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Chapter 746: New Climax

How should one defend against such a frightening Golden Core phenomenon?

The moment Chaos Ocean rose, the other eight monster incarnates in the top ten of the Phenomenon Ranking felt a sense of helplessness surge in their hearts!

It was especially so for Ren Tu, Xu Cheng, Monk Jian Kong and the others. Initially, they wanted to overthrow Di Yin during the Phenomenon Ranking this time round.

It was only at this moment that they realized the immense difference between them and Di Yin!

“That phenomenon is clearly much stronger than it was a hundred years ago!”

“Seems like Di Yin did not waste his time suppressing his cultivation for the past hundred years. Instead, he has gained an even deeper understanding towards Chaos Ocean.”

“I’ve got to extend my congratulations to Chaos Essence Sect,”

Monk Yuan Kong said, “Without a doubt, Di Yin will definitely be at the top of the Phenomenon Ranking this time round. Once he advances to the Nascent Soul realm, Chaos Essence Sect will gain another Perfected Lord!”

Given Di Yin’s strength, it was almost certain that he would sweep through everyone of the same level and dominate Tianhuang Mainland once he advances to the Nascent Soul realm!

Perfected Lord Luo Xue had a grim expression.

Even before Di Yin was at Nascent Soul realm, the power of his Chaos Ocean was already at the level of a Nascent Soul!

There was a high chance that any ordinary Nascent Soul would be killed mercilessly if they fought against Di Yin!

“What a frightening person!”

Perfected Lord Luo Xue lamented internally and a hint of worry flashed through her eyes as she looked at the green figure fighting against Di Yin on the stone platform.

Perfected Lord Yu Jun shook his head gently as well.

The moment Di Yin released Chaos Ocean, it was clear to all the Nascent Souls present that the outcome of the battle was already determined.

The only thing that they did not know was whether Su Zimo could survive!

That lad was lauded as the strongest monster incarnate in history, had cultivated to the Extreme Foundation Establishment realm and was said to be the second Human Emperor.

All his titles were hard-earned from battle after battle without mistake!

There was a chance he might have a trump card to help him survive this.

Beneath the stone platform.

“What should we do?”

Little Fox looked at Lin Xuanji anxiously. Her watery, foxy eyes did not blink as she whispered, “Will Enigma Palace really not step in to save him if he’s in danger?”

Lin Xuanji laughed bitterly. “Enigma Palace has never sided with any party and will definitely not interfere for personal reasons in a battle of this level. However, as long as Su Zimo can leave the radius of the stone platform in time, Di Yin won’t be able to hunt him down.

Monkey reared his head slightly with a prideful expression as he watched the battlefield in silence.

He would definitely step in if Su Zimo was in danger!

There were no rules in his heart.

At the most, he would just fight the world even if it stood against him!

On the stone platform.

A shadow enveloped the place.

Su Zimo did not dare to hesitate when he sensed the horrifying aura of Chaos Ocean. He let out a long roar and his Golden Core spun as phenomenons appeared behind him!

Bang! Boom! Boom!

The firmaments collapsed and lightning flashed with raging flood currents – the Primordial Divine Turtle had descended!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The mountains cracked and volcanoes spewed with flowing lava – the Primordial Soaring Serpent had descended!

Su Zimo released both his primordial phenomenons at the same time in order to deal with Chaos Ocean!

However, in the face of Chaos Ocean, the two primordial phenomenons shuddered the moment they appeared. The Divine Turtle cried tragically while the Soaring Serpent hissed as though they were under tremendous pressure!

“Not good!”

Lin Xuanji exclaimed internally when he saw that.


Perfected Lord Yu Jun sighed.

If Su Zimo chose to retreat the moment Di Yin released Chaos Ocean and darted outside the perimeter of the phenomenon, he might have had a shot at survival. But now…

Perfected Lord Yu Jun lamented internally, “What a pity that a monster incarnate of the human race is going to die just like this.”


