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Chapter 747: True Trump Card!

Two figures stood in a stalemate on the stone platform.

Two glorious Golden Core phenomenons clashed repeatedly, letting out blinding lights.

Deafening roars echoed everywhere.

The surrounding spirit energy had already been sucked dry completely by the two great phenomenons!

“The sacred beast, the Black Tortoise. To think that he created a brand new Golden Core phenomenon that can stand against the Human Emperor’s phenomenon. This alone is something that will make its mark in the history of the cultivation world!”

“By the looks of it, everything is going to boil down to the endurance of their blood qi, stamina and spirit energy.”

On the stone platform, the two of them were in a stiff face-off.

Neither of them dared to relax.

If Su Zimo’s spirit energy was insufficient, Chaos Ocean would drown the Black Tortoise instantly and drag him into the depths of the waters, ending his life!

If Di Yin’s spirit energy was weak, the Black Tortoise would also tear through Chaos Ocean and ram him to death!

Both their Golden Cores spun furiously and injected spirit energy continuously.

The two great Golden Core phenomenons collided even more intensely!

The stone platform that was made from limestone quaked and creaked violently before collapsing right in front of everyone!

The collision of the two great phenomenons destroyed the entire stone platform!

Sand and rocks flew as dust billowed.

The crowd was in chaos as all the cultivators scattered in retreat.

If they were drawn in by the two phenomenons, even paragons like Ren Tu and Xu Cheng would explode in a blood mist instantly!

Above the clouds.

Perfected Lord Yu Jun rose and said deeply, “Everyone, both of them are extremely rare paragons for the human race. The death of either of them will definitely be an immense loss for our race.”

“The two of them have fought to the point where even the stone platform shattered. Let’s call it a draw.”

Monk Yin Lu clasped his palms together and nodded. “Excellent.”

Perfected Lord Luo Xue nodded as well. “I agree.”


Perfected Lord Hun Yi sneered, “Yu Jun, as a cultivator of Enigma Palace, don’t you claim to be impartial and righteous? This fight has yet to end and you’re talking about a draw? What a joke!”

“Hun Yi, understand that my suggestion has no bias in it,”

Perfected Lord Yu Jun said deeply, “At this point, nobody knows the outcome of the battle. It’s just a matter of their stamina and intensity of spirit energy. If things drag on, Di Yin might not necessarily win as well!”

“That’s right, I’m sure even Chaos Essence Sect doesn’t wish to end up with an internecine outcome,” Perfected Lord Luo Xue said coldly.


As though he had heard the greatest joke in the world, Perfected Lord Hun Yi shouted, “Internecine outcome? This has to be the greatest joke in the world! This unknown lad that popped out of nowhere really thinks that he’s worthy of being compared to the legacy disciple of Chaos Essence Sect?”

“I say it’s a good thing that the stone platform is shattered!”

Perfected Lord Hun Yi stood up as well and declared coldly with a murderous aura, “With that, there’s no longer a restriction of area. That lad won’t be able to escape even if he wants to and they can fight to their deaths!”

Perfected Lord Yu Jun’s eyelids twitched when he heard that.

Perfected Lord Hun Yi said that with absolute confidence towards Di Yin. Rather than blind faith, it seemed as though the latter had something else to rely on!

Could Di Yin have another trump card up his sleeves?

The thought of that possibility gave Perfected Lord Yu Jun chills down his spine.

The eyes of the other 16 Nascent Souls shone – naturally, they understood what Perfected Lord Hun Yi was implying as well.

Monk Yuan Kong asked with a fake smile, “Fellow Daoist Hun Yi, could it be that Di Yin has something that we’ve yet to see?”


Perfected Lord Hun Yi laughed without answering directly. Instead, he said indifferently, “The cultivators present today sure are fortunate to be able to witness the birth of a monster incarnate that can stand shoulder to shoulder, no… he might even be able to surpass the Human Emperor!”

Fight to their deaths!

That was a remarkable appraisal!

Shoulder to shoulder, or even surpass the Human Emperor?

It was impossible for him to spout that in jest!

In fact, he can’t even mention that in jest!

He was definitely backed by something!

All the cultivators present, Perfected Lord Yu Jun included, were shocked.

Right then, the dust and smoke of the stone platform ruins dispersed and two figures emerged once more – they were still in a stiff stalemate!

Su Zimo stood on the Black Tortoise with a calm expression.

Di Yin’s eyes carried the hint of mockery still as he smirked, glaring at Su Zimo haughtily as though he was far superior.

Finally, Di Yin spoke.

“Su Zimo, do you know why I said that the peak of the Myriad Phenomenon Peak would be your death’s gate?”

The cultivators beneath were immensely shocked!

None of them could imagine Di Yin to have excess strength such that he could afford the distraction to speak despite the intense clash!

Di Yin continued, “Do you know why I’ve never deemed you as somebody worthy?”

Su Zimo did not reply and merely looked at Di Yin in silence.

Di Yin raised his head slightly with a proud expression and replied himself, “That’s because the difference between us is way too great! This is a difference that you can’t even sense!”

“What nonsense is that a*shole spouting?”

Monkey grit his teeth and his eyes shone with a scarlet flash.

Little Fatty and the others shook their heads.

All the other cultivators were confused as well.

“You don’t even know what trump cards I have up my sleeves!”

Di Yin smiled gently as he spoke, seemingly to himself, “I’ve never released this trump card before because it was initially meant for killing Nascent Souls. You sure are lucky to be the first person to die to my trump card!”

The crowd went dead silent.

Everyone’s eyes were filled with endless shock!

Di Yin had something else up his sleeves!

In fact, his move could even kill Nascent Souls who were a major cultivation realm above him!

Instantly, sweat poured down from Little Fatty’s forehead as he murmured repeatedly, “What should we do, what should we do?”

On the other hand, Lin Xuanji was instead not as nervous as he was earlier on. He merely gazed at Su Zimo with a slight frown and muttered, “Strange.”

Even he who was outside of the fight was shocked when he heard Di Yin’s statement.

However, Su Zimo who was directly involved in the fight was extremely calm and did not seem surprised.

Di Yin glared at Su Zimo who was not far away and smiled gently. He extended his palm slowly and raised his brows. “Su Zimo, take a look. What is this?”

Instantly, everyone’s gaze turned to Di Yin’s palm.

In the center of his palm, a small green lotus gradually blossomed. It was pristine as jade and gave off a mysterious glow as though it could cleanse everything in the world!


“This is…”

“Could it be? That looks like the Buddhist monasteries’….”

A series of exclamations broke out from the crowd but none of them dared to continue!

Above the clouds, the 17 Nascent Souls were shocked when they saw it. Their scalps prickled and all their hairs stood on end.

Monk Yuan Kong’s eyes widened with disbelief as he exclaimed, “World Cleansing Green Lotus!”

An uproar broke out the moment he mentioned those four words!

Di Yin’s voice sounded calmly, “Do you think that you’re the only one with a double phenomenon?”

Everyone turned silent.

All the cultivators felt as though they were choked by a pair of invisible hands; as though a frightening aura suppressed them to a suffocating point where they could not breathe!

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