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Chapter 751: Uncontrollable Situation!
What swift reactions!

The crowd gasped.

Even Perfected Lord Yu Jun was a step slower in stopping Perfected Lord Hun Yi’s ambush – to think that Su Zimo could stop in time and shield his head with the golden lotus!

That was the benefit of cultivating the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness.

Even without seeing or hearing it, he could still detect danger!

However, detecting danger was one thing; whether or not he could defend against the power of a Nascent Soul was another.

A blinding light burst forth when the gigantic sword collided against the golden lotus, sending resplendent streaks of light everywhere. A heatwave burst forth and almost flipped all the Golden Cores in the vicinity over!

The gigantic sword was repelled high into the air.

The golden lotus exploded right away!

Finally, that earthshaking Golden Core phenomenon was shattered into pieces after being ground down by Chaos Ocean relentlessly coupled with the attack of a Nascent Soul!

There was a boom.

Su Zimo crashed down onto the ruins of the collapsed stone platform and was buried beneath the stone slabs, vanishing from sight.

Many cultivators shook their heads when they saw that.

Su Zimo’s spirit energy was probably used up completely after his intense battle with Di Yin.

It was clear that the power of his phenomenon had also deteriorated. Coupled with his hurried defense, he would most likely be crippled even if he managed to survive that sword strike!

“What a pity.”

“To think that the number one of this Phenomenon Ranking would meet with such an end.”

“That’s what happens when you don’t have the backing of a strong sect or faction.”

Many cultivators lamented internally.

“Hun Yi, what are you trying to do?!”

Perfected Lord Yu Jun was enraged and bellowed as he swept his sleeves to send an attack forth!

The gigantic sword conjured by Perfected Lord Hun Yi’s Dharmic power was shattered by Perfected Lord Yu Jun’s sleeve sweep and dissipated instantly!

Perfected Lord Yu Jun soared into the air and slapped his storage bag. His spirit consciousness jolted and summoned two chilling flying swords that circled around him.

The tip of the swords quivered like the forked tongues of snakes and were aimed directly at Perfected Lord Hun Yi!

At the same time, Perfected Lord Dou Bei of Heavenly Dipper Sect, Perfected Lord Tian Ming of Zephyr Thunder Palace, Monk Yuan Kong of Hollow Monastery, Monk Wei Fu of Diamond Monastery and some others rose one after another, glaring at Perfected Lord Yu Jun with hostile expressions.

Lin Xuanji’s heart skipped a beat when he saw that.

The fight for the Phenomenon Ranking began to spin out of control the moment Perfected Lord Hun Yi attacked.

In fact, it might already be beyond Enigma Palace’s control at this point!

“Why, you wish to kill me, Yu Jun?”

Perfected Lord Hun Yi raised his brow slightly.

“You harbored designs and tried to murder a paragon of our human race. What does it matter even if I kill you?”

Perfected Lord Yu Jun was truly furious at this moment given his character.

Nothing so vile had ever happened since the inception of the Golden Core Phenomenon Ranking in the ancient era!

A Nascent Soul had disregarded Enigma Palace completely by ambushing a Golden Core!

His methods were simply way too despicable!

“Hun Yi, don’t you have any shame?!”

Perfected Lord Luo Xue stood up as well with a cold expression that seemed as though her face was veiled by a layer of frost.


Perfected Lord Hun Yi swept his gaze at Perfected Lord Luo Xue before sneering, “Yu Jun, this lad is a demon. What’s wrong with me stepping in to kill a demon? You’re trying to kill me because of a demon instead?”

“Yu Jun, Enigma Palace was founded by Fairy Ling Long. You must not forget your roots and stand on the side of the demons,” Monk Wei Fu said slowly as well.


Perfected Lord Yu Jun replied coldly, “Su Zimo had been to the Human Emperor’s Palace and ascended the Myriad Phenomenon Peak to leave his name on the Ancient Phenomenon Stele. He is recognized by both the legendary Human Emperor and Fairy Ling Long. That alone is proof of his identity!”

“Yet, you guys insist on twisting the facts! Where are your morals?”

Perfected Lord Bei Dou said indifferently, “Make way, Yu Jun. That lad will definitely have to die today and not even Enigma Palace can protect him!”

“What if Snowdrift Valley is included?!”

Perfected Lord Luo Xue shifted to the side of Perfected Lord Yu Jun in a flash.