Above the clouds, Perfected Lord Hun Yi’s eyes were filled with mockery as he reared his head in wild laughter. “He truly doesn’t know his limits, to think that he would want to try and fight against Chaos Ocean!”

Di Yin waved his arm and Chaos Ocean rumbled forward furiously, drowning the two phenomenons of the Divine Turtle and Soaring Serpent instantly!

The two divine beings struggled continuously within Chaos Ocean but they could not break free and sank deeper instead.

The luster on the two primordial phenomenons dimmed rapidly as though they could dissipate at any moment!

“How dare the light of a firefly try to compete against the shine of the moon for glory!”

Di Yin looked down like an unparalleled lord as he declared proudly, “Extreme Foundation Establishment realm? Double phenomenon? After today, they will be nothing but mere jokes!”

“Ah! Su Zimo has sunk into Chaos Ocean and can’t get out! He will die the moment his two phenomenons shatter!”

“Judging the way things are going, he’s not going to last long.”

The crowd discussed.

Monkey gripped his fists tightly and his eyes shone with a scarlet blood glint. His fur stood on end and the demonic qi that exuded from his nose and mouth turned thicker and thicker!

However, although he was within Chaos Ocean, Su Zimo’s eyes did not contain the panic and fear that everyone imagined. Instead, they were still as water.


Su Zimo’s Golden Core spun with its full strength as he closed his palms slowly before his chest.

As he did that, the two great phenomenons behind him merged slowly and finally fused together!

One was fire while the other was water.

One was passive while the other was active.

The two primordial divine beings were fused as one perfectly.

The serpent and turtle were entwined and the Black Tortoise had descended!

A shuddering aura spread forth, affecting all the spirit beasts, spirit demons reared by the cultivators present no matter their bloodlines or endowments.

The moment the phantom of that gigantic Black Tortoise appeared, all of them felt chills and the urge to kneel down to it!

It was a pressure that came from the depths of their souls and bloodlines.

The Black Tortoise was one of the four sacred beasts and was the progenitor of many demon beasts and living beings!


The 17 Nascent Souls present were surprised as well.

“What a frightening aura!”

“To think that this lad this trump card up his sleeves!”

“The power of that phenomenon has already surpassed the Golden Core realm and is at the Nascent Soul realm!”

The Nascent Souls present exchanged glances, shocked internally.

What did that mean?

It meant that both Golden Cores dueling on the stone platform possessed the power to slaughter through a major cultivation realm – they were able to kill Nascent Souls!

A wave of shock and astonishment could be heard from the crowd.

Nobody expected the outcome that was initially set to reach a new climax once more!

Above the gloomy, chaotic ocean surface, a gigantic demon beast floated. Its back was inscribed with extremely mysterious runes as though they possessed the secrets of the universe.

The Black Tortoise reared its head and glided through the ocean with its limbs – it could not sink further!

Even Chaos Ocean could not drown that sacred beast!

Legend has it that the four sacred beasts were born from the chaos that existed before the world was formed.

How could water drown a fish?

Su Zimo stood on the back of the Black Tortoise with his hands behind his back. His green robes fluttered and his black hair danced as he looked forward with a deep, domineering gaze!

His figure stood on the Black Tortoise, as though that sacred beast was tamed and merely existed to serve his purpose!

The scene was so shocking that it was etched into the hearts of every cultivator present.


Di Yin narrowed his gaze as his Golden Core spun wildly.

A series of waves raged within Chaos Ocean!

The waters in the ocean were far from ordinary. Although they looked unassuming, every single splash was enough to kill any Golden Core present!

The Black Tortoise glided with its full might against the current and its back shone with mysterious lights that repelled the incoming splashes of the ocean away from it.

Its massive body bobbed up and down in the raging tides.

A figure stood on its back the entire time in an unyielding manner!

The two of them were now in a stalemate!

It did not seem realistic for Chaos Ocean to drown the Black Tortoise within a short period of time.

However, it was absolutely impossible for the Black Tortoise to get out of Chaos Ocean’s zone as well!

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