shrouded around him as he thumped his chest furiously with a raring battle intent. He burst into laughter with a scarlet glint in his eyes. “Rakshasa race? What nonsense! I’ve had it with your ugly faces for a long time!”


The spirit tiger and Golden Lion let out roars one after another as well and walked forth from the crowd.

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