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Chapter 752: Chaotic Battle

The dust dispersed and revealed the true appearance of the figure.

“It’s Su Zimo!”


“He’s not dead?”

“That Golden Lotus phenomenon that was dimmed and on the verge of dispersing was able to withstand a sword strike from a Nascent Soul?”

Didn’t that mean that the Golden Lotus phenomenon would have been able to go against a Nascent Soul at its peak when it was undamaged?

Everyone turned towards Su Zimo – although his green robes were slightly tattered, he was not injured at all!

On the contrary, the aura Su Zimo emitted had turned even more frightening. Everyone felt unsettled after looking at him, as though they were faced with impending danger!

It was as though Perfected Lord Hun Yi’s sword strike had released an even more terrifying existence!

Initially, Di Yin had consumed many elixirs from his sect and was recuperating with closed eyes, trying his best to recover as quickly as possible.

However, he shuddered when he sensed that aura and looked over instinctively. Instantly, his pupils constricted.

It was extremely dangerous!

Di Yin could clearly sense that Su Zimo was even more dangerous at the moment than when they fought earlier on!

“Perfected Lord Hun Yi, you have a death wish!”

Su Zimo stood in their air and glared at Perfected Lord Hun Yi who was not far away, declaring with a tone that chilled one to the bones.

The crowd fell into an uproar.

He was provoking a Nascent Soul openly!

Furthermore, even as a Golden Core, Su Zimo was on par with Perfected Lord Hun Yi in terms of aura and was not disadvantaged at all!

“Has Su Zimo gone insane? He’s trying to provoke a Nascent Soul even after his spirit energy has been depleted.”

“What does it matter even if he doesn’t do anything? Right now, there are 12 Nascent Souls that want to join forces to kill him!”

“By the looks of things, Perfected Lord Yu Jun and the other two won’t be able to protect him. If I were him, I’d flee as soon as possible to hide in a secluded place and wait till I leave the ancient battlefield and return to Tianhuang Mainland to break through to the Nascent Soul realm!”

All the cultivators knew that the ancient battlefield was merely a dimensional fragment with limited Heaven and Earth powers – there’s no way for Su Zimo to break through here even if he was at the peak of the Golden Core realm!

The breakthrough to the Nascent Soul realm was a significant event.

It was when a cultivator cultivated to the point where he was able to connect to Heaven and Earth.

Even in Tianhuang Mainland, a single mistake could lead to one’s death, let alone right now when they were in this shattered dimensional fragment.

Although he was facing 12 Nascent Souls, Su Zimo’s eyes surged with killing intent and there was no fear in them!

He did not make use of any demonic capabilities throughout his entire battle with Di Yin.

No techniques from the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness were used, let alone the power of his Inner Core.

That was because he was bound by the rules of Enigma Palace and the Phenomenon Ranking.

Su Zimo respected the rules not because of fear, but because he respected Fairy Ling Long.

Now that Perfected Lord Hun Yi had already broken the rules by attacking him, there was no need for him to have any reservations!

Although Su Zimo’s spirit energy was depleted and he could not release his Golden Core phenomenon for the time being, he had even more terrifying means and trump cards!

His Inner Core, his blood qi and his melee combat capabilities!

All the Nascent Souls present would find themselves praying if he closed in on them!

“Su Zimo, retreat first!”

Perfected Lord Yu Jun said deeply with a grim expression, “This is no longer a fight for the Phenomenon Ranking. Let me handle it!”

Su Zimo could tell from Perfected Lord Yu Jun’s words that the latter was clearly trying to protect him.

Before Su Zimo’s thought was finished, Perfected Lord Yu Jun sent a voice transmission into his mind, “Su Zimo, leave Myriad Phenomenon City first with the others. Enigma Palace will send the rewards for the Phenomenon Ranking to you.”

As long as they left Myriad Phenomenon City, Nascent Souls would be bounded by the rules of the ancient battlefield and would not be able to attack recklessly – that would ensure the lives of Su Zimo and the others at the very least.

To be fair, the alliance of Perfected Lord Hun Yi and 11 other Nascent Souls had already gone far beyond Perfected Lord Yu Jun’s expectations!

Even he was not confident that he would be able to contain the situation right now.

“Trying to escape?”

