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Chapter 763: Darkest Chapter

The duration of their fight could be considered as extremely short.

However, no one outside the fight could understand how dangerous the situation was.

If Su Zimo was mentally affected by the Rakshasa’s words and had indeed revealed an opening, or if he had been a teeny bit slower, he would have been the one laying on the ground.

Su Zimo glared at the Rakshasa’s corpse with a dark gaze.

Most of what the Rakshasa said was true!

Su Zimo was not a saint and had never thought of rescuing everybody. However, with the fates of Little Fatty, monkey and the others unknown in Myriad Phenomenon City, he knew he definitely had to check things out.

The situation in Myriad Phenomenon City seemed dire.

Perhaps it might be even worse than he had imagined!

A single Rakshasa was already so troublesome to deal with.

Su Zimo truly did not have much confidence if there were truly more than a hundred Rakshasas in Myriad Phenomenon City.

Furthermore, through the dead Rakshasa, Su Zimo discovered that there was a Rakshasa leader as well!

The strength of the Rakshasa leader might be comparable to a Nascent Soul!

Naturally, the safest option right now was to consume elixirs and recuperate on the spot.

Even if he could not recover to his peak condition, he had to recover his spirit energy by at least 80% before returning with his Golden Core phenomenon – that was the safest option.

However, Su Zimo was truly worried about Little Fatty and the others. The more he thought about it, the more uneasy he felt. After a momentary silence, he decided to return to Myriad Phenomenon City immediately!

“Please let nothing happen to them!”

Su Zimo murmured softly with a cold gaze. In a flash, he sped in the direction of Myriad Phenomenon City.

Blood qi surged into the skies and vengeful spirits surrounded Myriad Phenomenon City.

On the streets, the roofs and every single corner, splinted limbs and cold corpses could be seen – it was a terrifying sight.

The dark lights in midair were still hovering around.

Sinister laughters could be heard everywhere!

Every single Rakshasa whisked a barely alive cultivator in their hands. They chewed off flesh in huge mouthfuls and their eyes shone with green, excited glints.

Of the hundred thousand paragons, close to half were dead and even more were injured!

“I’ve already said that no one is allowed to leave without my permission!”

The God race leader stood in the air and looked down at the incomparably frightened cultivators below. Although his tone was calm, it possessed an unquestionable authority!

Nobody dared to challenge the God race.

Anyone that challenged the God race only had death awaiting them!

Gradually, some of the cultivators stopped their attempts to flee and their eyes were filled with endless despair.

Some of them stood on the spot stiffly and gazed at the corpses in the cesspools of blood with blank expressions as though they’ve lost their souls.

“Very good.”

The God race leader’s lips curled and gave a chill remark, “As long as you guys stay here obediently, I won’t kill unreasonably nor would I consume you guys as food like the Rakshasa race.”

In the eyes of the God race, humans were extremely cheap and their flesh were incomparably dirty – they could not bring themselves to consume something this lowly.


When he heard that, the Rakshasa leader in midair harrumphed coldly and raised his arm before hollering, “Clansmen, have you had your fill?”

“My stomach’s almost bursting! Enjoyable!”

A Rakshasa roared in laughter.

The Rakshasa leader nodded and waved his hand before declaring, “Ants of the human race, listen up! As long as you guys stay in Myriad Phenomenon City obediently and not harbor any thoughts of escaping, the Rakshasa race can spare your lives for the time being as well!”

“Leader, although we’ve had our fill of eating, we haven’t had our fill for killing!”

A Rakshasa shouted, unable to contain the excitement in his eyes.

“What do you know!”

The Rakshasa leader smiled sinisterly. “If we kill the humans, their flesh won’t be fresh anymore! I intend to rear them in Myriad Phenomenon City as food for us in the future!”

“You sure are wise, leader!”

Many Rakshasas shouted in unison as their eyes lit up.

Perfected Lord Yu Jun trembled in rage when he heard that.

Monk Yin Lu sighed deeply. When he saw everything that was happening, it was as though he could feel the despair and helplessness of the human race back in the primordial era when they were subjugated by the ten thousand races.

More cultivators stopped in their escape attempts.

They had almost no shot at survival if they continued fleeing away from the city.

If they remained in Myriad Phenomenon City, they could at least remain alive for a period of time.

“Nian Qi is in the hands of the God race, I can’t leave. You guys leave first and look for First. Don’t let him return here no matter what,” Qing Qing had a conflicted expression and eventually made the decision after mulling momentarily.

Little Fatty and the others did not recognize Nian Qi.

However, Qing Qing could see it clearly – the woman with her hands and feet bound by the God race was none other than Nian Qi!

“I won’t leave either if you’re not leaving,”

The spirit tiger suppressed his fear and thumped himself on the chest with a firm look on his face. “Don’t worry, Hu Batian will be here with you. These intruders from other races will have to get by me before they can get to you!”

Qing Qing was touched and looked at the spirit tiger with reddened eyes.

“We’re not leaving either,”

Monkey’s scarlet eyes flickered as he said calmly.

“Brother Monkey, you…”

“There’s no need for that. We’re sworn siblings so we naturally have to go through thick and thin together,”

“That’s right! Thick and thin!”

The Golden Lion nodded as well and gripped his fists.

Little Fatty scratched his head and turned to look at Leng Rou and Lin Xuanji in an undecided manner.

Lin Xuanji gave a bitter chuckle. “There’s no way I’m going to leave. Myriad Phenomenon City was established by Enigma Palace. As the current generation’s disciple of Enigma Palace, this has to be my burial ground even if I have to die!”

Ji Chengtian’s eyes shone brightly as he said in a dark manner, “Let’s stay here as well. Right now, most of the cultivators have chosen to stay in Myriad Phenomenon City and only few are fleeing out. If we make any reckless move, we’ll definitely become a target for the Rakshasa and God race!”


Everyone agreed.

“Everyone, gather around these three Nascent Souls!”

The Rakshasa leader looked at Perfected Lord Yu Jun and the other two and said in a mocking tone.

“Why are you moving so slow? Do you have a death wish?!”

A cultivator who was severely injured and staggered was chided by a Rakshasa. Instantly, his head was sliced off and he was killed on the spot!

The remaining cultivators were horrified and made haste.

Everyone from the God race stood with arrogant expressions with their hands behind their backs. There was no pity in their eyes as they watched coldly from the sidelines.

Before long, the cultivators in the city were gathered together in a dense group.

With the support of Perfected Lord Luo Xue, Perfected Lord Yu Jun struggled to stand up and looked down.

There were more than a hundred thousand human paragons in this place just yesterday. Now, there were only around fifty thousand left – half of the cultivators had turned into cold corpses that were in eternal slumber!


Half of the remaining fifty thousand cultivators were injured as well and would end up as food for the Rakshasa race – nobody will be spared!

Tears streamed down the face of Perfected Lord Yu Jun as his lips quivered. After a moment, he chose to remain silent and his voice was converted to a deep sigh.

The Myriad Phenomenon Peak was behind them.

The mountain peak was established here in the ancient era and had witnessed the birth of countless paragons and monster incarnates as well as the rise of the human race – it witnessed the fights and clashes of the ancient emperors!

But now, the mountain peak was made to witness the massacre of a hundred thousand paragons by intruders of a foreign race!

This day would eventually become the most humiliating and darkest chapter of the history of the human race!

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