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Chapter 745: Chaos Ocean

A blood beam exploded from Blood Quencher and it let out a torrential ferocity after consuming Su Zimo’s blood!

Su Zimo pushed forward and his saber force transformed after the steely tough countercurrent. Blood Quencher moved in from a tricky angle and stabbed below Di Yin’s ribs!

At the same time, Di Yin felt his vision blur. A fiendish phantom shifted and the shuddering sounds of ghosts wailing sounded beside his ears!

Asura Saber!

The saber technique that supported Asura Sect!

Most of the cultivators present were paragons of their respective sects and recognized the origin of that saber technique right away.

“Is that even real, or is it just resembling the form of Asura Saber?”

“Resembling the form? How can it be fake when the saber force of Asura Saber was already out?! He has clearly obtained the legacy of Asura Saber!”

Ren Tu’s expression was terrible.

Although he was a paragon of Asura Sect and even managed to fuse Corpse Mountain and Blood Sea, his cultivation of Asura Saber was not at that level.

In other words, it meant that Asura Saber was even stronger in Su Zimo’s hands than it was in his!

The Nascent Soul of Asura Sect knitted his brows tightly.

Asura Saber was the saber technique that was used to support Asura Sect and would never be imparted to outsiders – where did Su Zimo learn it from?

Furthermore, by the looks of it, it was clear that he had truly obtained its legacy!

“Asura Sect sure is generous to impart Asura Saber to an outsider!”

Perfected Lord Hun Yi glared at the Perfected Lord of Asura Sect and said coldly.


Perfected Lord Tian Ming of Zephyr Thunder Palace gave an odd chuckle. “We don’t even know if he’s a human just yet. If he turns out to be a demon, Asura Sect will definitely be the enemy of everyone in the world for colluding with demons!”

“To hell with you!”

The Perfected Lord of Asura Sect was already frustrated when he saw that his sect’s secret skill was leaked. When he heard those people from the immortal sects try and pin the blame on him, he could not help but lash out at them.

“We can talk about this in the future. Everyone, let us just watch the battle,”

Perfected Lord Yu Jun finally spoke and interrupted the argument between the few Nascent Souls.

The tides on the battlefield were slowly shifting!

After Blood Quencher, Su Zimo released two top-tier saber techniques, Asura Saber and the Sea Calming Manual, perfectly.

There was no sign of conflict between the two saber techniques of the distinctly different immortal and fiend Daos.

One moment, it was righteous raging tides that surged forward with a steely intent!

The next moment, there were chilling white bones from Hell that gave off a sinister aura!

His movements were natural and filled with imagination!

Although Su Zimo could not use his demonic capabilities, he had two top-tier saber techniques of the immortal and fiend Daos – no other cultivator in the same realm could compare against him in saber mastery!

Coupled with a killing weapon like Blood Quencher, his strength was even more frightening.

Su Zimo released his saber force and pushed forward, suppressing Di Yin completely.

Di Yin could only defend passively. Furthermore, he looked like he was in a pathetic state as he defended desperately.

With his Extreme Frost Truncheons, Di Yin’s physique and power of bloodline was definitely not inferior to Su Zimo. However, he was drowned by Corpse Mountain Blood Sea, Asura white bones and malevolent ghosts all around him.

The deafening sound of a tsunami echoed around him and rattled his mind!

That saber technique was enough to shake the mind of a cultivator.

If it was a cultivator with a weak resolve, he would definitely reveal an opening and be slashed down by Su Zimo.

Di Yin retreated continuously and his Eclipse Eye shimmered darkly. He kept a clear mind and swung both truncheons to create ice walls around him.

Cling! Clang!

The sound of metal clashing rang incessantly and sparks flew as Blood Quencher collided against the Extreme Frost Truncheons.

The two monster incarnates were in an earthshaking battle on the stone platform.

The spirit arts, secret skills and countless combat skills released by the two of them during the fight broadened the perspective of the cultivators watching below and they benefited immensely.

Little Fatty and the others watched fixedly with tense expressions, nervous the entire time.

Although Su Zimo was in the lead right now, the outcome was still not determined!

This was not the limit to Di Yin’s strength and terror!

“To think that Su Zimo could actually push Di Yin to such a state.”

“By the looks of things, he might truly be able to overpower Di Yin. He will break down the legend and become the top of the Phenomenon Ranking as the new number one Perfected Being!”

On the stone platform, the frequency of Su Zimo’s attacks increased as he tightened his saber force and restricted Di Yin’s available space continuously.

Di Yin’s eyes were fuming with a repressed rage!

Initially, he thought that he would be able to suppress Su Zimo with ease.

To think that he would be forced to such a state by the latter!


Di Yin roared into the skies and released a shuddering aura. The void around him quaked and the stone platformed creaked loudly!

Against the suppression of the aura, Su Zimo’s initial relentless saber force dissipated – it could not defend against the aura!


Cries of surprises came from the crowd.

Many cultivators felt goosebumps on their bodies.

It was a Golden Core phenomenon!

That was the aura of a Golden Core phenomenon!

The legendary phenomenon of the Human Emperor was finally going to reappear!

An ocean appeared behind Di Yin, riding above darkness and light. It was chaotic, dusky and rumbled intensely.

Light, darkness, wind, fire or thunder that approached the ocean were all devoured by it completely and vanished!

Dimensional space was not existent in that chaotic ocean.

Time seemed to be mixed up in that chaotic ocean!

The Human Emperor’s phenomenon, Chaos Ocean!

Many cultivators found themselves drawn into Chaos Ocean mentally after looking at it for a prolonged period – all of them lost their consciousness and had lost expressions!


A cultivator fell forward stiffly devoid of any life within him!

He was dead!

Chaos Ocean unified Heaven and Earth and could devour everything in the world, turning them into chaos!

“Be careful, don’t look at it for too long!”

Lin Xuanji knew how terrifying that phenomenon was and warned Little Fatty and the others hurriedly.

If that was the case for the cultivators below, it was difficult to imagine the pressure that was mounted on Su Zimo when he was right in the middle of the battlefield directly in front of Chaos Ocean!

Blood Quencher could not push forward against Chaos Ocean, as though it sank into a swamp.

Its initial fervent and buzzing blade went still instantly.

Gradually, the six spirit lights on the saber dimmed as well.

Su Zimo took a deep breath and his pupils constricted sharply.

How scary!

If Blood Quencher was tossed into Chaos Ocean, it won’t be long before that connate spirit weapon was damaged severely and it might even become irreparable!

That was the phenomenon of the Human Emperor that dominated throughout history!

In the face of Chaos Ocean, Su Zimo felt waves of suffocation as his essence blood, spirit energy and even lifeforce and soul were being yanked forcefully from his body!

In that brief moment of contact, Su Zimo felt his lifespan drain significantly!

Di Yin’s eyes shone with a faint look of mockery as he raised his arm and pointed forward.

The Chaos Ocean behind him moved forward and engulfed Su Zimo!

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat.

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