Perfected Lord Hun Yi’s eyes flashed. He could naturally tell what Perfected Lord Yu Jun was implying as he glared at Su Zimo and sneered, “Little b*stard, you won’t be able to leave Myriad Phenomenon City today!”


Su Zimo reared his head in laughter and pointed to Perfected Lord Hun Yi with a murderous intent. “Old dog, how dare you threaten me when you don’t even know that you’re about to die?”


In a flash, Su Zimo transformed into a streak of light and darted towards Perfected Lord Hun Yi at an extremely fast speed!

Su Zimo had taken the first move against the alliance of 12 Nascent Souls!

“Bastard, you’re courting death!”

“You truly don’t know what’s good for you!”

“Kill him!”

Perfected Lord Hun Yi, Perfected Lord Tian Ming and many other cultivators attacked in succession, locked onto Su Zimo.

With that order, Xu Cheng and Monk Jian Kong’s faction on the ground broke out into a massive fight against Little Fatty, Ming Zhen and the others!

In the blink of an eye, the skies were filled with spirit lights and Dharmic powers surged!

The void seemed to have been weaved into an inescapable net made of Dharmic powers that shrouded over Su Zimo.

“Save him!”

Perfected Lord Yu Jun shouted and struck without hesitation.

Pshew! Pshew!

Two flying swords streaked through the air and penetrated the gigantic web of Dharmic powers weaved by the 12 Nascent Souls.

“Frost Seal!”

Perfected Lord Luo Xue shouted and conjured hand seals. Her spirit consciousness fluctuated as she released a Dharmic art from Snowdrift Valley.

The temperature on the battlefield dipped instantly!

Layers of frost appeared on the surface of the flying swords.

In fact, Perfected Lord Hun Yi and the others even felt signs of their bloodlines and Dharmic powers freezing up!


Monk Yin Lu flicked his finger and a dark speck of flame drifted into the center of the battlefield.


The flame ignited and the Dharmic powers in the air burned!

Together, Perfected Lord Yu Jun, Perfected Lord Luo Xue and Monk Yin Lu instantly created a huge hole in the Dharmic power net weaved by the 12 Nascent Souls!

Perfected Lord Yu Jun waved his sleeves and they extended a hundred feet as though they were alive. They coiled in the direction of Su Zimo and attempted to save him from the chaotic battlefield.

This was a massive battle between Nascent Souls.

An ordinary Golden Core would definitely die if he was drawn into the fight!

Unexpectedly, Su Zimo sensed the fluctuation in the Dharmic power in the air and channeled his Inner Core. All of a sudden, his blood qi surged and his speed exploded as he burst away from the radius of Perfected Lord Yu Jun’s sleeves.

In a flash, Su Zimo tore through the hole in the Dharmic power web and charged towards Perfected Lord Hun Yi!

“You… ”

Perfected Lord Yu Jun froze for a moment.

Before he could react, the situation in midair underwent an earthshaking change!

Su Zimo relied on the help from Perfected Lord Yu Jun and the other two to break free from the obstruction of the 12 Nascent Souls and he was now less than 30 feet away from Perfected Lord Hun Yi!

Perfected Lord Hun Yi’s expression changed starkly as he fled in retreat without hesitation.

At the same time, his glabella shone and his hands shifted rapidly to conjure a Dharmic seal that gathered at his fingertips. Dharmic powers converged into it relentlessly, gushing with a horrifying might!

All of a sudden!

A figure appeared behind Perfected Lord Hun Yi.

It was imperceptible under the guise of the night like a phantom!

It was Night Spirit!

Nobody noticed how Night Spirit entered the battlefield.

By the time everyone realized, Night Spirit was behind Perfected Lord Hun Yi and had already extended his palm, thrusting it into the latter’s back!

“Watch out!”

Monk Yuan Kong, Perfected Lord Tian Ming and the others yelled in shock.

Perfected Lord Hun Yi was a top-tier expert of the Nascent Soul realm after all. He reacted within a split second and Dharmic powers exploded from his robes with a bright glow.

Five Dharmic patterns!

He was wearing a perfect-grade defensive Perfected Lord Dharmic weapon!

As a top-tier expert of the Nascent Soul who had undergone countless battles and a Perfected Lord of Chaos Essence Sect, there was no way he would not possess some treasures – how could he be killed in melee range so easily?

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