The two Nascent Souls of the fiend sects smirked coldly.

Although both of them looked down on the disgusting antics of the immortal cultivators, they chose to wait by the sidelines idly.

In the blink of an eye, two factions were created on the battlefield.

From the immortal sects, apart from Glass Palace that was not present, seven Nascent Souls stood forth, leaving Perfected Lord Luo Xue as the only one on Perfected Lord Yu Jun’s side.

From the six Buddhist monasteries, Hollow Monastery and Diamond Monastery took the lead and five of the monasteries stood on the side of Perfected Lord Hun Yi!

“Why are you guys doing this?!”

Monk Yin Lu frowned as he looked at the five Perfected Lords of the Buddhist monasteries in disbelief.

Monk Wei Fu said deeply, “I don’t care if he’s a demon or a fiend. In any case, he isn’t someone from our Buddhist monasteries! Since that’s the case, he has to hand over the cultivation techniques and secret skills of the Buddhist monasteries such as the Mystic Dharmic Lotus Sutra and we’ll have to cripple everything related to the Buddhist Dao in his body!”

“That’s right. The Dao of Buddhism must not be leaked to outsiders.”

The Perfected Lord of Clear Heart Nunnery nodded as well.

“What are you talking about?”

Monk Yin Lu said, “Buddhism places emphasis on the idea of karma. It’s his karma that brought him the opportunity to cultivate the World Cleansing Green Lotus. You guys…”

When he saw the gazes of Monk Yuan Kong and the others, Monk Yin Lu was enlightened and suddenly stopped speaking.

The people opposite him were not trying to kill Su Zimo for some righteous reasons.

They were merely doing it out of greed!

Monk Yin Lu sighed and rose before walking to Perfected Lord Yu Jun’s side.

Even so, Perfected Lord Yu Jun’s group only consisted of the three of them.

However, there were a total of 12 Nascent Souls on Perfected Lord Hun Yi’s side!

The difference in numbers was clear!

In midair, the atmosphere between the two factions was extremely tense.

The hundred thousand or so Golden Cores on the ground were also gradually divided into factions.

The majority of them, close to 70,000 people, chose to sit by the sidelines.

Many cultivators from immortal sects were gathered, led by Chaos Essence Sect and Zephyr Thunder Palace. There were almost 30,000 of them and they surrounded Little Fatty, Ji Chengtian, Xiaoning, Demoness Ji and the others!

Xu Cheng and Hang Qiuyu from the immortal sects and Monk Jian Kong and Monk Jue Chen of the Buddhist monasteries were among them as they glared at Little Fatty and the others greedily.

As long as the order was pumped down from midair, a battle would break out on the ground instantly as well!

“Anyone that’s unrelated should get as far away as possible!”

Xu Cheng glared at Little Fatty, Ji Chengtian and the others before sneering, “Don’t think that we won’t dare to lay our hands on you just because you’re a cultivator from some of the unorthodox groups or heretical doctrines! Anyone on Su Zimo’s side is my enemy so don’t blame me for not showing mercy!”

Right now, Di Yin was severely injured and was swallowing elixirs to heal up.

Su Zimo had fallen into the ruins. Although his fate was unknown, he was most likely crippled.

Ren Tu of Asura Sect who was ranked number three on the Phenomenon Ranking did not intervene. As such, Xu Cheng, who was ranked number four, was definitely qualified to make such a statement!


The spirit tiger rolled his eyes and scolded, “Who do you think you are?”

Xu Cheng gave a menacing laugh and pointed to monkey and the other demons behind Little Fatty, saying with a murderous aura, “None of you shall escape today! I’m going to peel your skin and crush your bones into ashes!”


Monkey, the spirit tiger and the others roared and reverted to their demon forms!

Unknowingly, Night Spirit’s figure had already vanished from the spot!

Nobody knew how he left.

Nobody could even spot any traces of him!

“Yu Jun, make way!”

Perfected Lord Hun Yi raised his chin and said coolly with a sharp gaze, “Su Zimo has to die today, that’s the main point! Even Enigma Palace won’t be able to stop us!”


Right then, a tremendous explosion could be heard from the ruins on the ground.

Sand and gravel flew everywhere!

In the billowing dust, a green figure could be seen rising faintly with dancing black hair. He gave off a terrifying aura and his eyes shone coldly with a torrential killing intent!

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