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Chapter 750: Attack of a Perfected Lord!

The Black Tortoise disregarded the raging tides and moved against the current with the golden lotus on its back.

Day and night appeared together while lightning flashed as thunder crackled. The two heads of the turtle and serpent reared and roared into the skies, sweeping their divine might through the Nine Heavens in a majestic manner!

An intense clash broke out between the two great Golden Core phenomenons in midair!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Incomparably strong air currents darted wildly, causing the voids to quake and scorching heatwaves were released one after another from the center of the two great phenomenons!


“What a tremendous power!”

The Nascent Souls above the clouds were shocked.

All of them felt threatened by the power released from the clash of the two great Golden Core phenomenons.

Without hesitation, everyone retreated far away from the battlefield, afraid that they would be implicated.

Perfected Lord Hun Yi, Monk Yuan Kong, Perfected Lord Tian Ming and the others were alarmed and furious. Their gazes were grim as they looked at one another – all of them could see the killing intent in the other’s eyes!

This lad must not survive!

The power released by that Golden Core phenomenon was enough to kill them!

Even if they were in Di Yin’s position, they couldn’t guarantee that they could defend against the Golden Core phenomenon and escape unscathed!

That phenomenon combined the secrets of the immortal, Buddhist and fiend Daos and had even tapped into the power of Heaven and Earth – it was comparable to Dharmic power!

“It will never happen!”

Di Yin’s blood qi surged and he channeled his Golden Core wildly such that even his expression turned menacing.

He was the top of the previous Phenomenon Ranking.

He was the number one Perfected Being!

His attainments in his Golden Core phenomenon had already surpassed the Human Emperor!

He was definitely going to leave his name in history and dominate over Tianhuang Mainland!

He must not lose here!

A defeat would erase all his past glory instantly.

His glory would be the stepping stone of this green-robed cultivator before him!

The green lotus swayed and released streams of pure, flawless light, causing raging tides to surge forward one after another in Chaos Ocean!


It was yet another deafening sound.

Immediately after, a massive object tore through the waves and arrived at the front with the might of Heaven and Earth, slamming violently towards Di Yin!


The Chaos Green Lotus shone and stood in the Black Tortoise’s path.


The Chaos Green Lotus collided against the Black Tortoise!

The world changed!

It was as though everything was frozen at that moment.

Everything went silent!

Although the green lotus remained intact, its glow dimmed completely without any greenness in it, as though it had withered.

A series of cracks appeared on the Black Tortoise’s body as it stopped for a moment before dispersing!

On the surface, it seemed as though Di Yin had the advantage.

However, his expression was extremely grim at the moment.

That was because Su Zimo’s Golden Core phenomenon was not completely destroyed yet. Although the Black Tortoise was gone, the golden lotus that was born in the blazing flames was still present!

“Break it!”

Su Zimo descended like a divine being and roared. He strode forward with the golden lotus in his hands and smashed it on the Chaos Green Lotus before him!


The two lotuses collided and bright Buddha lights filled the surroundings.

The true form of the golden lotus was a World Cleansing Green Lotus.

However, Yin and Yang intersected while lightning and thunder fused. Soaked in seawater and refined under raging flames, it evolved into an everlasting golden lotus!

Gold was indestructible and eternal!

It could last as long as Heaven and Earth and shared the brilliance of day and night!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The Chaos Green Lotus cracked.

Di Yin jerked and his eyes grew dim as blood drained from his face.

The Chaos Green Lotus was fused from two great phenomenons and was even able to threaten Nascent Souls – it was obvious how immense the burden of that toll on Di Yin’s body was.

Now that the Chaos Green Lotus was shattered, the rebound of the power caused Di Yin severe injuries instantly.

Di Yin fell over, coughing huge mouthfuls of blood.


A series of exclamations broke out from the crowd.

Di Yin was defeated!

Nobody expected that outcome from this earthshaking battle.

This was a battle that was filled with ups and downs. Both monster incarnates released countless methods, spirit arts and secret skills that were far beyond the realm of knowledge for Golden Cores!

The Golden Core phenomenons released by the two of them at the end were so strong that even Nascent Souls had to keep their distance!


Monk Yin Lu lamented, “In the ancient era, there was the legend of the dragon horse accomplishing the River Diagram. To think that we’re actually witnessing the sight of a Black Tortoise destroying chaos today. The younger generation will definitely surpass us!”

None of the other Nascent Souls spoke.

Some of them had not gotten over the clash between the two great Golden Core phenomenons earlier on, some of them were emotional while others shook their heads and sighed lightly…

Some of them had bright gazes that flickered with uncontrollable killing intent!

Perfected Lord Hun Yi and the others had grim expressions as they exchanged glances.

“That lad’s spirit energy must have been used up after he released such a terrifying phenomenon and fought in such and intense battle! His Golden Core phenomenon is about to disperse soon!”

“Everyone, the best chance to kill this lad is now! We can’t wait any longer!”

“That’s right! Given his potential, things will only turn worse after he grows further!”

“After killing him, I want the Purple Thunder Manual in his possession. That belongs to Zephyr Thunder Palace! I won’t take any of the other treasures!”

“I want the divine phoenix bone!”

“That’s enough! We can discuss how to split the loot after killing him! Now isn’t the time to be arguing about that!”

Their spirit consciousnesses shuttled as Perfected Lord Hun Yi and the others conversed in secret.

Right then, Di Yin was falling after his Chaos Green Lotus was shattered. Su Zimo wielded the golden lotus and continued his pursuit with a murderous intent!

Perfected Lord Hun Yi had a vicious gaze and suddenly struck – he could not wait any longer!

Di Yin must not die!

Even if he lost this battle, he was still an incomparable monster incarnate and the most talented cultivator of Chaos Essence Sect.

As long as Su Zimo was killed, Di Yin would remain as the number one Perfected Being!

Perfected Lord Hun Yi’s glabella shone and his robes fluttered.

Dharmic power surged as a gigantic long sword was conjured in midair. It was extremely sharp and had a chilling intent.

In the blink of an eye, the gigantic sword appeared above Su Zimo’s head and thrust down viciously!

The place fell into an uproar!

That attack happened way too suddenly.

Nobody expected a Nascent Soul to interfere in the battle.

Furthermore, his attack came without any warning.

It was more like an ambush!

“How dare you!”

Perfected Lord Yu Jun’s expression changed starkly as he roared and struck instantly.

However, his reaction was already a step slower!

“It’s over!”

Lin Xuanji exclaimed internally when he saw that.

Even bystanders could not react to it – how could Su Zimo who was wholeheartedly focused on Di Yin in the battlefield avoid that killing move?

Furthermore, it was clear that Su Zimo’s spirit energy was depleted and he was at his limits after his fight with Di Yin.

A Golden Core was almost definitely doomed in an ambush by a Nascent Soul!

Many cultivators could have already envisioned the image of Su Zimo’s corpse.

Right in front of countless gazes, Su Zimo who was about to catch up to Di Yin suddenly froze in his tracks as though he was possessed. In a flash, he twisted and propped the golden lotus in his hands above his head!


The moment the golden lotus was lifted above his head, the gigantic sword descended and struck the golden lotus, causing sparks to fly along with the jarring sound of metal clashing!

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